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Only Human16

Only Human16

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Published by Ana Karen

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Published by: Ana Karen on Feb 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 16
Only Human (16/27)
Amethyst Jackson
Drama, Angst, Romance
A wish sends Bella back in time to Chicago, 1918, and to a human Edward.
 All this genius belongs to Stephanie Meyer. I‟m just having a little fun.
  As September rolled in, Edward finally found employment. It took awhile
clerks came muchcheaper than Edward was willing to settle for as wages, and
in the end, it took Edward‟s father
calling in a few favors and granting a few more for someone to offer Edward a job.
I could tell he wasn‟t pleased with the situation at all. Though he never said as much, I knew he
chafed at the idea of owing anybody any 
thing. He was already bristling at having to ride his father‟s
“…And the worst part,” he continued to rant as I watched him fiddle with his tie on his first morning on the job, “is that I‟m not making nearly as much as I could doing something el
se, and
 yet I have to be grateful for „the opportunity‟ because it‟s
only a favor 
 I struggled valiantly to keep a straight face, because he could see me in the mirror, sitting on thebed behind him
but eventually he noticed me shaking with laughter and scowled
which only made me laugh harder.
“Oh, Edward.” I stood and went to him, smoothing down his vest. “It‟s just a job, remember? It‟sonly until you‟ve satisfied your father, not forever. And most importantly,
I‟ll wait for you 
. You
don‟t have to make all the money in the world so you can rush me to the altar. I‟ll still be here.”
 My pep talk had the desired effect 
Edward‟s mouth twitched in his involuntary smile, and I felt 
his shoulders relax under my hands.
“Maybe you can wait,” he said, “but I‟m not sure
“You‟ll just have to remember that patience is a virtue,” I said, stretching up on my toes to kisshim. “And I am, after all, the guardian of your virtue. You‟d best listen to me.”
 Edward snorted, th
ough he held our bodies close together. “I‟m beginning to think that you‟re the
lousiest possible guardian of my virtue I could have found. I find myself nearly compromised at 
every turn.”
“Pot, kettle,” I said succinctly, pointing to him and myself in turn. “Now, I believe you haveapproximately twenty minutes. You‟d better get moving.”
 He reluctantly moved away and pulled his jacket over his shoulders. Dressed up like a properbusinessman, he did look devastatingly handsome. His navy blue jacket and trousers stood out inperfect contrast to his coppery hair; a striped vest emphasized his lean, solid torso; and the tie waslike a ribbon on the beautiful package waiting to be opened. I was no keener on his leaving than he was.
“I‟ll see you when I get home,” he sighed, kissing me one last time.
“Looking forward to it,” I said as I followed him down to the front door. He shot me a grin over
his shoulder before he went out into the street. While the men were gone, Elizabeth tried to teach me to knit. It was incredibly domestic, and I
 wasn‟t sure I really liked it. I‟d never been very good at domestication.
“Don‟t worry, it didn‟t come naturally to me, either,” Elizabeth said, struggling not to laugh at thetangled mess I‟d made of my yarn. Somehow I‟d formed
a pile of knots in my lap instead of a row of stitches like I was supposed to have.
“I‟ve never been much good at this sort of thing,” I sighed, flexing my tired fingers that had spent hours clutching a needle. “You
know crafty things. All I can really do
is cook.”
“Well, that‟s the important one,” Elizabeth laughed. “Edward won‟t mind that you can‟t darn hissocks if he‟s well
I sputtered in my shock, to which she smiled gently. “Yes, Bella, I know. Edward told me he
 wanted to marry you
but even i
f he hadn‟t, I would have known. I can read my son like an openbook. And that‟s why I know that you‟re exactly what he needs. I‟m glad to know he‟ll have youlooking after him.”
 My throat felt too tight, making it hard to breathe. Would she feel the same way if she knew what I was condemning Edward to by letting him remains
in the city? “I hope –
I hope I can,” I finally 
said, picking at my pile of failed knitting.
“I know you will,” Elizabeth replied, patting my hand. “I don‟t so much mean physically…he is
boy, so I doubt he would ever forget to eat. But he gets so lost in his own head sometimes that he
loses sight of the bigger picture. And I think you‟re just the girl to make him see.”
My smile was a little watery, but I couldn‟t help it. This woman was
better than I‟d ever dreamedEdward‟s mother could be, and she was being so kind to me. It would be so very painful to say goodbye to her. “Thank you, so much. For everything.”
“There‟s nothing to thank me for,” Elizabeth said. She reached out and picked
up my tortured
project. “I think we‟d better give up on this one.”
 I agreed wholeheartedly.
 When Edward came home, the expression on his face suggested he‟d just returned from a warzone. He was exhausted, and a little grouchy to boot. I didn‟t really m
ind; compared to one of 
Edward‟s moods, this Edward was just plain cute.
Edward didn‟t ask permission before sneaking into my room that night, and I couldn‟t blame him.
It would be ridiculous, given his obvious weariness and the scowl on his face, to accuse him of any impure intentions.
“Was it really so bad?” I asked him as he dropped his head onto my shoulder. I ran my fingers
aimlessly through his hair; it always relaxed him.

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