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Off Site Id Guide

Off Site Id Guide

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Published by tbell_4boys!

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Published by: tbell_4boys! on Feb 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As we all know, ID’ing a race sounds like an easy task but can be difficultdepending on so many factors. We do want to ID a race in a timely fashion whilekeeping in mind “Would I buy this picture” but we also want to actually be focusedon the picture and everyone in it. Did that runner have a picture before this? Doeshe/she have one after this? Are these runners running together? And making surewe go back and fix partial assignments if we see the runner’s bib clearly insubsequent frames.I’ve put together some guidelines that everyone should be following. I’ve usedwhat we are calling Image ID Zone borders to help emphasize the ID’s process.There are examples of these borders below, we just overlaid them on the actualimages and the zones change depending on the race course position.As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Examples of the Image ID Zone borders.
Partial/MF Assignments
These assignments should be less subjective in the IDing process. Before you partially assign you should lookat the next 3 frames to see if you can see the runners complete bib number.Please use the following guidelines:
Do not guess at the bib numbers.
If the bib is not visible you would use M for male and F for female.
If you can only make out the first or last digit of the bib you would use an * in the appropriate spot.(Example: Bib #1234 but you can only see the 1 you would enter 1* or if you can only see the 4 youwould enter *4)).
If you can only see the middle numbers of a bib it would be wiser to M/F. (Example: Bib #1234 but youcan only see 23 you would enter M or F).
Incorrect assignment for frame 30: 63* - We cannot see the first or last digit of the bib number. Runner will not find himself under partial
 Incorrect assignment for frame 38: Man in blue jacket is not assigned (M).Incorrect assignment for frame 33: This is overexposed and should be “X”.

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