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The Lost Truth Chapter 1

The Lost Truth Chapter 1

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Published by melanie-sawyer14
A Percy Jackson fan fiction. It takes place two years after the last book.
A Percy Jackson fan fiction. It takes place two years after the last book.

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Published by: melanie-sawyer14 on Mar 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Lost Truth Chapter 1
© Melanie Sawyer A Percy Jackson & the Olympians Fan Fiction
I had a normal life, once. But it had to change. I liked my life before I found outeverything. My life wasn’t so complicated.It was a week before my birthday, and I was excited. But that little bit of happiness had to be shattered. Thanks to school.I was walking down the hall to get to the bus, when my math teacher pulled meinto the broom closet. Mrs. Coleen was a weird woman, always wore sweaters thatshe tied the arms around her neck, and she wore sweaters with cats and dogsembroidered on them, and she always smelled like wet wool.She stared at me strangely. And I was getting creeped out. “What are you doing,Miss Billings?” She asked me in a hushed voice.“You pulled me into here, don’t ask dumb stuff to me.” That made her mad. She pointed to the door, “Out. Now. And don’t talk to me like that again, Opal.” I blinked angrily at her. How dare she call me that awful name? Opal is my realname that I hate being called. Everyone calls me by my middle name, Leah. See,that sounds way better than Opal.I trudge down the hall, knowing I just missed the bus. Stupid math teacher. I gointo the office and call home. My mother picks up, and I tell her I need a ridehome. She says she’ll be here in twenty minutes. I don’t live with my real parents,I never knew my father, and my mother died when I was seven. I live with myadoptive parents. They are nice, and I have an older brother, that’s my adoptivemother’s. I wait in the office. I look out the window that has a view of the street. New York is always busy around Christmas. All those people putting up the lights,finding the right tree to put in their home. Buying Christmas presents. And sharingthe Christmas cheer. Not. I hate the Christmas season. It’s miserable.Finally Hazel (adoptive mom) pulls into the parking lot, and I walk to the car. Shekisses my head when I get into the car. “Did you have a good day of school,sweetie?” she asks as she pulls into the busy street.
“It was okay.” Truth was, I hated it. Everyone thought I was dumb because I havedyslexia, and ADHD doesn’t help either. Hazel and Bill(adoptive father) thoughtthey were going to get a perfect little angel from above, they were dead wrong. Iam a failure. I am smart despite my dyslexia, in math. I also have a social problem.I have a hard time talking to people. I mean I like, don’t know what to say. And Ihave an attitude problem.When I get home, I notice that my father is gone. His briefcase was sitting on thecouch, coat on the hook.“Mom, where’s dad?” I called out.She came into the room, “What? He’s still not here?” I walked into their bedroom, and there were like, claw scratches on the floor and door. Mom came up behind me, “Oh my God.” She pulled me to my room and locked the door.“Mom, what’s going on?” She pulled my suit case out of my closet, and said,“Pack. You’re leaving.”“But, why?” Mom stopped dead, she stared behind me then gasped. I turned tolook at what she was looking at. I was a hellhound. Big and huge, and drooling onthe floor. “Mom,” I said shakily. “What is that, doing here?” She wrapped her armsaround me, and pulled me back. “Mrs. O’Leary? Chiron must have sent her. Don’tworry, Leah. She’s harmless.” I approached the hellhound slowly, I pat its largenose, and it licked me. This dog barely fit inside my room. She was as big as atank. Tucked in her huge collar, was a note. I pat her giant head, then pulled thenote out of her collar. I opened it, and in
sloppy writing it read:
Opal, this is Mrs. O’Leary. I Hope she behaves. You need to pack yourthings and LEAVE! Bad things are coming your way. Get on Mrs. O’Leary, andthen tell her to go to ‘Camp Half-Blood’. I’ll try to explain everything whenyou get here.Percy JacksonP.S. Hurry!
I read the note several times then, showed it to Hazel. Her brows frowned, andshe continued to pack my things. “Mom, what does all this mean?”
She finished, and zipped my bag up. “Honey, it’s about your real parents. Your mother was normal, but your father wasn’t. And now you’re in danger. You haveto go to this camp, it’s the only place you’ll be safe.” I heard a door slam then aloud yell, “Mom!” It was Christian. And he just saw Mrs. O’Leary. “Honey. Calmdown and come in here.” Christian slid past Mrs. O’Leary, with her still licking hishead. “Mom! What is that thing?” When he said ‘thing’ Mrs. O’Leary barked athim.“Chris, that’s, an, um, hellhound. She’s here to take Leah somewhere.”“Where? She’s going away?”“Yes, smarty. I’m leaving. Aren’t you happy? I’m going to camp.”“But mom, it’s the middle of the school year. She can’t go.”“Honey, she’s different. And we’ll all be in danger if she doesn’t leave. Now tellher bye, she has to leave,
” Christian hugged me, and so did Hazel. I put my backpack on and got on Mrs. O’Leary. “Take me to Camp Half- Blood.”Mrs. O’Leary started running, and before she ran into the wall, we disappeared.She kept running in the darkness. Then we were running through a forest.Mrs. O’Leary stopped, and I got off before she fell asleep. Then I hear a crunch,and there was a boy in front of me. I staggered back, surprised, and tripped over aroot. The boy laughed and leaned over me. He had striking green eyes, black hair that was in his face (which wasn’t that bad either), and was dressed in all black clothes. His shirt said ‘
’. He put his hand outhelped me up. “I’m Nico di Angelo. Son of Hades.” Did he just say Hades? I think he did. But my social problem stopped me from asking him. “And you’re Opal,right?” I nodded, then shook my head. “No,” I said, barely above a whisper. “Imean yes, but call me Leah.” He chuckled to himself. “Aw, you’re the quite type.”That statement offended me, but it was true, in public.We were walking out of the forest, then Nico said, “Are you freaked out, or areyou always this quite?” I messed with my necklace that my real mother gave me. Iwas nervous, even more so with Nico walking beside me. “In public I’m quite.And I am freaked out.” Nico looked at me sideways, and smiled.

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