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Published by Terrill Wyche
This is a home-spun guide of a series of instruction manuals and articles on how to use a chest expander.
This is a home-spun guide of a series of instruction manuals and articles on how to use a chest expander.

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Published by: Terrill Wyche on Feb 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why You Should Read This Article
- An expander (cableset, chest expander, strands) can, when wisely used, get youa strong, solid and fit body. If you study this article, andthen apply the information faithfully, you will be on theright road. By following it you will earn yourself resultsyou will be proud of.
What Is Strandpulling?
- Strandpulling is an activity of stretching out strands (such as rubber tubings, flat rubberbands, or steel springs) for the purpose of getting strong,solid and fit. The more you stretch out the strands, withinits safe limits, the greater the resistance.
Who Has Used Standpulling Successfully?
- Fred Rollonwas one of the greats of strandpulling. In the early 1900s,he was a product of strandpulling. There were others whogot results as well.In 1989, I wanted to see what I could accomplish with justusing an expander. There wasn’t, at that time, a great dealpublished directly on strandpulling. Based on what I foundworkable, I published in 1990 my Professional CableCourse. I was its first product. Through the years I haveupdated it. This article is based on my manual.
General Information
- I did not do anything extreme orunusual. I never used steroids. I ate a balanced diet. Iusually worked out every day. There were times I workedout every other day or 3 times a week. I didn’t train if I was
tired or when I felt I didn’t get enough rest from the lastworkout. If I was tired, but still wanted to work out, I did ashorter workout. I did not work out for 4 or 5 hours a day,or do other unusual things.
Keep Your Workouts Fun
- Make stretching the strandsfun. Then finds ways to keep it fun. If you enjoy and havefun doing an activity, you will continue to want to do theactivity. And you will keep doing it. By continuing to doworkouts that you enjoy, you will start to also notice gains.Old Wise Saying - The best exercise is the one you willactually do.
Be Consistent
- It does you no good to workout like amaniac for 1 week, only to lose all interest and enjoyment.You will simply not workout anymore.
Progressive Intensity
- Strandpulling follows the principleof progressive intensity. If you increase, little by little, theintensity of your workouts, you will improve. Intensity canbe increased in a number of ways. Increasing the pace of your workout, the repetitions per exercise, or the number of strands used per exercise are 3 examples.
Various Ways To Do The Same Exercises
– I will beshowing you some basic exercises you can do with yourexpander. It is a simple workout routine. Before I explainthese exercises, let me give a few examples of ways to dothese exercises. Keep in mind that what follows are only afew suggestions out of many different ways you could do
your exercises. For instance, you could do all yourexercises for the first body part, then move on to anotherbody part. You may, instead, do 1 exercise for the firstmuscle area, then 1 exercise for the second muscle area,etc., until all your muscles have been exercised 1 time each,at which point you could start with the first muscle areaagain and, in sequence, work all your muscle areas for asecond time around. You could also combine sections of the following examples in various ways. With experienceand desire, this will be clearer to you. You may have plentyof ideas already. If you are new to the game (or even if youare a veteran of workouts) please study the followingexamples.
Example #1
- Rotate through your exercises, 1 timethrough, until each muscle area has been worked. Thenrotate through again. Do each exercise for – say about 10 to20 repetitions. Try to go for the goal of working at a rapidpace, with little or no rest between exercises. Put on somefast music you enjoy hearing or dancing to. Work to itspace. Try to get your work done (eventually) before thecompact disk has finished playing.
Example #2
- Decide to do 2 to 3 sets for muscle area in aworkout. Start with curls. Do 10 reps. Now take off a strandand do another 10 (or whatever you can do). Then (if youhad 3 strands on your expander) take off another strand anddo as many curls as you can. Then go to the next musclearea. Repeat the above.

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