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Published by ismailp996262

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Published by: ismailp996262 on Mar 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ISLAM AT A GLANCE:THE INDEX OF THE BOOK:(1)Preface(2)Basic foundation of Islam(3)Islam’s prophet was an Inventor of Democracy(4)No Other religion except Islam is acceptable to Allah(5)True aqidah in Islam-A Path of Paradise(6)The Unique Creation of Allah: Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh)(7)Insight of Islam and Spiritual Stations(8)Reply to disbelievers about their misconceptions in Islam(9)Reply to an atheist by an Islamic Scholar by a slap(10)The true death time event of Fakhruddin Razi (RA)(11)Huqooqul Ibad: Rights of a Muslims upon fellow Muslims: The Ideal Islamic SocialWelfare(12)Every coming time is worse than the present time (Bukhari Shareef)(13)Tawakkal Ala Allah (The Trust on Allah)(14)Level of Shirq and Halal/Haram of Music and Sajada-e-Tazim(15)Innovation: The term used in Islam to refrain from(16)Moon Sighting (The Crescent looking)(17)Durud and Salaam for the Prophet (sav)(18)The Friends of Allah(19)Practices in Islam(20)Protection of the earned virtues, merits and good deeds(21)Tabarrukat of Prophets and Friends of Allah and Its respect
(22)The Power of Friends of Allah is greater than the Jinn and Satan(23)The Shrines of Friends of Allah can be made Place of Prayer: derived from Al Quran(24)Difference between the Sinners and the misguided followers(25)The Ideals of a True believer (26)Iman, Islam and Ehsaan(27)What is the Aim of our life in this world: The Philosophy of the Death(28)The Muslim cannot marry to disbeliever until Islam is accepted(29)Prophet Mohammed (sav) is Noor-The Light(30)Celebration of Milad (Birth day of Prophet-sav)(31)Al Furqan: A Clear differentiating book between the Truth and the FalsehoodISLAM: A UNIVERSAL RELIGION:Allah’s name to begin with, the most generous the merciful.PREFACE: WHY TO CHOOSE ISLAM?Islam is considered as a universal religion. It is the only religion on the earth for whichAllah told in Quran “Near Allah, the only religion is Islam” So, all other religions arenow forbidden by Allah. Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) is considered as a leader of allProphets and a seal of the Prophets and mercy for whole universe. The religion has two purposes. To establish humanity and universal brotherhood and live in this world peacefully and to reach to divine court of Allah and his messenger (Prophet) by practiceof prayers, meditation, submission and contentment and patience.I read one of the Hindu website. They want to promote the Hindu religion. Everybodywants to protect ones religion. But actually religion has taken the existence to savehumanity. So, religion is for human being. Now from the Hindu website, it clearlyindicates that they make open aggressive statements against other religions. They arehurting them. So, actually, they are not serving to their own religion.All the religions taught us the way to reach at the almighty Allah (God). But even Allah(God) has sent so many messengers to show the right path and to guide towards the right path. Now when one messenger comes on the earth, due to his noble and kind efforts, theworld gets the peace. After the demise of the messenger or saint, the kind effect of theworld slowly and slowly goes on deteriorating until very crudeness (cruelty) takes the place. Sins are then increased to its high peak. Then almighty Allah has to send next
messenger to improve the world. This system worked until the last messenger andProphet Mohammed (peace be upon him) arrived. It must be noted that the messenger of Allah is directly connected to almighty Allah whereas the saint is connected to Allahthrough messenger of Allah. In Islam, there exist uncountable number of saints, knownand unknown. But all of the Islamic saints are connected to Allah through (via)messenger Prophet Mohammed(pbuh).It must be noted that when the messenger is sent, he brings laws of Allah with him whichhe orders the worldly people to follow. These rules can be different for different prophets.But when next prophet arrives with latest rules to follow, the previous prophet’s rules arereplaced by new prophet’s rules. Not necessarily that all the rules are changed. Somerules are modified. The system of following the rules of the freshly sent prophet is justlike our parliament law making. When a new modified law comes, it automaticallyreplaces the previous law. In this way, it is worth noting that the latest laws are thosewhich were brought by the last prophet who is Mohammed (peace be upon him). So, allthe people must follow the laws given by Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh). Hence theMuslims follow the ultimate and final laws given by Islam. Those not believing in theserules are called infidels. This word is given by Allah.Islam has come into existence from one person who is messenger of Allah and whosename is Mohammed (Pbuh). You must recognise him that his single being was able toconvince the system of Allah. So, I don't want to tell about his super natural matters.The great miracle was that he had no shadow of his own body against any light like sunrays or lantern light. He was totally light then how can a light form its own shadow. Thesecret reason behind this was, in fact, Allah did not want to even insult to the shadow of his beloved prophet Mohammed (Pbuh). It is natural that if anybody is standing in hotsun, he must have his shadow on the ground and some other person can walk over hisshadow. Think, when the Allah did not like the shadow of his beloved prophet be insultedlest one should walk over even unknowingly. The present time is a time in which theAllah almighty has given dominance to Satan, the evil, and hence cartoons of such a pious Prophet are made! Otherwise, no good people can even think of such a bad idea for so great Prophet.More than 1430 years passed after the passing of Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) from thisworld, the evil has raised its peak killing humans by humans. This is prophetMohammed (Pbuh) for whom, kalki avtaar was told of. Even a book has been published by a Hindu pandit giving logical proofs, who is working in a University in Uttar Pradesh.You people must consider this thing into account.It is against logic that a very small group can give torture to a big majority. When Islamwas rising, only a few people started to accept it. Those few can be counted by fingers.How can it be possible that those few were able to oppress to uncountable vast majorityand conquered and gave rise to Islam? In fact, it was a divine power which worked.Even now a day, the miracles happen from the graves of holy saints of Islam. I haverecorded video of their miracles. So, Islam is a great religion. By practicing Islam, Ihave awakened my kundalini and running it full flow. In Islam the kundalini awakening

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