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Biographical Data

Biographical Data

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Published by Jai - Ho

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Published by: Jai - Ho on Feb 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Table of Contents
I. IntroductionII. AcknowledgementIII. Biographical DataA. Family Structure and CharacteristicsB. Biological and Socio-cultural FactorsC. Environmental FactorsD. Health and Medical HistoryE. Type of Family StructureIV. Activities of Daily LivingA. Sleeping PatternB. Eating PatternC. Leisure Time ActivitiesV. First Level of AssessmentVI. Second Level of AssessmentVII. Scales of Ranking Family Health ProblemsVIII. Ranking OF the Identified Health ProblemsIX. Cues and DataX. Family Nursing Care PlanXI. Learning ExperienceXII. Conclusion
I. Introduction
As health advocates in the society, we are obliged to maintain or restorethe optimum health of the people within the community and that aim we have asactively participating student nurses of this generation, we adhere to theproblems of our family, which is the basic unit of the society and the mostimportant component of our country.We met the family for the first time last January 15, 2010 at San RoqueSeaside, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City. Their geographical location is readilyaccessible because you don’t to ride a “trisikad” in order for you to locate theplace; instead, we took a walk in order for to reach the place.The Head of the Family is Mr. Eusebio Agbong, a 48 year old originalresident of Barangay Lapasan. He is living together with his wife, Mrs. FlordelizaAgbong, 39 year old native from Talakag, Bukidnon and his five children. Thehead of the Family is a security guard from the Sagittarius Agency and currentlyworking at Gusa, Mindanao Tracking Corporation and earns at approximatelyPhp 7,000 per month regardless with the expenses at home and daily needs.The husband seldom drinks and smoke because of his night duty shift whileFlordeliza is a plain housewife who’s focus is to take care of the childrenespecially their youngest son who always acquires such illnesses.As the real aim of the nursing profession, which is to give care to thepeople, takes place, we took it as a stepping stone in helping the family inmaking them realize the essence of a simple yet healthy life through many waysof living. We are also responsible for giving our family the importance of prioritizing such health problems whether a health deficit or threat in order to givespecific actions for us, together with the cooperation of the family, to achieve,solve, reduce and/or completely eliminate the different kinds of problems throughestablishing a good foundation of prioritizing actions and care to promote,prevent or keep the family away from the occurrence of various diseases.
II. Acknowledgement
As health providers of this society, we ought to give our all in order to helpthe people in this community achieve their main goal--- the health yet joyful life.A big and unending thanks to our Clinical Instructor, Ms. Doreen GraceContreras, RN, who brought our ideas and our clinical experiences into moreproductive yet helpful to all the people in the community because through hr fun-filled way of teaching, we are able to inculcate in our minds and most especiallyto our hearts the importance of helping family in a certain community to achievetheir optimum health which is predominantly the aim of this project. Sheenhanced our capabilities in giving care to the people who needed the most outof it.In addition, we can’t also forget the endless effort of the Health Careprovider residing at San Juan Lapasan Health Center as well as to the BarangayHealth Workers and most especially to the Public Health Nurse of the Barangay,MR. Rex Ranile, RN, who taught us how to give importance to the familiesespecially to those indigent people.The said action will never be attained without the courage and selflesseffort of my group mates: Lyra, Riezel, Crystal, Irish, Hannah and Jairus, whotook this challenge seriously and did it without any hesitations to help a familywho needed much care from us trough the sleepless nights that we had, and themoney, time, and effort that we exerted, shared and sacrificed, the projectbecame possible that I can say, it all worth it.We would never forget the big help of our Almighty God, the creator of allliving and non-living things and who provided all the resources that we need inorder to give the necessary care to our chosen family. He miraculously madethings possible through giving us knowledge, the abilities and the resources thatwe need. He helped us in many ways and we undoubtly appreciate it and wegive Him all our praises.In accordance to the vision of the Department of Health in the Philippines:“The Leader of Health in all Filipinos in the Philippines”, we, in the least that wedid, contributed to its vision through giving our willingness and determination todevout ourselves in giving care to our Filipino countrymen and someday, as wego on with our chosen profession, we will be able to give care also to all thepeople in the world not just Filipinos regardless with their gender, creed, color and race. Because through this vision that is within us, we would be able to helpin the progress of the over-all health of our country and to the world.

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