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IMing cullen style 3

IMing cullen style 3



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Published by islajade austin
this is part three of IMing cullen style if you enjoy please comment rate and subscribe
this is part three of IMing cullen style if you enjoy please comment rate and subscribe

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Published by: islajade austin on Feb 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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vamp_chick - bellamusic man5000 - edwardprankmaster - emmettblond_wiv_a_brain - rosaliepixie&proud - aliceEMO-kid - jasperTHEdoctor - carlislemothernature - esmeloch_ness_monster - renesmeenot_so_lonely_wolf - jacobilovepie - quil007 - embryAAP - sammysteriousone - jaredanger_management - paulpusscat - aroidon'tspeak - marcusgankster - ciausvamp_chick has logged onpixie&proud has logged onblond_wiv_a_brain has logged onmothernature has logged onALL - were is my man !!!!!!!vamp_chick - your's are all missing to huh ?pixie&proud - yep, have you seen jasper?vamp_chick - nope, hum,,,, i wonder why all of the boys are hiding?blond_wiv_a_brain - well i don't know but i want my emie bear backmothernature - *gasps* did you just call him emmie bear , oh... you are never gonna live this down muahmuahmuahpixie&proud - did you just do an evil laugh esme *gasps* and at your own daughter?mothernature - no !!! well ok but you got to admit it was funny right............right?vamp_chick&pixie&proud - your right *both burst into fits of giggles*blond_wiv_a_brain - god it is just a figure of speech . you guys are so immaturemothernature - well lokk whos acting all grown up all of a sudden .vamp_chick - you are a bitch rosalie so this is payback for all those times thatyou were mean to me while i was humanblod_wiv_a_brain - alice......?pixie&proud -i agree with bellablond_wiv_a_brain - mum..?mothernature - sorry dear but i agree with bella she deserves revengeblond_wiv_a_brain - ............................*runs off crying*..........blond_wiv_a_brain has logged off to find emmie bear "gah!!" i mean my husbandloch_ness_monster has logged onloch_ness_monster - hey has anybody seen jake?vamp_chick - ohhh.... not him too now all of the men are missingpixie&proud - i want my husband *starts vampire dry sobbing*mothernature - wre oh were could they be ?pussycat has logged onpussycat - hi everyone i couldn't help over hearing your conversation. i have your husbands hear in volterra and if you don't come and rescue them soon then they will be forced to eat human food and drink human liquidall - WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, hang on boys we are coming to

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