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Calendrier international 2007 Karting

Calendrier international 2007 Karting

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Published by tinoyan

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Published by: tinoyan on Sep 07, 2007
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Calendrier Sportif International CIK-FIA 2007
2007 CIK-FIA International Sporting Calendar
Date Circuit Pays Org. Dénomination de l'Epreuve CatégoriesJanvier
17-20.01Dubai KartdromeUAE8111Middle East Karting Cup1° épreuve - 1st roundMAX,MAX Jr 27-28.01Lonato-South Garda*I36364° Coppa CostruttoriKF4,KF1,KF2,KF3
17-18.02Lonato-South Garda*I362012° Winter CupKF1,KF2,KF328.02-03.03Sharm El SheikhET8711Middle East Karting Cup2° épreuve - 2nd roundMAX,MAX Jr 
03-04.03Parma-San PancrazioI363118° Trofeo Andrea MarguttiKF1,KF2,KF316-18.03Sarno-NapoliI3615WSK International Series1° épreuve - 1st roundKF1,KZ2,KF2,KF321-25.03SalbrisF2715Rotax Euro Challenge1° épreuve - 1st roundRM1,MAX,MAX Jr 23-25.03Sarno-NapoliI36152007 Open Masters1° épreuve - 1st roundKF1,KZ2,KF2,KF3
06-08.04Essay*F2723Grand Prix Karting FFSA (1)KF1,KF2,KZ2,KF313-15.04Zuera*E2313WSK International Series2° épreuve - 2nd roundKF1,KF2,KZ2,KF318-21.04Dubai KartdromeUAE8111Middle East Karting Cup3° épreuve - 3rd roundMAX,MAX Jr 20-22.04Buenos Aires (La CiuRA6110CHPT PANAMERICAIN CIK-FIA SUDAICC-SUDAM Sr SUD20-22.04Buenos Aires (La CiuRA6110CHPT PANAMERICAIN CIK-FIA SUDAICC-SUDAM Jr SUDJ20-22.04Ugento*I36252007 Open Masters2° épreuve - 2nd roundKF1,KF2,KZ2,KF3
03-06.05Ugento*I3625CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KF11° épreuve - 1st roundKF103-06.05Ugento*I3625CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KZ11° épreuve - 1st roundKZ103-06.05Ugento*I3625CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KZ21° épreuve - 1st roundKZ204-06.05Magny-CoursF2722CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA SUPERKART1° épreuve - 1st roundSK D111-13.05La Conca-Muro L.I3622WSK International Series3° épreuve - 3rd roundKF1,KZ2,KF2,KF311-13.05Varennes s/AllierF2716Grand Prix Karting FFSA (2)KF1,KF2,KZ2,KF316-20.05WackersdorfD2032Rotax Euro Challenge2° épreuve - 2nd roundRM1,MAX,MAX Jr 18-20.05JesoloI36162007 Open Masters3° épreuve - 3rd roundKF1,KZ2,KF2,KF3
18-20.05Lahti (Pippo)FIN2816Finnish Champs (1)ICA25-27.05SuzukaJ4211COUPE DU MONDE CIK-FIA KF1CIK-FIA WORLD CUP FOR KF1KF125-27.05SuzukaJ4211CHPT ASIE-PACIFIQUE CIK-FIA KFKart Race in JapanKF2
01-03.06New Castle, IN*USA8213CHPT NORD-AMERICAIN CIK-FIA KZCIK-FIA NORTH-AMERICAN KZ2 CHAKZ201-03.06SalbrisF2715WSK International Series4° épreuve - 4th roundKF1,KZ2,KF2,KF308-10.06Lonato-South Garda*I36202007 Open Masters4° épreuve - 4th roundKF1,KF2,KZ2,KF308-10.06YlämyllyFIN2818Finnish Champs (2)ICA15-17.06SalbrisF2715Grand Prix Karting FFSA (3)KF1,KF2,KZ2,KF320-23.06Sharm El SheikhET8711Middle East Karting Cup4° épreuve - 4th roundMAX,MAX Jr 21-24.06Varennes s/AllierF2716CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KF12° épreuve - 2nd roundKF121-24.06Varennes s/AllierF2716CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KZ12° épreuve - 2nd roundKZ121-24.06Varennes s/AllierF2716CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KZ22° épreuve - 2nd roundKZ229.06-01.07RudskogenN5211VIKING TROPHY CIK-FIA KF2KF2KF229.06-01.07RudskogenN5211VIKING TROPHY CIK-FIA KF3KF3KF329.06-01.07RudskogenN5211VIKING TROPHY CIK-FIA KZ2KZ2KZ229.06-01.07Lonato-South Garda*I3620WSK International Series5° épreuve - 5th roundKF1,KZ2,KF2,KF3
06-08.07Oulu *FIN2815Finnish Champs (3)ICA12-15.07Genk*B0412CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KF2Qualification Région Nord/NortKF212-15.07Genk*B0412CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KF3Qualification Région Nord/NortKF312-15.07Essay*F2723CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KF2Qualification Région Ouest/WesKF212-15.07Essay*F2723CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KF3Qualification Région Ouest/WesKF312-15.07SosnovàCZ1915CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KF2Qualification Région Centre/CeKF212-15.07SosnovàCZ1915CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KF3Qualification Région Centre/CeKF320-22.07Val Vibrata*I36262007 Open Masters5° épreuve - 5th roundKF1,KZ2,KF2,KF321-22.07Cadwell ParkGB2914MSA British Superkart GPSK D1,SK D225-29.07A1 Speed WorldA0111Rotax Euro Challenge3° épreuve - 3rd roundRM1,MAX,MAX Jr 27-29.07LappeenrantaFIN2811FA Finnish ChampsFA27-29.07Lyon (Actua)*F2720Grand Prix Karting FFSA (4)KF1,KF2,KZ2,KF328-29.07Sarno-NapoliI36154° Coppa del VesuvioKF1,KF2,KZ2,KF3
02-05.08SalbrisF2715CHPT EUROPE CIK-FIA KF2Finale - FinalKF2

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