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Use of Force Policy 06

Use of Force Policy 06

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Published by citizeninv1

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Published by: citizeninv1 on Mar 01, 2010
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The purpose of this policy is to provide law enforce-ment officers of this agency with guidelines for the useof deadly and nondeadly force.
It is the policy of this law enforcement agency thatofficers use only the force that reasonably appears nec-essary to effectively bring an incident under control,while protecting the lives of the officer and others. Itmust be stressed that the use of force is not left to theunfettered discretion of the involved officer. This isnot a subjective determination. The use of force must be objectively reasonable. The officer must only usethat force which a reasonably prudent officer woulduse under the same or similar circumstances.
Deadly Force:
Any use of force that creates a sub-stantial risk of causing death or serious bodily harm.
Nondeadly Force:
Any use of force other than thatwhich is considered deadly force. This includes anyphysical effort used to control or restrain another, or toovercome the resistance of another.
Objectively Reasonable:
This term means that, indetermining the necessity for force and the appropri-ate level of force, officers shall evaluate each situationin light of the known circumstances, including, but notlimited to, the seriousness of the crime, the level of threat or resistance presented by the subject, and thedanger to the community.
A.Use of Deadly Force1.Law enforcement officers are authorized to usedeadly force when one or both of the followingapply:a.To protect the officer or others from what isreasonably believed to be a threat of deathor serious bodily harm. b.To prevent the escape of a fleeing violentfelon who the officer has probable cause to believe will pose a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the offi-cer or others. Where practicable prior todischarge of the firearm, officers shall iden-tify themselves as law enforcement officersand state their intent to shoot.B.Deadly Force Restrictions1.Officers may use deadly force to destroy an ani-mal that represents a threat to public safety, oras a humanitarian measure where the animal isseriously injured, when the officer reasonably believes that deadly force can be used withoutharm to the officer or others.2.Generally, warning shots should not be fired.3.Firearms shall not be discharged at a movingvehicle unless a person in the vehicle is immedi-ately threatening the officer or another personwith deadly force by means other than the vehi-cle. The moving vehicle itself shall not presump-tively constitute a threat that justifies an officer’suse of deadly force. An officer threatened by anoncoming vehicle shall move out of its pathinstead of discharging a firearm at it or any of itsoccupants.C.Use of Nondeadly Force1.Where deadly force is not authorized, officersmay use only that level of force that is objective-ly reasonable to bring an incident under control.2.Officers are authorized to use department-
Model Policy
Effective DateNumber
February 2006
Use of Force
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