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Free Trade Magazines and Downloads

Free Trade Magazines and Downloads

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Published by Raffi K
Free trade magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts for business professionals
Free trade magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts for business professionals

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Published by: Raffi K on Mar 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FeedJournal Basicfeedjournal.com2/22/2010 - 3/1/2010
Submitted at 2/23/2010 1:50:01 PM
For this reason, InTouch is pleased tooffer a complimentary copy of a neweBook, based in part on LeadGeneration for the Complex Sale, thepopular book published by McGraw-Hill.In Brian Carroll's new eBook, youwill learn how to develop high-volume, high-quality lead programsfor your company. Brian Carroll'svision is to profoundly change theway people collectively think aboutlead generation.“I've reached manypeople with my new book, my blogand the services of my company,”says Carroll. “But in order to reach aneven wider audience and make abigger difference in the world, Iwanted to publish a free eBook withsome of our best ideas. I show readerscritical success factors, such as wherecompanies and individuals shouldfocus their time to keep a constantflow of qualified leads in their salespipeline, as well as how to win newcustomers, accelerate growth andimprove your return on investmentthrough targeted prospects.”In Start With A Lead: Eight criticalsuccess factors for lead generation,Carroll highlights ways to improvedemand generation programs,including:Align sales and marketing efforts tooptimize the number of leadsAvoid lulls in the sales cycleDevelop universal lead definition(ULD) and ideal customer profile(ICP)Build, maintain, and, grow yourdatabaseMultimodal lead nurturingReady yourself for what's next -new and promising tacticsAnd moreDownload your copy today.NetLine Corporation, a premieronline lead generation servicesprovider for B2B marketers isoffering this eBook in partnershipwith InTouch. Request Free!
Submitted at 2/26/2010 5:20:01 PM
Download this white paper to findout how to connect technology tostrategies that support the evolutionof a CFO to a "wizard"— someonewho performs the role of trustedadvisor, prophet, sorcerer, and more.Understand how taking a fresh look atcurrent business processes and wiselychoosing which ones to improve canensure an escape from the transaction-focused bean counter role. The 5strategies include:Improving visibility and context of the data employees need to succeedIdentifying and resolving abusiness pain that is reducing profitsEnsuring financial goals andbusiness goals are linked—andattainedBeing a watchdog and vocalsupporter of projects that supportregulatory compliance (IFRS) andtechnology investment (XBRL)Empowering the organization:ensuring decisions can be made at theright levelsExplore why these topics are mostcritical in creating order and directionin a changing and sometimes chaoticbusiness climate, and also whichtechnologies can be most helpful inthe CFO's pursuit of success andimpact. Request Free!
Submitted at 2/25/2010 9:50:01 AM
Employee performance feedback. It'ssupposed to be the foundation forperformance, initiative, motivation,growth, and success. Too often,however, it backfires: producingdecreased performance, damagedrelationships, and lowered morale.Why?"Transforming EmployeePerformance Through EffectiveFeedback" exposes the 8 mostcommon mistakes leaders,executives, managers, andsupervisors make when givingemployee performance feedback. Itthen goes on to reveal:A proven six-step method forproducing positive performance.The single most deadly word youcan use with an employee.How to collaborate effectively withyour employees to see changehappen.The secret to keeping your keyemployees working at maximumproductivity.… and that's just the beginning! If you want to turn your staff into ateam of all-star performers,"Transforming EmployeePerformance Through EffectiveFeedback" is for you! Request Free!
Submitted at 2/25/2010 9:50:01 AM
Numerous memos but nocommunication. Inconsistent andreactive leadership. Crisis followingcrisis with no relief in sight.Does that scenario sound all-too-familiar? If so, there is hope – andhelp. Discover the three tools thatpulled the Margaret George Schoolfrom the brink of collapse andtransformed it in less than a year intoone of the "Best Places to Work"with:Improved management and staff communications.Streamlined day-to-day operations.Consistent, constructive employeeperformance feedback.Renewed vision and corporatedirection.If your company is struggling withstress, inefficiency, and frustration, "3Ways to Overcome an OrganizationalCrisis" is your guide to positivechange! Download your copy today! Request Free!
Submitted at 2/25/2010 1:50:01 PM
We weathered the economic stormand it looks like the proverbial sun iscoming out again. It's all good, right?But wait – this means an upswing innew clients, orders and shipmentsmay be just around the corner. You'vebeen hunkered down in maintenancemode for what seems like years – areyou sure your warehouse or DC isready for the recovery we've all beenanticipating?Learn how a three-step action plancan help get your warehouse ordistribution center ready toconfidently welcome an economicrecovery and all the challenges andrewards that come with it. Request Free!
