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SFC Christian Life Program

SFC Christian Life Program

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Published by kagekawaii
Team Manual for CLP
Team Manual for CLP

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Published by: kagekawaii on Mar 02, 2010
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The Christian Life Program (CLP) is an integrated course intended to lead the programparticipants into a renewed understanding of and response to God's call to them as Christiansingles. The program has a total of 13 separate sessions, usually held once a week.Goals of the CLPSpecifically, the CLP is intended to achieve the following:1. Bring the participant to repentance and a renewed faith in Jesus.2. Empower the participant in the Christian life through baptism in the Holy Spirit.3. Integrate the participant into a strong environment of support and ongoing formation.Content of the CLPThe CLP starts with an orientation session, then goes into 3 modules of 4 sessions each.The first module presents the absolute basics of Christian life. The second module presents thekind of life that God calls us to, and helps singles to make a reorientation of their lives aroundJesus. The third module helps the singles to appropriate for their lives the power of the HolySpirit, and provides the basis for continuing spiritual growth.The topics of the sessions are:Module 1: THE BASIC TRUTHS ABOUT CHRISTIANITY1. God's love2. Who is Jesus Christ?3. What it means to be a Christian4. Repentance and faithModule 2: THE AUTHENTIC CHRISTIAN LIFE5. The Christian ideal: loving God6. Loving your neighbor7. The Christian family8. Life in the Holy SpiritModule 3: LIVING A SPIRIT-FILLED CHRISTIAN LIFE9. Receiving the power of the Holy Spirit10. Growing in the Spirit11. The life and mission of SFC12. Transformation in ChristSFC PFO. March 21, 1997. 72 pages.
ORIENTATION SESSIONGOAL : To present a relationship with Jesus as the only way out of the sorry state of the worldtoday and to offer the audience a concrete way of entering into that relationshipthrough the CLP and ultimately an ongoing involvement in SFC.Expanded outlineA. Introduction.1. Why should we take time and effort to participate in a program such as this? To answerthat, we have to consider first why Jesus himself came into this world.2. Luke 4:16-21. Jesus proclaims his mission.a) The salvation promised by God was to be fulfilled in and through him. He was toannounce the good news of God's reign (Lk 4:43).b) His mission is for all. His proclamation is timeless. The promise applies to us too.B. Do we understand Jesus' message? If for us, how have we received his offer of salvation?1. Jesus refers to four kinds of people. Do we recognize ourselves among them?a) The poor. These are those who live lives apart from God.b) The captives. We can be in captivity to things, desires and ideas of no real worth.We can be slaves to money, power, work, achievements--those things the worldvalues.c) The blind. We can be blinded by prejudices, pride, wrong self-image, false ideals andideologies. We often do not recognize the things that are of real value.d) The oppressed. We can be oppressed by our bondages--to unrighteous relationships;to hatred or intolerance; to greed and immorality in business; to fears, worries,anxieties, insecurities; to alcohol, drugs, illicit sex.2. But Jesus came precisely to bring salvation to us in all these areas.a) He brings glad tidings to the poor. What is of real value is the good news of salvationand a real relationship with God.
 3b) He proclaims liberty to captives. Jesus can free us from our captivity to worldlythings that are of no true and lasting worth.c) He gives sight to the blind. With Jesus, we will never be in darkness, unable to see.John 8:12.d) He lets the oppressed go free. Only Jesus can truly set us free from our bondages.C. But are we experiencing today the salvation that Jesus offers? Do we have spiritualabundance, are we living in freedom, do we see with God's eyes?1. What do we see in the world today? Moral degeneration in all levels of society.a) Upsurge in sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, perversity.b) Rampant greed and dishonesty.c) Workaholics leaving no room for God.d) Alarming break-up of families due to a lack of commitment of spouses.e) Spiritual blindness, giving rise to man-made religions and cults.2. Why are Christians behaving like this in the modern world?a) Superficially, one may point to "economic hard times" as the reason. When times arehard, people look for concrete things which can help them.* Bribing in order to win a contract.* Alcohol, drugs and illicit sex to cover up difficulties.* Turning to the occult for good luck.b) Others point to sociological reasons.* If everyone is doing it, it must be OK.* In society today, there is a lack of objective moral norms for right conduct.c) But these can only be partially correct. Because we see that throughout history,especially for the early Church, Christians did not easily trade off their Christianvalues, even in the face of imprisonment, pain and death.d) Thus we can only conclude that the Christianity we know today is no longer the samebrand of Christianity as the one the early Christians knew. Our Christianity today islacking in power and effectiveness.

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