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Elasticity (Tutorial)

Elasticity (Tutorial)

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Published by -atomic crew-
17 january 2010
17 january 2010

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: -atomic crew- on Feb 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Q1An iron rod 4.00m long 0.500cm in cross section strenches 1.00 mm when a mass of225kg is hung from its lower end. Compute young’s modulus for the iron.Long = 4.00 my = FL.AL
225 x 9.81 = 2207.25 NL.= 1x10-³m
F= mgF= 225x9.81= 2207.25 NY= 2207.25 (4.00)[0.5x(10-²)² m²] [1x10-³] m= 1.7658 x10¹¹= 176.58 x10¹¹x10-²= 176 x10
Pa= 176 GPa
Q2.A load of 50 kg is applied to the lower end of a steel 80cm long and 0.6cm indiameter. How much will the road stretch? (Y= 190GPa for steel.)m = 50kg x 9.81d = 0.6cm ÷ 2 j = 0.3J² 3X10-³ mArea =
= (3x10-³)²
=2.83 x 10-
Lenght = 80cm=80x10-²=0.8Y = 190 GPaAL. = FLYA=(490.5) (0.8)(190x10
) (2.83x10
) = 392.45.377x10
Q3.A platform is suspended by four wires at its cover. The wires are 3.0m long and havea diameter of 2.0mm. Young’s modulus for the material is 180GPa. Howfar will theplatform drop ( due to elongation of the wires) if a 50kg load is placed at the center ofplatform?Y= 180 GPa=180x10² PaD = 2mm ÷ 2=1x10-³ mY= FL. AL. = FL.AL YA
Long = 3mForce = 50x9.81=490.5 NArea= J²
= (3.14x10-
) mAL = 490.5x3m²(180) (3.14x10-
)=1471.5 Nm5.652x10-
m =2.64=0.65 mm.

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