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Troy - David Benioff

Troy - David Benioff

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Published by sheltg
Full screenplay from movie Troy
Full screenplay from movie Troy

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Published by: sheltg on Feb 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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byDavid Benioff
February 21, 2003
FADE IN:1EXT. THESSALIAN VALLEY - DAY1A mangy, bone-thin DOG lopes across the broad valleyfloor, sniffing at the ground. At first the sceneappears bucolic: tall grass, patches of wildflowers, bluesky above.But as the dog keeps running we see signs of conflict. Aspear, half imbedded in the earth, rises at an angle. Abronze helmet, cracked and bloodied, lies on its side.The dog pauses to sniff the helmet then continues hissearch. Finally he stops, hackles on his back rising,ears pricked up. He growls, and we see what the dog sees.Dozens of CROWS have descended into a shallow ravine.They squabble and peck, clustered around something on theground.The dog growls louder and charges at the crows. The blackbirds flap away to safety, shrieking in protest.A DEAD SOLDIER lies facedown in the ravine. Whateverarmor he wore was stripped away, leaving his body to theelements.The dog walks slowly to the dead man, sniffing at thecorpse's hands. The dog whines and licks the man'sfingers.Something in the air disturbs the dog, who looks up. Andnow we hear it, faintly, in the distance. HOOF BEATS andchariot wheels, marching men, the clank of bronze armorand weaponry.The dog runs, abandoning his dead master.1ATHE MYCENAEAN ARMY1Afive thousand strong, storms into the valley from thesouth. Armored with bronze breastplates, helmets andshields, the soldiers glitter in the morning sun.Riding alongside the infantry are dozens of horse-drawnCHARIOTS, each holding a DRIVER, a SPEARMAN and anOFFICER.On the opposite side of the valley, three thousandTHESSALONIAN SOLDIERS march into view. The Thessaloniansare less disciplined, their armor and weaponry lessimpressive.(CONTINUED)
1ACONTINUED:1AWhen each army reaches the battlefield they stop and stareone another down, two hundred yards distant.1BA MYCENAEAN CHARIOT AND A THESSALONIA CHARIOT1Bemerge from their respective sides and meet at the centerof the field.AGAMEMNON, king of the Mycenaeans, rides in his chariotwith a DRIVER and a SPEARMAN. Agamemnon holds a goldSCEPTER, symbol of command. His breast plate is engravedwith an
His counterpart in the Thessalonian cart, TRIOPAS (60),does not project equal confidence. He eyes the size ofthe Mycenaean army with evident unease. He holds his ownSCEPTER.Both kings step down from their chariots and approach eachother. They stare at one another for several seconds.Agamemnon smiles and looks into the sky.The crows wheel overhead, cawing.AGAMEMNONIt's a good day for the crows.TRIOPASI told you yesterday and I'll tellyou again today. Remove your armyfrom my land.Agamemnon smiles again and turns to examine the valley.AGAMEMNONI like your land. I think we'llstay.(beat)I like your soldiers, too. Theyfought bravely yesterday. Notwell, but bravely.TRIOPASThey'll never fight for you.AGAMEMNONThat's what the Messenians said,too. And the Arcadians. And theEpeians. They're all fighting forme, now.(CONTINUED)2.

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