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Societas OTO Illuminati Order

Societas OTO Illuminati Order

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Published by Frater WothanAzazel
Introductory information on Orden Illuminati Societas Ordo Templi Orientis
Introductory information on Orden Illuminati Societas Ordo Templi Orientis

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Published by: Frater WothanAzazel on Feb 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The denominated System of initiation Rojismo was created byGabriel Lopez de Rojas.
The Rojismo term comes from the last name of Red, of the last alquímica phase of the mentioned System (Work to theRed one) and of the egalitarian and libertario message, that is to say, “red”, of he himself.
The Rojismo is structured in two orders (Order IlluminatiandSocietas OTO
and in both Rites of  both: the Operative Operative Rite and Rite Illuminated of Baviera of the Illuminati Order of Memphis-Misraïm of Societas OTO.
The Rojismo gives to importance to fundamental pillars of the initiation as true desire, the will,waking up of the conscience of “the sleepy” man, the respect towards the cycles and the order,the coherence; to traditional routes of initiation (yoga, tantra, cábala, symbolism, alchemy); andto the transformation of the initiate by means of the operative work in the own divinity, inandrogynous the divine one, in the androgynous alquímico, always looking for that this one projects in external its internal evolution.In this System, in addition, the figure of the God of the Light is important, Baphomet. On him, a basic idea is due to have: only with Baphomet the initiation is complete. With the esclavistasGods, their “shackles”,
etc., the iniciático work “is castrated” and the complete initiation is not possible.It is possible to add to the saying that the Rojista Philosophy crowns the Rojismo, with hisegalitarian and libertario message, being the philosophy of the action and the postmodernity thatreformulates the socialism and turns to the Rojismo postmodern. In last instance,
scientific psychology also is the tool that allows to include/understand the gradual evolution of the Rojismofor the initiates of high degree.In the Rojismo, the initiate
evolves from the esoteric idealismo and iniciático indemostrable to thematerialism, the
absolute rejection of the
God existence, the
atheism, the atheistic reason, science,the rigor…The masonry, rosacruces, the templarios… also leave from the idealismo, but, in contrast to theRojismo, they remain eternally in this one leading to its members to “fictitious skies” and theabsolute irrealidad.
The Rojismo, however, respects the masónica tradition, rosacruz, templaria…, since in certain it forms makes hers inhis initiation and lessons, but, on the other hand, rejects the great majority of organizativas structures of masones,rosacruces, the templarios (orders, lodges, Obediences…), to consider them esoteric and iniciático a idealismo that ithas like full stop so mentioned “fictitious sky” and the absolute irrealidad.
In the Rojismo and its orders, we found to initiates and philosophers who deserve to beremembered.
(Philosopher and initiate)

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