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t h e CA Non

t h e CA Non

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Published by api-26008095

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Published by: api-26008095 on Mar 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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the canon
in new orleans, they like to do things theirown way. judging by this famous variationon the old-fashioned, that way may be theright way. sazerac 6yr rye whiskey, thecrescent city’s own peychaud’s bitters, abit of sugar - and a glass rinsed with agreen bitter liquid that shall remainnameless.
the oldest cocktail, and still one of thebest. nothing more than a slug of goodwhiskey on the rocks, with a couple ofdashes of bitters, a little sugar, and atwist of lemon peel to take the edge off.sometimes the simplest things work best.we make ours without the “garbage” - thefruit salad with which the noble oldwarhorse is so often weighed down.
this classic joint reminds us of all that’staboo in this second oldest ofprofessions. two of the original forbiddenfruits, apple and pomegranate together inone tart, pink, home wrecker of a cocktail.laird’s bonded applejack, grenadine and alittle lemon juice. pucker up.
gie him strong drink until he wink,that's sinking in despair;an' liquor guid to fire his bluid,that's prest wi' grief and care;there let him bouse, an' deep carouse,wi' bumpers flowing o'er,till he forgets his loves or debts,an' minds his griefs no more.scotch whisky, sweet vermouth,benedictine, bitters
it’s hard to resist a cocktail with anautical theme (or scatological referencefor that matter). this classic cocktailblends cognac, port wine, and blackberrybrandy, making for smooth sailing onstormy seas. overindulgence, however,could send a wave up over your stern.
hey, it gets hot in here, real hot, like, neworleans hot. accordingly, we have a greatreverence for the contributions ofthecrescent city to cocktail culture. thisbracing 1938 nod to the french quartercombines rye whiskey, cognac, sweetvermouth, angostura and peychaudbitters, served up and ice cold. just becareful when leaving the bar as the foghas a way of reminding you where you reallyare, which may not be such a bad thingafter all.
both peru and chile lay claim to thisnational treasure. not that we’re takingsides or anything but...we like to serveours “a lo peruano”. montesierpe piscowith lime juice, sugar, and egg white, withjust a dash of angostura bitters.refreshing, delicious, and addicting.something you might not want to share withyour neighbor, either. so tell themto order their own.
a classic story of love, desire, and tragicdeath gave this equally classic cocktail itsmoniker. scotch whiskey, cherry brandy,sweet vermouth and fresh orange juiceserved ice cold and up. alluring as ritahayworth, but this femme fatale kicks like abull. toro!
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