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Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus

Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus

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Published by Louise Robinson-Lay
guide to text study
guide to text study

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Published by: Louise Robinson-Lay on Feb 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Frankenstein or The ModernPrometheus
 The Other or The Stranger- which would be more apt? The other is not us and yet the stranger could be us? Monster (toshow- in Latin – think demonstrate)Monster is not necessarily a good description.What is a human body, what is nature? Sublime?
Ch. 10
sublime –Mary and Percy’s six week tour throughout the area.Frankenstein is not evil. He is a good man who is horrified by hiscreation. The creature cuts into the sublime – (think Rime of Ancient Mariner)sublime needs to be distant. When it gets closer it become horrific.Frankenstein can he be God? Create life.Frankenstein sees his creation as a catastrophe, neither beautifulnor sublime. He is disgusted with his creation. The creature as romantic poem, what would happen if it actually gotup. Language is a virus (Laurie Anderson)Kubla KhanFantasy realised turns into nightmare.We still have the Frankenstein problem. Artificial life? What is it andhow do we know? How do we test it in a way that is not reductionistand functional? Do we then diminish our own claim to humanity bytrying to test someone’s humanity? How do we know that somethingis illusory? What was Shelley saying about our humanity?What about things like the Turing test?Lacan’s problem of semblence – you don’t know whether or not it ishuman or real, but how do you know? Shelley works in thisontological domain in her novel. Then epistemologically, how canyou know that you exist or that it exists? The creature presents us with the problem – this being, is he aperson?
Vol II – describe the way that the creature speaks. Can youdistinguish between Victor and the creature?

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