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After I Read Midnight Sun on Stephanie's

After I Read Midnight Sun on Stephanie's



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Published by Ana Karen
This is another one from a the honeymoon its from a friend its pretty good.
This is another one from a the honeymoon its from a friend its pretty good.

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Published by: Ana Karen on Feb 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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After I read Midnight Sun on Stephanie's site I was totally intrigured by the idea of how Edwardsaw the world and his relationship with Bella. Then I finished Breaking Dawn and it was myfavorite book ever! I hate a hard time with some of it, like a lot of fans out there, but I generallylove it! That got me thinking, what was Edward thinking? This was what I came up with.Before I begin this chapter I just want to re-iterate that this is Stephanie Meyer's work andcharacters. I have borrowed them to play with. This is Edwards Version of what happened inBreaking Dawn ( the first book anyway). I hope you enjoy and please do let me know what youthink! Review it if you like, I'd always like to hear opinions!Breaking Dawn, Edwards POVPrefaceI'd lived many decades. I ran into my share of monsters, being one myself. I'd never felt the needto run from them, I was fast, I was strong. But this, this was different. How do you run away fromyourself?I knew this day was drawing near, but it had been something I was dreading and something Iknew I could not live without.She was everything I wanted. She was everything I needed and I knew what I much do.But how do you kill the one you love?Chapter 1. EngagedI was in my room listening to music, trying to relax. Bella had wanted some time to run out andpick up a few things. Ever dependant, I knew that she wanted to go on her own, so I let her without even the slightest hesitation (that she could see). I desperately wanted to go with her, butI knew that she would be safe.But, here I sat. Alone, in my room. While she was out there alone I worried about her safety. Shewas so very breakable, and trouble never had any difficulty finding her.I must admit, I did worry about her a little less knowing that she was in a safe, reliable car. Her Chevy truck had finally died...with a little bit of help from Rosalie ( who was starting to warm to theidea of having Bella as a sister, even though she wasn't pleased that Bella could so easily give upher human life to become one of us).After her truck had...died, I delighted in her promise to allow me to buy her a new car., which shewould only allow after the truck was officially done. I knew she wanted nothing spectacular, but Ineeded her to be in the safest vehicle possible. I happened to know someone at a MercedesDealership in Europe and he got me in touch with the right people. The car, The Guardian (perfectname if you were to ask me to watch over my Bella), hadn't even been released in Europe but Imanaged to finagle one.It was perfect. Better than I'd hoped! It was virtually indestructible, exactly what my destructibleBella needed. It had missile proof glass and four thousand pounds of body amour. You couldeven take a flame thrower to it and not even damage the paint. Perfect in case of car accidents or falling trees or too aggressive ware wolves.I knew she would be embarrassed by it. It was much too extravagant for her. She had beenhoping to see a Toyota or a Ford or even another Chevy, at the very least one of the symbols sheknew. Se had been embarrassed and overwhelmed when I revealed the car to her.
"What is that?" She asked incredulously after I brought her outside to look at it when it had firstarrived."Why, Bella, it's your new car of course. Don't you like it?" I asked, a little of the excitement hadfaded from my voice, having done it intentionally knowing she wouldn't make too much of a bigdeal about it if she knew she would hurt my feelings."Of course Edward, but it's too much." She replied as she put her hand to my face."Don't worry, it's only your before car anyway" I hadn't actually meant for that little bit of information to slip out yet, but I had been distracted by her lovely chocolate brown eyes."My what? Before what?" She asked stunned."Well, this one is actually a loaner. After...." I started to say it, but it was still so difficult to thinkabout the moment I dreaded, the moment that I knew would come all too soon, the day her heartstopped beating. The day I killed her. "After you become one of us." I whispered my voice so lowI'm sure she barely heard it. She knew that despite how much I loved her, this was not an easytopic for me to discuss.That effectively ended the conversation and she murmured her thanks, only a little grudgingly,with some