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Help me, it hurts Part 1

Help me, it hurts Part 1



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Published by Jasmine
a girl is abused and raped by her own family. Her loved ones. She decides that she has to runaway or be killed. So she runaways. While she runaways she meets a stranger. A male stranger. She believes that all men are the same and that all they do i hurt people and cause pain. She is instantly scared and tries to run. Will her abusive family find her? What will the stranger do to her? Is he like all the other men she has met? Will she ever accept the fact that she could be loved? Or will she just end up like before? Will she uncover secrets? If so, will they destroy her? Or make her?
a girl is abused and raped by her own family. Her loved ones. She decides that she has to runaway or be killed. So she runaways. While she runaways she meets a stranger. A male stranger. She believes that all men are the same and that all they do i hurt people and cause pain. She is instantly scared and tries to run. Will her abusive family find her? What will the stranger do to her? Is he like all the other men she has met? Will she ever accept the fact that she could be loved? Or will she just end up like before? Will she uncover secrets? If so, will they destroy her? Or make her?

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Published by: Jasmine on Mar 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I'm trying to run. Runaway. From all the pain and hurt my own family gave me. Why? Why must every time that I forgive somebody that they hurt me even worst thanthe first time. It's not fair. It's not fair! I never asked for this! Why mustit happen to me? I know there is a Jesus up there and I pray every day and nightand yet I continued to be in pain. But he did keep me alive and I guess that isall a pathetic person like me can ask for. Nothing more. Packing now. And fast.My abusive mother and father are knocked out but father should be waking up anyminute now. I hurried and packed everything I needed.Food, clothes, money. I couldn't bring credit cards...they would track me. I packed my best friends necklace and teddy bear. These was her favorite things. I have to hurry. I have to hurry!! If he finds out that I'm trying to runaway he will KILL ME. I'm already bleeding enough. Then I heard footsteps. Oh no! I Ran tothe door and locked it. That should be able to slow him down. I grabbed my bookbag with everything I packed in it and I opened the window. Then I did what anygirl with my life did. I jumped out the window"Ally!!! " I heard him yell from the window. "Ally! Get in here!" His words wereslurring so he must be drunk. I ran and ran and ran until I found somewhere that looked like Las Vegas but I knew it wasn't. But I did knew one thing. I was far from home. They weren't going to find me anytime soon. I sat in a dark alley.I know it was a stupid thing to do but if the police find me then they will takeme back to my father and mother. They aren't any good. I know I don't deserve anything better but I don't want to be there anymore.I hung on to my bag. I was hungry but I knew I would have to wait until It was absolutely necessary. I don't have a lot of money. Only $500 and that won't lastlong without a job. . . I'm only 15 years old and there isn't a lot of jobs outthere for 15 yr olds. I decided to take a chance and move. During the day I willsleep but at night I will keep moving. I picked my self up wincing at my bleeding wounds and walked down the ally. About five minutes after walking down the ally I felt like someone or something was watching me. I stopped where I was, andslowly turned.I hoped that if I were to die, that it would at least be a woman. Then at leastthere would be a chance of generosity available for a winch like me. Once I turned there was nothing there. I must be hallucinating. I looked at my stomach where my wounds were. They were still bleeding pretty bad. My hand touched my stomach and blood appeared. I sighed I'm going to have to spendmoney on that. Or I would get an infection. I turned back around looking at my feet and started to walkforward as before. But then I bumped into something.. . Or someone. I looked upshocked and scared. Very scared. It was a man. I learned the hard way to nevertrust a man. All they do was hurt you and bring you pain. . . And death."What are you doing back here Miss?" A gentle voice said. It was amazing. The most amazing voice I have ever heard."I. . . I umm. . . " What am I supposed to tell him? Hey oh nothing just runningaway from home. Yea right. " I'm going home. It's right there at the end of this alley" I lied."Hm. Pretty strange since I went back there and it's a . . . dead end" My breathing started to harsh."Really? I guess I took the wrong alley. Well thanks for telling me I'm going togo back and see if I can find the right one. Nice meeting you" I said then I started to turn and went back the way I came until a hand was on my shoulder. I immediately started to struggle and beg. "Please! Please don't hurt me! Please!" The mystery guy came into view and I saw what he looked liked. He had short brownhair. It wasn't exactly short but defiantly wasn't long either. His eyes were heart breakinly blue and his features were sharp.His eyes were full of pain for some reason. But it wasn't my business anyway. Once again I begged."Please. Just let me go" He shook his head."You're coming with me""No! no! NO! don't please! Don't hurt me." He looked shocked. I struggled and got free of his shocked arms and I ran. I ran even though my stomach was killing me. I ran and ran until his face was gone from view. I stopped and clutched at my
