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Trent Franks in K Ring Trial

Trent Franks in K Ring Trial

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Published by Dennis
Rep. Trent Franks of AZ turned to Team Abramoff for help with earmarks in 2003
Rep. Trent Franks of AZ turned to Team Abramoff for help with earmarks in 2003

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Published by: Dennis on Feb 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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11UNITEDSTATES DISTRICT COURT2345678910111213141516171819202122232425
FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA--------------------------XUNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Criminal Case No. 08-274Plaintiffv. A.M. SESSION - DAY 8KEVIN RING,Defendant---------------------------X Washington, D.C.Thursday, September 17, 2009.9:40 A.M.TRANSCRIPT OF JURY TRIALBEFORE THE HONORABLE ELLEN SEGAL HUVELLEUNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGEAPPEARANCES:For the Government:Nathaniel B. Edmonds, Esq.U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICECriminal Division, Fraud SectionBond Building1400 New York Avenue, NWWashington, DC 20005(202) 307-0629Michael Ferrara, Esq.U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICECriminal Div.Public Integrity Section1400 New York Ave. NWWashington, DC 20005(202) 305-2593Court Reporter: Lisa Walker Griffith, RPRU.S. District CourthouseRoom 6507Washington, D.C. 20001(202) 354-3247Proceedings recorded by mechanical stenography, transcriptproduced by computer.
Case 1:08-cr-00274-ESH Document 131 Filed 10/20/09 Page 1 of 102
APPEARANCES: (Cont'd.)For the Government: Michael J. Leotta, Esq.U.S. ATTORNEY'S OFFICE36 South Charles Street4th FloorBaltimore, MD 21201(410) 209-4900For the Defendants: Andrew Todd Wise, Esq.Timothy Patrick O'Toole, Esq.MILLER CHEVALIER CHTD655 15th Street, N.W.Suite 900Washington, DC 20005(202) 626-5818
Case 1:08-cr-00274-ESH Document 131 Filed 10/20/09 Page 2 of 102
151I'm not enthralled with the idea of pushing the2envelope. Are there going to be more of these that fall into3this category beside Istook's wife? Congressional wife. I4mean, we have to think long and hard because you have to put5it someplace. It's either in your green arrows or red6arrows. If it is in your red arrows, it is in one of these7three subparts. If it does not comfortable fit there, we8would like to rethink it.9MR. EDMONDS: We believe it fits comfortably in one10of the red arrows. I think there is a Government's Exhibit11Number 167-Bwhich I'm sure we have provided to you yet,12whereJohn Albaugh writes to Kevin Ring after -- in the midst13of discussions about the various earmarks, "By the way, Judy14Istook is going to call you and Jack about the Congressional15Spouses Club." Kevin Ring forwards that e-mail to Neil Volz16and Todd Boulanger and replies, "Holy joke getter."17THE COURT: You showed that to me yesterday. I did18see that. I believe this is what prompted the whole -- part19of it. You offered this, did you not?20MR. EDMONDS: I was going to offer it then, and I21withdrew it. It does, however, come up in my time line a22little bit later because it is in the midst of responses in23regards to the Franks earmark. As Mr. Albaugh noted, the24Franks earmark is one of those which he had never done and25would not do for anyone else.
Case 1:08-cr-00274-ESH Document 131 Filed 10/20/09 Page 15 of 102

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