2FeedJournal Basic
Submitted at 2/25/2010 9:50:01 AM
Great leaders are at the hub of everygreat business. Their companiesembody strategic vision, operationalexcellence, superior service, and –yes – outstanding revenue.This begs the question: can anyonebecome a great leader? "IncreasingBusiness Profitability ThroughLeadership Coaching" answers thatquestion as you discover how one-on-one coaching will:Enable you to flex your leadershipstyle to effectively manage anysituation.Help you increase your employees'motivation as you recognize andaddress their five core needs.Make you comfortable andconfident in resolving conflictsituations.Teach you how to use metrics andaccountability to improve yourcompany's bottom line.And there's more! To find out thefull array of skills that leadershipcoaching can bring you, download"Increasing Business ProfitabilityThrough Leadership Coaching"today! Request Free!
Submitted at 2/26/2010 5:20:01 PM
Integrated Business Planning (IBP)is a new term applied to alongstanding objective: to bringtogether and improve the accuracy of the disparate strands of forward-looking activities across a corporationin order to foster internal alignmentand enhance agility. The goal of IBPis to increase the organization'sfinancial return and improve itsstrategic position. Unlike manybusiness and technology three-letteracronyms, IBP means exactly what itsays: It's about planning (not justbudgeting) across an entire business(not just one department, businessunit or function) in an integratedfashion. IBP incorporates advancedplanning techniques, including driver-based planning, rapid planning cyclesand rolling-quarters time frames. Thepaper investigates the planningpractices and needs of individuals andorganizations as well as the potentialbenefits from improving their existingprocesses, information and systems.Written by: Ventana Research Request Free!
Submitted at 2/22/2010 5:20:01 PM
La función de ventas representa "lospies en la calle" que son directamenteresponsables de generar ingresos paralas organizaciones. Debido a sumodelo de entrega de desplieguerápido, las aplicaciones de CRM onDemand han abierto las puertas a lafuncionalidad de CRM a este grupode manera que responde a lasnecesidades diarias de los vendedoresy los requisitos empresariales de lasorganizaciones. Este documentotambién describe lo que Oracle puedeofrecer a las organizaciones enbúsqueda de soluciones CRM para lasventas, a través de un mecanismo deejecución flexible. Este documentotambien incluye un estudio de casosde clientes. Ademas incluye la visiónproporcionada por un participanteanónimo de una compañía depublicación grande donde se explorael proceso de decisión, el uso delproducto y los beneficios obtenidos atraves del uso de Oracle CRM OnDemand. Request Free!
Submitted at 2/25/2010 12:50:01 PM
La gestión del rendimientoempresarial (EPM) es más eficazcuando se aplica a toda laorganización. Sin embargo, unenfoque totalmente centralizado aEPM es poco realista en la mayoriade empresas grandes. Para lasempresas que tienen muchasdiferentes iniciativas de EPM enmarcha, un centro de excelencia deEPM puede ayudar a estandarizartecnologías y procesos paramaximizar el potencial de cadaproyecto de EPM.Algunas organizaciones crean uncentro de excelencia de EPM,mientras que otros se enfocan en uncentro de excelencia de BI. Decualquier manera, el objetivo es elmismo: permiten a las empresas a sermás inteligentes y más ágil yaumentan la alineación de laorganización. Request Free!
Submitted at 2/25/2010 5:50:00 PM
The workforce is more than theaggregate of all employees—theworkforce is the engine of operations.As your largest single controllableexpense and largest driver for valuecreation, your workforce as a wholemust be managed optimally. Thisworkforce optimization provides thetwo key ingredients of strategic HR.It provides the real-time labor inputfor core HR efforts, while alsoproducing the measurable businessimpact that HR needs to deliver.Leading HR organizations havedriven real returns by extending theirreach to the front lines of peopleprocesses. As investors increasinglyscrutinize measures like profit peremployee and labor cost as apercentage of revenue, the need forHR to measure its business impact indollars has never been more intense. Request Free!
Submitted at 2/23/2010 4:20:00 PM
Receive this FREE "SystemsFurniture" Buyer's Guide along withcomplimentary, no obligation pricequotes (via phone and email) frommultiple quality & independent officecubicle and systems furnitureproviders.Office cubicles - usually called"systems furniture" by dealers - havea less-than-stellar reputation amongworkers, but it does solve somecommon business problems. Officecubicles offer you a way to dividelarge, noisy office spaces into privatework areas without buildingpermanent walls. And because thereare so many options, it's not the kindof item you can easily choose from acatalog. Instead, you'll be better off working with a vendor who can helpyou design a system appropriate foryour space, business, and employees. Request Free!
Submitted at 2/23/2010 5:50:01 PM
The phenomenal growth in socialmedia has opened the door for allnew malicious intrusions from gangsof cyber criminals. Utilizing thetrusted relationships in socialnetworking and benefiting fromimmature security and contentcontrols, hackers are seeing increasedperformance in their attacks. This justreleased white paper from MX Logicdiscusses the dark side of socialnetworks and Web 2.0 and coversthree main areas:Malware Types & Threats,including the future of malware;Malware Distribution & Control,including bot propagation &sustainability and recent malwaremilestones;Detecting and combating malware. Request Free!