side. Thepain really was killing me. I'm going to die from blood loss. Then I pushed my self further. I walked for another hour I believe, with a bleeding wound. But I took my shirt off and wrapped it tightly around my stomach, but kept myjacket over myself.It helped for awhile but then I started to feel faint. And that eventually whathappened. I fainted. But before I could completely lose conscious, I heard thatsame amazing voice whisper,"I've been looking everywhere for you stranger." And then I felt myself being lifted and I was lost in unconscious.I was awake now but I wasn't going to open my eyes. My breathing was harsh, andI had a major headache. I took the chance to open my eyes and when I did, I sawthe most beautiful thing ever. The room was black and gold(the gold just looks like gold not actual gold). The bed I was laying in, the sheets were gold yet thecomforter black. You had black curtains around the bed that was pulled back with gold ropes. I was in a black short summer dress.I lifted the dress up and the wound were my dad stabbed me was wrapped up. I pushed my dress back down. I touched my face. My busted lip was beginning to heal,and my swollen eye wasn't as swollen before. I looked at my arms. They were better.. The bruises were pretty bad but not as bad as before. It still hurt to breathe but I managed anyway. I got out of bed and limped towards the big woodenblack and gold doors."What happened to you? You looked like hell when I found you." I know that voice.I turned around or limped around and saw him again. The same heart breaking blue. My breathing stopped but immediately started to cough. I put my hand over my mouth then when I was finish coughing blood was on my hands. I looked up at the stranger with a apologetic face."S-sorry" He shook his head, it didn't seem like it disturbed him, more like itjust pained him to see it. "Where - where am I ?" I asked a little scared. Normally I would be the one who answers the questions while someone else asks them."My place" Then all of a sudden I remembered my bag. With the little food, money, and clothes that I had in it."Where's my bag? Sir please you have to give me my bag! I do anything if you just give me my bag!" I said, starting to panic."Calm down. Calm down. Your bag is downstairs""Can I go get it? Please sir?" The best way to stay on a man's good side is to show him that you are his for the taking and that you would not disrespect him inanyway. I learned that the hard way too. I bowed even though it hurt like hell,I still bowed to him for a show of respect.I saw his feet move toward me and I stiffened. He stopped for a second then he took slower steps. He's going to hurt me. I know it. Just accept your punishmentAlly I thought to myself. He was standing in front of me know and I was startingto shake from fear and from not being able to support my weight. I could support it just not for too much longer. I feltHands on m shoulders pushing them up. I cringed and shudder at his touch. He stopped and gently took my arms and pushed me so I was no longer bowing but standing up straight."I show you were your bags are" Then took my hand gently and led me out of the room and downstairs. I was shaking the whole way, men are kind one minute then threatening the next. "Are you alright?" He asked clearly concerned. That's strange. No one was ever concerned about me. Not even my own mother. How strange."I-I'm fine sir" I said keeping my head down staring at my feet. We were downstairs about a minute later and he handed me my bag. I quickly grabbed it and sunkto the floor. I looked through it. I check my wallet, food, clothes, everything.I sighed in relief. Everything was there."Are you living on the streets dear?" The stranger asked me. I jumped but immediately fell back down. He help me up and as soon as he was done I pulled away from him.He looked hurt but regained his expression.
"I have to go. My parents would be worried about me." I lied. They don't care about me even though I care about them."Your not going anywhere" he said. Then I ran, bearing the pain but before I could even make a turn he grabbed me around the waist. I cried out in pain. He instantly let go of me but to only hold me gently but firmly by the arm."you aren't going anywhere when your hurt like this!" he said but his voice wasgetting higher.I got on my knees and began to beg like I always did when I did something wrong."Please! Please! don't hurt me! don't hurt me!" I said but I started to cry nearthe end."What did you say?" He asked shocked once again."N-Nothing sir"" The name is Andrew. And stop talking to me like I'm your master. Get up" I didas I was told. But wether he knew of it or not, in the world I grew up in, menwere the masters."Why do you act this way?" He asked."How do you want me to act?""I want you to act how you want to act""You. . . You want me to do something . . . On my own will?" He nodded."It is your life" I didn't respond. I was too busy thinking about what my mothertold me.*flashback*It was during the summer. That night was cold for some strange reason. Nobody knew why but it just was. I ran down the stairs and told my mom what Frank did tome. He hit me and at the time I wasn't going to take that. I used to be stuck up, always put myself first, then family, then friends. I thought I was doing good. Because I would always try to do what would make everyone happy. And I used tobelieve that I would find love one day. That my prince charming, wether he wasthe ugliest person in the world or the richest, I believed that he was going tocome for me.One day wether it was on the worst day ever or the best day. I stillbelieved that he would come. Someday. My mom and I were arguing about what justhappened."It's my life ma! If I want to leave I will!" She slapped me."Its not your life. It's his. He can do whatever he wants with you. You mean nothing to anybody and no one and no thing would ever want you. Ever." That was thefirst time she had hit me."That's not true" I said. I know there is something or someone out there for me.There has to be. She smirked and called,"Frankie?!" He came downstairs and saw me in my pajamas. My booty shorts and tank top and he smiled."Yes dear?" He asked not taking his eyes off of me."Teach her a lesson. Do anything you want to her. I don't care." He smiled onceagain as my mother left the house."Looks like it's just you and me sweet cheeks." Then he started to come towardsme.*Reality*"Miss? Miss? Miss?!" I came back to reality with a jump. Andrew was shaking me.I didn't realized the pain because I was so numb. My face was very warm. I put my hands on my face and there was tears drenching my face. I also realized that Iwas biting my lip. And that blood was dripping down my chin. I released my lipand wiped my chin."S-Sorry ss-sir" His hands were still on my arms. I looked at them and shivered.He removed his hands with a frown."My name is Andrew." He muttered."Yes s- I mean Andrew""What is your name dear?""Ally" I said looking at my feet. My parents always told me that Ally was a stupid name. I'm guessing your thinking, why would they call it a stupid if they were the ones that named me. Well. . . I was born in some dude's crack house andmy

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