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Delaware Activated A Directed Energy Weapon System In 1997

Delaware Activated A Directed Energy Weapon System In 1997

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Published by Dannie Moore

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Published by: Dannie Moore on Feb 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Delaware's Activated DEW System In 1997It never ceases to amaze me how people continue to act indifferent to all that is happening and when they do act it is in a negative or hostile manner toward the one who is attempting to improve the situation.Why is it that when someone takes the initiative to put forth an effort to correct the wrongs that are present that many others step up to try and intimidate and dissuade the one who is acting in their best interest?When people are deceived to the point that their minds cannot comprehend the difference between falsehoods and truths then there is truly a need for someone/anyone to conduct themselves in a positive manner and make a stand for the truth.When a lie is perceived as being true and it results in countless others being unjustly mistreated and abused as a direct result then someone must enlighten others that the lie is nothing more than a lie and is far removed from being truthful regardless of who endorses that lie and places their name, position, title orwhatever behind supporting the lie.Quite naturally when people with some type of authority or power endorse the lieand puts forth great effort to influence those who are supportive of them due to their position then whoever it is that stands firm saying that the lie is a lie will be subjected to unjust, undeserved punishment and retaliation for their standing on being truthful.Is that person being persecuted for being truthful justified? No, in no way whatsoever is it justified for an individual who stands on the truth opposing a lieto be subjected to any form of punishment.When the truth is known by all and they have full knowledge of the lie they should alter their actions towards those who stood firm knowing that what they weresaying and doing was true.This is the situation here in Delaware with my standing firm not wavering in what I have been saying since 1997, and that is that the state of Delaware allowedits department of corrections to activate a weapons system that enables the operator (perp) to subject anyone and everyone to torturous treatment, harassing them physically and mentally, covertly and/or overtly, knowingly and/or unknowingly.This system has the capability to invade a persons privacy by covertly recordingany and all communications whether it is casual conversations, legal preparations, phone calls or computer correspondences.Imagine if you will sitting leisurely with intentions of reading your newspaperonly to have a perp read the article to you as your eyes are focusing in on theprint.This is one of its capabilities and it was performed here which illustrates thatthey can see through your eyes viewing whatever you look at (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/471786.stm) and it is quite disturbing and a violation of a persons privacy.The perps also can and will make a comment to you regarding what they see as yousee it. Can you imagine that? Would it alter your actions and behavior?Imagine yourself home in one of your private, personal intimate moments... guesswhat? They can view you and know exactly what you are doing so that the privateand personal moment could possibly be recorded by them and shown to someone else later or even passed on to others.
The ability of this system to force an individual to self harm has occurred herein Delaware and is its occurrence elsewhere is documented.NSA Self-Initiated Execution (Suicide):1. Bamford's "The Puzzle Palace" references one of the NSA's first self-initiated execution (suicide) with this "Thought Control" technology they developed. TheNSA employee reportedly ran off NSA property saying demons were in his mind andhe killed himself.2. NSA Initiated Execution to Cover-up in the News:A University of California at Berkley student that went into a bar on or aroundNovember 27, 1990 took hostages and insisted to the police that the CIA Directortalk with him so that he could get relief from the suffering. The young man hadsent letters to the president and the CIA but the requests had fallen on deaf ears. After the young man panicked and shot a customer in the bar, a SWAT team fatally shot him, the San Jose police found copies of the letters written to the President referring to people that could "read minds" and that he had learned howthey do it. The NSA had been unsuccessfully brainwashing him and had no alternative but to terminate him to assure their security. It is interesting that whatwas originally broadcast on the news "The gunman was demanding to talk with theDirector of the CIA" etc. disappeared quickly (suppressed?) from later news accounts.3. NSA Initiated Execution to Cover-up in Music:Curt Cobain of the musical group "Nirvana" wasanother victim of NSA brainwashing and was terminated by NSA. Cobain had started writing clues to the NSA activities into his music to communicate it to his music followers. He referred in music to the NSA as the "Friends inside his head".Once the NSA puts on the highest level of brainwashing pain, the subject expires quickly. Cobain used heroin to numb and otherwise slow the effect of the brainwashing.4. NSA Initiated Executions in Overseas Defense Project:Some years back several employees of the United Kingdom's Government working ona top secret Radar Project committed suicide with no apparent penetration by a hostile government, drug abuse or any other commonality other than working in a secured government project. They were not "Staged" suicides (murders) because some of them happened behind doors that could not be opened from the outside. Thesemen were subjected to the same technology and processes that the U.C. Berkley student, the NSA officer, Curt Cobain, and thousands of others have experienced.Too many young men here in Delaware committed suicide and as a result the USDOJwas called in to investigate. They decided that the medical department was at fault when in reality the men were victims of mind control technology not aware ofwhat was occurring and acquiesced to the coercions which they interpreted as their own thoughts not knowing that they were originating from outside of their own minds.But one young man survived the coercion and was prevented from completing the act that he was coercively persuaded to commit by the perps.Thomas Jefferson wrote, 'Whereas Almighty God hath created the mind free; that all attempts to influence it by temporal punishments or burthens, or by civil incapacitations, tend only to beget habits of hypocrisy and meanness, and are a departure from the plan of the Holy author of our religion, who being Lord of bothbody and mind, yet chose not to propogate it by coercions on either, as was in his almighty power to do; .....God in creating us allowed us to have Free Will meaning that we had the ability
and the right to choose for ourselves.The principle of free will has religious, ethical, and scientific implications.For example, in the religious realm, free will implies that an omnipotent divinity does not assert its power over individual will and choices. In ethics, it implies that individuals can be held morally accountable for their actions.Despite this, man in his infinite wisdom has decided to create technology to artificially and covertly influence our actions making us do what they desire for us to do when they desire for us to do thinking that it is our own decision withan eye towards a more controlled future relegating us to the status of a human test subjects or guinea pigs.It is hard for people to accept that they are being targeted because to do so might cause others to view them as being delusional, paranoid schizophrenic or thewearer of a tin foil hat but his system that was activated here in 1997, is part of a global network that is impacting on living beings in every country on theplanet Earth knowingly and unknowingly.There are people from all over the globe who have openly voiced opposition to being targeted yet are ignored by elected officials, human rights organizations and countless others who find it easier to simply say that they need to be medicated when some if not ll of them know of this technology and what it is capable of.Why would other human beings ignore the pleas for assistance from those who complain to them of the torment that they are experiencing? What is it in human nature that enables those who can bring forth changes through intervention to turn ablind eye and a deaf ear to another human being who is suffering unspeakable and unconscionable pain physically and mentally?In Europe there is an organization made up of individuals who are aware of the attacks being directed at human beings globally through the use of directed energy weapons. This group is the Federation Against Mind Control Europe (www.fedame.org). They are under attack by the same class of weapons that the state of Delaware allowed its department of corrections to activate in 1997.What is ironic is that Monika Stoces of Belgium who founded the group conducteda survey and the results illustrated that a few years after the system here wasactivated there was a sudden and dramatic increase in the number of people who began to experience the effects of this technology.Here is a list compiled by Cheryl Welsh (www.mindjustice.org) with some of the more commonly felt effects. For those who do not know Cheryl is a weapons expertwho has been certified by the United Nations.Microwave hearingTransmission of specific commands into the subconsciousVisual disturbances, visual hallucinationsInject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation wavesManipulation of emotionsReading thoughts remotelyCausing pain to any nerve of the body.Remote manipulation of human behavior from spaceHarassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overheadSeeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactlyControl of sleep patterns.Computer-brain interface, control and communicationComplex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities

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