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Blog Assignment

Blog Assignment

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Published by mista ryan

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Published by: mista ryan on Feb 25, 2010
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BLOGGING PROJECT – February 24, 2010
The notion of Hip-Hop as culture was new to most of you before entering this course. Itbecame apparent as we went around the room during introductions (on the first day ofclass) that each person constructed a personal definition of Hip-Hop through variousinteractions with Hip-Hop: friends, television, news media, books, music, fashion, videos,parents etc. Since that first class, we have continued to spend a considerable amount of timing learning the history of Hip-Hop culture, likely deepening your understanding of Hip-Hop. This online assignment attempts to investigate the distance between these twopoints.FIRST:Between February 24th and April 21st, you will be asked to record ONE observation onHip-Hop culture for each class period. Each observation should be tied into some aspectof current events in America or the world. Ideally, your observation will be related to classdiscussion (past or present).SECOND:Each week I will post an article under the ‘Handouts’ section of Blackboard. You mustwrite a 3-5 paragraph response to the essay/article. The following web excerpt is meantas a guide for your responses:* The first paragraph presents an observation. In other words, regardless ofwhether you read a literary or theoretical text, you should make anobservation about something that strikes you as odd, interesting, plain wrong,etc. This might entail questions of word choice (particularly when dealing withpoetry), characterisation, logic, atmosphere, meter, etc. You might want tobegin your Response paper with a strong sentence, indicating what you havenoticed, followed by a couple of sentences in support of your observation.
The second paragraph then explores the consequences that in your opinion need bedrawn from the observation, i.e. the previous paragraph. What conclusions can bedrawn from your observation? This question does not mean that you have to consultsecondary material--a frequently asked question--since I am primarily interested in your opinion, your thinking skills. Be aware that the general rules regardingplagiarism, however, do apply also for response papers.
THIRD: You must respond (i.e. make comments) to 2 blogs a week . . . all blogs can be found onBlackboard under the icon for Blogs.GRADING: You will be graded based on the timeliness of your blog entry (they MUST be weekly) and the completeness of thought. You may remember a goal of this course is for you tobecome conversational in Hip-Hop. Understandably, not everyone may feel comfortable
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9/23/06 8:35 PM

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