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Campus News 2-26-10

Campus News 2-26-10

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Published by bac26

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Published by: bac26 on Feb 25, 2010
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Campus News
Lower Division NewsletterFebruary 26, 2010
Junior Kindergarten
Language Arts
We will start a new theme,
We will focus on the ways wemove and the way things move. Wewill develop more of an awareness of action words. To start our unit, we willinvestigate ways to move our bodies.Then we will have the childrendescribe their plans and movements.We will also sing and practice theHokey Pokey! We will learn about our Alpha friends, J and H. In handwriting(HWT),
we will learn Kk and Aa.
Social Studies
We will discuss interests, traditions,and skills that make individuals andfamilies unique.
We will continue to observe and journal our lima bean. We will also observethe difference between the plant that is cared for and the plant that is notand compare seeds. As we continue our theme of 
Characteristics of Living Things,
we will discuss animals and how they all have certain basicneeds and have different ways of meeting these needs.
Students will review position words and times of the day. We will continueto review our coins and shapes. We will also go over capacities and how to make equal groups.
Senior Kindergarten
Language Arts
 One of my favorite stories for this month is the
Rumble in the Jungle 
.The students will be sequencing andretelling the story with cut-out shaped animals. Be on the lookout for it to be coming home with your child.Students are working on decoding skills in their reading groups. Some of the most common strategies toensure success include: getting your mouth ready to make the sounds, looking for smaller words hidinginside of bigger words, and using pictures to make sense of what is happening. Phonics lessons will focuson long vowel sounds and brainstorming words that begin with /dr/ and /wh/. In writing, students willcontinue with the traits of conventions, ideas, organization, and word choice. As they write each day we
will continue to improve vocabulary and add exciting details. We areencouraging them to be creative with their word choice and not to settle forthe most common word. We will continue to talk about nouns, adjectives,and verbs. The children are learning editing skills to evaluate and improvetheir writing.
Social Studies
We will continue with our study of the seven continents and the animals thatlive in the jungle. We will continue to read books about our animal friendsand the places in which they live.
The children are having a great time using the clocks they made to tell time.We are currently telling time by the hour and have introduced the half hour.One of our activities will be to construct a glyph. A 
is a non standardway of graphing a variety of information to tell a story. It uses symbols torepresent different data. The creation of glyphs requires problem solving anddata organization. Our centers will reinforce the skills of addition, measuring,counting money using pennies, counting backwards from 20, skip counting,odd and even numbers, and tally marks. The children will begin subtractionnext week. Please go over the different coins and their amounts at home.Our goal this month is for the children to name each coin and its amount.
Grade 1
Language Arts
 In the next two weeks our reading strategies will continue to focus on comparing/contrasting,comprehension check, and noting details while reading fiction and realistic fiction selections. Our phonicsand spelling will focus on vowel pairs ew, ue, ou, high frequency words, prefixes un and re, and pluralswith –es and –ies endings. We will also work on paragraph writing and adding juicy details to ourwriting. Please continue to practice reading those highfrequency words.
Social Studies
We will wrap up our study of Black History month. Throughour reading selections, students have been amazed at thecourage and will power that so many important African Americans had years ago when there were many unfairlaws.
In the next two weeks, students will work on skip countingby 2’s to 100, skip counting by 5’s to 100, identifying thenumber that is 1 or 10 more and 1 or 10 less, and havemore practice with odd/even numbers.
Math vocabulary: ones, tens, regroup, greater than, less than, before, after, between, and ordinal numbers, skip count, odd, even.
We have started our unit on comparing and measuring. Students will pair up with a science partner, tracetheir bodies on paper, compare each other’s heights, and use standard and non standard forms of measurements such as rulers, yard sticks, and unifix cubes.
Grade 2
Language Arts
We have really enjoyed reading about some “Amazing Animals.” As we finish our theme we will connectand compare literature and then focus on reading several different biographies. We will continue tofocus on reviewing reading strategies while developing story elements and retelling skills. The selectionswill help us to connect and compare, draw conclusions, summarize, identify fantasy and realism, as wellas discuss cause and effect and fact and opinion. Our phonics and spellingskills focus will include ar, or, ore, oa, ow and words with nd, nt, mp, ng,nk, and endings –s, -es, -ies. Our writing experiences will center upondeveloping good paragraphs with details, composing letters, writingstories, and writing biographies. Our grammar will focus on nouns,pronouns, and singular and plural possessive nouns.
Social Studies
We focused heavily on biographies in February. We will continue ourstudy of important people in our county. We will also begin to learn moreabout United States symbols. Be sure to ask your second grader who theyhave read about and what they know about that person.
We will be starting our new unit of study, “Changes.” We will beginby thinking about how things change and discuss changes that couldhappen in solids, liquids, and gases. We will test, observe, anddescribe changes in water experiments. We will explore separatingsolids and liquids, have dissolving races, and attempt to change saltwater to crystals.
We continue to practice regrouping when adding. We will continueto develop our skills of subtracting two-digit numbers from two-digitnumbers using regrouping. A new strategy we will learn will beusing addition to check subtraction. Then, we will begin focusing onmoney by skip counting and counting on to find the value of a set of coins, using pennies, nickels, dimes,quarters, and half dollars. We always continue to practice problem solving and our math facts.
Grade 3
 Third grade welcomes two new students: Hannah and Evan. We’re so glad to have them in our class!
Language Arts

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