of her sweet kisses.Yes, that day was coming quickly upon me, a hard day it would be. I began to feel myself wallow.I decided this would not be how I spent my day. I turned my thought to a day much closer athand. A happy day, a joyous day and one I couldn't wait for. The day I would finally make Bella mywife. I lingered over the words in my head; Bella, my wife. She would be my wife and I would beher husband. I remembered, with a smile, the day we had gone to tell Charlie that we wereengaged.She fidgeted the whole time. She finally agreed to wear my mother's ring. It meant more to methan she could even imagine and I held her hand tightly in mine so she would stop trying to hideher hand in her pockets. I had head Charlie's cruiser well before she did and she tensed when thesound reached her and continued to fidget more."Stop fidgeting, Bella. Please try to remember that you're not confessing to a murder here""Easy for you to say." She grumped.Charlie was walking up the sidewalk and I could tell she was listening closely, tensing with eachstep he took."Calm down, Bella." I whispered as I heart her heart rapidly accelerating. We heard the door slamand Bella jumped."Hey Charlie," I called, feeling fairly confident."No!" Bella hissed under her breathe."What?" I whispered back."Wait till he hangs up his gun!" I chuckled and ran my fingers through my hair. She was silly. AsCharlie came around the corned in his uniform he made a face, clearly still upset it was I who wassitting with Bella, he would have preferred Jacob to be the one she loved, however he did try tobe civil.
"Hey kids, what's up?""We'd like to talk to you," I said "We have some good news." He was suspicious immediately."Good news?" He growled glancing right at Bella."Have a seat Dad." He raised an eyebrow and stared at me. I knew exactly what he was thinking.He stomped over to his recliner and sat on the very edge of his seat."Don't get worked up, Dad," Bella started to say. "Everything is ok" I grimaced at her words.Okay? It was more than okay. If it were me I would have used words like wonderful or perfect or incredible, but certainly not okay. That was like calling Bella simply pretty."Sure it is Bella, sure it is. If everything is so great, then why are you sweating bullets?""I'm not sweating," She lied. She was indeed a little sweaty, but she looked glorious, then withthat thought I had to remind myself to focus.She leaned into me for support as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. As she did this,Charlie's thoughts became very clear and panicked; I barely had time to decipher them before heshouted."You're pregnant!" Charlie had exploded. "You're pregnant, aren't you?" And although thequestion was meant to be for Bella he was glaring directly at me."No! Of course not." Bella shouted. I knew she must be upset; this was exactly the thought shetold me people would have when we told them we were getting married.Charlie relaxed slightly believing what Bella was saying. "Oh! Sorry.""Apology accepted." Bella said, stalling. There was a long pause and I realized that they werewaiting for me to say something. Bella looked at me with panic in her eyes. I could tell shecouldn't do it and needed me to step in. I smiled at her, squared myself and looked directly at her father."Charlie, I realize that I've gone about this out of order. Traditionally, I should have asked you first.I mean no disrespect, but since Bella has already said yes and I don't want to diminish her choicein the matter, instead of asking for her hand, I'm asking you for your blessing. We're gettingmarried, Charlie. I love her more than anything in the world, more than my own life, and – bysome miracle she loves me that way too. Will you give us your blessing? After a moment I sawCharlie's eyes shift, his eyes were now locked on Bella's ring.Bella held her breath beside me as Charlie started to change from fair to red, red to purple, purpleto blue. She started to get up tentatively. "Give him a minute." I said so only she could hear as Isoftly squeezed her hand.The silence was long, very long for Bella. But in the silence Charlie started to return to his normalcolor. His lips were pursed and his eyebrows were furrowed. He was deep in thought. He studiedboth of us for a moment. As his thoughts seemed to clear, I relaxed and I knew Bella could feelme beside her."Guess I'm not that surprised," He grumbled. "Knew I'd have to deal with something like this soonenough. You sure about this?" He demanded after he heard Bella sigh."I'm one hundred percent sure about Edward." Bella said without skipping a beat.

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i think that you should write one on the second book of breaking dawn that would be GREAT i think you would do a great job on it :D
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