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Informatica Int Qns

Informatica Int Qns

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Published by sanguinerk

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Published by: sanguinerk on Feb 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.How can you recognise whether or not the newly added rows in the sourceare gets insert in the target?2.Performance tuning in Informatica?3.How do you handle decimal places while importing a flatfile into informatica?4.What is the difference between Informatica 7.0 and 8.0 ?5.Differences between Normalizer and Normalizer transformation.6.How can you create or import flat file definition in to the warehouse designer?7.What are the out put files that the informatica server creates during the session running?8.What is the use of incremental aggregation? Explain me in brief with anexample.9.When do u use a unconnected lookup and connected lookup.... what is thedifference between dynamic and static lookup...y and when do v use these types of lookups ( ie...dynamic and static )10.What is Datadriven?11.What are the diffrence between joiner transformation and source qualifier transformation?12.What is the target load order?13.Explain use of update strategy transformation14.What is the difference between stop and abort15.What are variable ports and list two situations when they can be used?16.Can anyone explain error handling in informatica with examples so that it will be easy to explain the same in the interview.17.This is a scenario in which the source has 2 cols 10 A 10 A 20 C 30 D 40E 20 C And there should be 2 targets one to show the duplicate values and another target for distinct rows. T1 T2 10 A 10 A 20 C 20 C 30 D Which transformationcan be used to load data into target? 40 E18.What is parameter file?19.How do we do unit testing in informatica? How do we load data in informatica20.Difference between Rank and Dense Rank?21.Can you start a session inside a batch idividually?22.What r the types of lookup caches?23.What are the real time problems generally come up while doing/running mapping/any transformation?can any body explain with example.24.What is difference between IIF and DECODE function25.Explain about Informatica server Architecture?26.Define informatica repository?27.What is the method of loading 5 flat files of having same structure to asingle target and which transformations I can use?28.In which circumstances that informatica server creates Reject files?29.What is the default join that source qualifier provides?30.At the max how many tranformations can be us in a mapping?31.What are various types of Aggregation?32.What is polling?33.What are the types of maping in Getting Started Wizard?34.What is source qualifier transformation?35.To provide support for Mainframes source data,which files are used as asource definitions?36.What are the scheduling options to run a sesion?37.Diff between static and dynamic cache? and please explain with one example?38.How can you improve session performance in aggregator transformation?39.Can you start a batches with in a batch?40.Describe two levels in which update strategy transformation sets?41.What are the tasks that source qualifier performs?42.What is the difference between informatics 7x and 8x and what is latestversion?
43.How i can do incremental aggregation in real time?44.What is difference b/w Informatica 7.1 and Abinitio45.What is parameter file?46.What are the session parameters?47.In a sequential batch can you run the session if previous session fails?48.What are the different options used to configure the sequential batches?49.Can you copy the batches?50.Can you copy the session to a different folder or repository?51.How can i transform row to column?52.In Dimensional modeling fact table is normalized or denormalized?in caseof star schema and incase of snow flake schema?53.What are the new features of the server manager in the informatica 5.0?54.What are the types of maping wizards that are to be provided in Informatica?55.What are the basic needs to join two sources in a source qualifier?56.What is the difference between connected and unconnected stored procedures.57.what are the difference between view and materialized view?58.Is sorter an active or passive transformation?What happens if we uncheckthe distinct option in sorter.Will it be under active or passive transformation?59.Waht are main advantages and purpose of using Normalizer Transformationin Informatica?60.What is meant by lookup caches?61.How can we partition a session in Informatica?62.Can you use the maping parameters or variables created in one maping into any other reusable transformation?63.How many ways you create ports?64.What r the methods for creating reusable transforamtions?65.How many ways you can update a relational source defintion and what arethey?66.How the informatica server sorts the string values in Ranktransformation?67.What r the tasks that source qualifier performs?68.In update strategy target table or flat file which gives more performance ? why?69.What is update strategy transformation ?70.What is power center repository?71.How can u work with remote database in informatica?did u work directly by using remote connections?72.How can we use pmcmd command in a workflow or to run a session73.What is the difference between constraind base load ordering and targetload plan74.What is a view? How it is related to data independence?And what are thedifferent types of views,and what is Materialize view75.What is the diff b/w Stored Proc (DB level) & Stored proc trans (INFORMATICA level) ? again why should we use SP trans ?76.Can i use a session Bulk loading option that time can i make a recoveryto the session?77.How do you configure mapping in informatica78.Can we run a group of sessions without using workflow manager79.SCD Mappings are mostly used Unconnected Lookup Transformation. Unconnected Lookup used static Cache only.At this time how can you insert or update datein Target by using static cache?80.How the informatica server sorts the string values in Ranktransformation?81.Differences between connected and unconnected lookup?82.What are the methods for creating reusable transforamtions?83.What are the designer tools for creating tranformations?84.What is Router transformation?
85.What is incremantal aggregation?86.What r the types of metadata that stores in repository?87.What are the new features in Informatica 5.0?88.In a scenario I have col1, col2, col3, under that 1,x,y, and 2,a,b and Iwant in this form col1, col2 and 1,x and 1,y and 2,a and 2,b, what is the procedure?89.Can u tell me how to go for SCD's and its types.Where do we use them mostly90.How can we join the tables if the tables have no primary and forien keyrelation and no matchig port to join?91.How to get two targets T1 containing distinct values and T2 containing duplicate values from one source S1.92.what is difference between lookup cashe and unchashed lookup? Can i runthe mapping with out starting the informatica server?93.How to delete duplicate rows in flat files source is any option in informatica94.Why you use repository connectivity?95.What are two types of processes that informatica runs the session?96.What is aggregate cache in aggregator transforamtion?97.What is aggregate cache in aggregator transforamtion?98.How can you improve the performance of Aggregate transformation?99.What is worklet and what use of worklet and in which situation we can use it100.Can we use aggregator/active transformation after update strategy transformation101.Can you generate reports in Informatcia?102.What is rank transformation?where can we use this transformation?103.Can batches be copied/stopped from server manager?104.Can any body write a session parameter file which will change the sourceand targets for every session. i.e different source and targets for each session run.105.What is the logic will you implement to laod the data in to one factv from 'n' number of dimension tables.106.How to retrive the records from a rejected file. explane with syntax orexample107.What is update strategy transformation?108.Difference between summary filter and details filter?109.What are the joiner caches?110.What r the mapping paramaters and maping variables?111.When we create a target as flat file and source as oracle.. how can i specify first rows as column names in flat files...112.After draging the ports of three sources(sql server,oracle,informix) toa single source qualifier, can u map these three ports directly to target?113.Can u start a batches with in a batch?114.Explain about Recovering sessions?115.How can I get distinct values while mapping in Informatica in insertion? 116.In realtime which one is better star schema or snowflake star schema thesurrogate will be linked to which columns in the dimension table.117.How can you delete duplicate rows with out using Dynamic Lookup? Tell meany other ways using lookup delete the duplicate rows?118.What is exact use of 'Online' and 'Offline' server connect Options whiledefining Work flow in Work flow monitor? . The system hangs when 'Online' server connect option. The Informatica is installed on a Personal laptop.119.What will happen if you are using Update Strategy Transformation and your session is configured for "insert"? What are the types of External Loader available with Informatica? If you have rank index for top 10. However if you pass only 5 records, what will be the output of such a Rank Transformation?120.Where is the cache stored in informatica?121.If you want to create indexes after the load process which transformatio

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