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Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs

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Published by Mian Jibran Khalid
Comprehensive and A detailed book-let of Phrases and verbs. It's really informative knowledgeable.
Comprehensive and A detailed book-let of Phrases and verbs. It's really informative knowledgeable.

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Published by: Mian Jibran Khalid on Feb 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sir Umair 
wind down (sth) or wind (sth) down
(if a business or organization winds down, or if someone winds it down, the amount of work it does is gradually reduced until it closes completely)We had to wind down our Manchester office.
Tell against sb/sth British & Australian, formal
(to make someone or something more likely to fail)It's a reputation that might tell against him if he ever decides to change jobs.
wind down
(to gradually relax after doing something that has made you feel tired or worried)I like to wind down with a cup of tea and a hot bath when I get home from work.(if a machine [esp. clock, watch] winds down, it goes slower and slower until it stopscompletely)My watch had wound down so I didn't know what time it was.
Wind on sth or wind sth on British & Australian
(to make the film in a camera move on to the next picture, or to make something thatsounds or pictures are recorded onto [e.g. cassette, video] move forward to a later place)Wind the tape on to the song I like.
Tell sb/sth apart
(to be able to see the differences between two similar things or people and judge which iswhich)When they were small, the twins looked so alike that I just couldn't tell them apart.It's impossible to tell a forged £10 note apart from a real one. [sometimes + from]
Wind up slightly informal
(to finally be in a particular place, state, or situation, especially without having plannedit )If he carries on like this he's going to wind up in prison.He'll wind up bankrupt if he's not careful.
Tell sth/sb from sth/sb
(if you can tell one person or thing from a similar person or thing, you are able to saywhich of them is which because you can see the differences between them)The two brothers looked so similar, I couldn't tell one from the other.I've always had a problem with telling my left from my right.
Wind up doing sth slightly informal
(to finally do something, especially without having planned to)I wound up having to start the course from the beginning again.
Wind up (sth) or wind (sth) up
(to finish an activity)TSH Knowledge Inn1
Sir Umair We started to wind up the interview.You need to wind up now, we've only got five minutes.
Tell off sb or tell sb off 
(to speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong)She told him off for not doing his homework.You always get told off in Mr Warren's lesson.T
elling-off British & Australian
(noun)The nurse gave me a good telling-off.She got a telling-off from her teacher for forgetting her book. [often + from]
Tell on sb
(to have a bad effect on someone's health or behaviour)He'd been three months in the job and the strain was beginning to tell on him.(informal) if you tell on someone who has done something wrong, you tell someone inauthority what that person has done)I'll tell on you if you copy my homework again.I'm telling on you!
Wind up sth or wind sth up
(to close a business or organization)Lawyers were called in to wind up the company.Rising prices have forced us to wind up our affairs in Germany.(to make a clock, watch, or toy work by turning a small handle or part)I forgot to wind my watch up and it's stopped.It's a clockwork mouse - you wind it up and let it go.W
adjective)I've still got some old wind-up toys from my childhood.
Wind up sb or wind sb up
(BRITISH, INFORMAL (to tell someone something that is not true in order to make a joke )He said I'd missed the train, but he was just winding me up.wind-up(noun BRITISH, INFORMAL )Are you being serious now or is this a wind-up? [usually singular](British & Australian, informal) to annoy someone)It really winds me up when he says that teachers have an easy life.That guy really winds me up.TSH Knowledge Inn2
Sir Umair 
Sort out sth or sort sth out
(to successfully deal with a problem or difficult situation )Initially we had some problems with our computer system but they've been sorted outnow.She spent several days sorting out disagreements among the staff.(to arrange or organize things which are untidy )My first task was to sort out a pile of papers.S
(noun BRITISH, INFORMAL )This cupboard needs a really good sort-out.(to separate one type of thing from a group of things )Sort out the books you want and put them on the table.You'll need to sort out the whites from the rest of the washing. [sometimes + from](to make a decision about something by discussing it with someone else or byconsidering it carefully )We need to sort out what we're doing about accommodation. [usually + question word]
Sort yourself out British & Australian, inform
al(to spend time dealing with your personal problems or organizing your things )He needs a bit of time to sort himself out before he even thinks about working.Just give me five minutes to sort myself out and I'll be with you.
Sort out sb or sort sb out British, slang
(to attack someone in order to punish them for behaving badly )Do that again, mate, and I'll sort you out!
Show sb around/round (swh)
(to go with someone to a place that they have not visited before and show them theinteresting parts )Let me know when you're coming to Boston and I'll show you around.Ellie showed me around her new apartment with its beautiful roof terrace.
Show in sb or show sb in, show sb into swh
(to lead a visitor into a room where they have arranged to meet or wait for someone )I was shown into a small dingy office.Would you show the next candidate in, please?
Show off 
(to try to make people admire your abilities or achievements in a way which other peoplefind annoying )He was the kind of kid who was always showing off to his classmates.You're just showing off.TSH Knowledge Inn3

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