3FeedJournal Basic
Submitted at 2/26/2010 3:20:01 PM
In this white paper, you will gainvaluable information on howscientists and engineers at R&Dorganizations can:Easily access and aggregate bothstructured and unstructured data frommultiple research areas into a singleenvironmentConduct advanced scientificanalytics allowing them to integratethe applications and algorithms thatwork best for themView results in the manner mosteffective for their needsUnlock their data's true value bydelivering the precise informationthey need when and how they needthrough real time interactive reportsand dashboards.Learn how you can do this whilelimiting the burden on IT resources! Request Free!
Submitted at 2/25/2010 2:50:01 PM
Has the time come for VAT in theU.S? It is unclear, but one thing ISclear. In health care and tax reform,the conditions have never been moreappropriate to consider emulating thesuccessful experience of VAT seen inso many other nations. This articlediscusses:Reasons liberals and conservativeshave traditionally opposed the ideaHow federal budget deficits aredriving the conversation around VATHow VAT might impact taxdistribution in the U.S.Read this thought provoking articlefrom Thomson Reuters tax analystand VAT specialist, Diogo Denczuk,titled, " Is the U.S. Finally Ready forValue Added Tax?" to learn whyVAT may soon happen in the U.S. Request Free!
Submitted at 2/23/2010 4:20:00 PM
Receive this FREE "Trade ShowDisplay" Buyer's Guide along withcomplimentary, no obligation pricequotes (via phone and email) frommultiple quality & independent TradeShow Display providers.For many businesses, a trade showcan offer a simple and convenientway to target relevant buyers. Whenattending a trade show, the greatestchallenge can be rising above thevisual roar of neighboring booths.You need to convey your messageforcefully and effectively in just thefew seconds that someone spendswalking by your trade show booth.With a few simple additions tohighlight your company name andproducts, the right trade show boothcan create a lasting first impression. Request Free!
Submitted at 2/26/2010 3:20:01 PM
The use of Modeling & Simulationsoftware suggests a cumulative ROIof $3 to $9 for every $1 invested inscientific research. The mechanismsfor these gains are:Increased experimental efficiencyleading to the reduction of directresearch costsEfficiency gains leading to broaderand deeper exploration of solutionsand new productsFinancial gains by improving timeto market for new products or lineextensionsRevenue gains from the rescue of stalled product development projectsRisk management through safetytesting and failure analysis Request Free!
Submitted at 2/25/2010 12:50:01 PM
Descargue este documento gratuitohoy y aprenda cómo las soluciones degestión empresarial (EPM)de hoyproporcionan una planificaciónsólida, y modelaje de aplicacionesque pueden apoyar las funciones depresupuestación, planificación,previsiónes, modelos predictivos, y laplanificación de negocio integrada entodas las funciones de la empresa. Unsistema integrado de EPM puedeeliminar la dependencia de unaorganización en hojas de cálculo parasu proceso de planificación yprevisiónes, ofrecer más control yconfianza en el proceso, mejorar lasprevisiónes del negocio y la calidadde la orientación proporcionada a losinteresados internos y externos. Request Free!
Submitted at 2/25/2010 12:50:01 PM
Los procesos de gestión requierenflexibilidad, ya que abordanincertidumbres y los procesos puedendar una serie de resultados diferentes.Utilizando una "estrategia marco parael éxito" como su guía, su empresapuede establecer los procesos demejores prácticas que conducen a laexcelencia de gestión.Empresas que implementan el"marco para el exito" aplican unenfoque sistemático para lasactividades de gestión y aumentan laeficacia gerencial y operativa.Tambien obtienen una mejorcomprensión del impacto de lasdecisiones empresariales y seencaminan al éxito a largo plazo. Request Free!
Submitted at 2/25/2010 2:50:01 PM
Tax audits are increasing in pace,scope and severity as a result of theeconomic conditions. This paper:Discusses the new burden of transaction tax compliance, with aneye towards helping businessespreserve cash before, during and aftera tax audit.Examines the rising internal costsof compliance as a result of thecurrent economic downturn.Provides a roadmap for howcompanies can be proactive inpreserving precious cash as they meettheir mounting complianceobligations. Request Free!
Submitted at 2/23/2010 10:50:01 AM
Asi cómo las aplicaciones Web 2.0Twitter y Facebook han cambiado laforma en las que personas secomunican e interactúan dentro de lasredes sociales personales, losvendedores necesitan aplicacionescomparables que faciliten lacolaboración dentro de las redessociales de la empresa y de esamanera aumentar su eficacia en lasventas. Los vendedores necesitanaplicaciones que funcionen de lamanera mas simple y asi aumentar sueficacia en las actividadesfundamentales de trabajo diario. Request Free!

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