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Adults on Parole

Adults on Parole

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Published by LaShaunaMarie

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Published by: LaShaunaMarie on Feb 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Adults on Parole, Probation 1Running Head: Adults on Probation, Parole, or IncarceratedLab # 3Adults on Probation or Parole, Incarcerated in Jail or PrisonLaShauna CraytonSOWK 300Tuskegee UniversitySeptember 24, 2009
Adults on Parole, Probation 2
Magnitude of the ProblemDescriptive
This graph shows the rate of incarcerated adults in different nation of the world.The rate includes male, female and different races. The graph does not single outdifferent crimes; it is consist of rape, robbery, murder, and also kidnappers. It all dependson the state law as to what crimes are harsh enough for institution and what should bedone about crimes that are less harsh. The United States ranked the highest with a ratingof 225 but, the total is 1,339,695 inmates in the prison sentence. Next, is Mexico with thesecond highest rate with a 97 but, India has the second highest total number of inmateswith 196,221. Mexico has 86,334 total inmates in the prison system.
The United States total number of inmates in the prison system is ridiculous. TheUnited States, our nation total population is in the millions and happens to be the onlynation in the millions. The reason for the United States rate is such a large number isbecause medical examiners, police forensic pathologists and court orders are onlyallowed to take part in certain cases as in the other nations, they have a big responsibilty.
Adults on Parole, Probation 3
Scope of the ProblemDescriptive
 The black race has the highest number of incarcerated adults with the total of 336,600. Next are the white race with 296,000 and then the Hispanic with 119,200. This
graph doesn’t distinguish b
etween male or female either. The prison population alsoincludes juveniles that are held as adults. The totals on the graph may be inaccurate
 because there’s a host of adults that enters the prison system everyday.
African Americans are incarcerated at a rate that is six times higher than whites.85% of African Americans are incarcerated for drugs, property and public offends, whilethe other races are mostly incarcerated for murder or robbery. There are more blacksincarcerated then those with college education. Youth violence is one key factor that putAfrica Americans rating higher than other race. Family and communities has a big impactof the rate of incarcerated blacks, letting the children drop out of school and start sellingdrugs and robbing individuals.

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