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1. Which Command Will Display the Settings

1. Which Command Will Display the Settings

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Published by Morosanudaniel91

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Published by: Morosanudaniel91 on Mar 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Which command will display the settings of the routers ARP cachelearned through the Ethernet interface?Show arp Note: * You cannot list arp cache based on interface, however the ARPcache does display the interface the address was learned on.2.Which of the following commands can be run from user level?Show usersShow pppShow version
How would you set the 3
port, on the supervisor module installed inslot 1 on a Cisco 5000 to high priority?There is no such available setting in the Cisco Switching IOS Note: *This is a trick question, the supervisor module only has twointerfaces, so you could never have a third interface. However if thesupervisor module had three interfaces the proper syntax would be set portlevel 1/3 high.4.How many classes of addresses are available for use on the internet?35.Identify the correct classifications of address classes: (2)D – used for broadcastingE – used for testingtype the command to instruct the router to load the IOS from Read OnlyMemory? boot system rom6.Identify the statement which would permit only smtp mail to accessthe host 101 permit tcp any eq smtpAccess-list 101 deny ip any any7.What is the correct netmask (in decimal dot notation) for the address209.76.25.1/26255.255.255.1928.What is the correct network address for the host is the correct broadcast address for the host usinga netmask of
10.Which routing protocols are classful?
type the command to instruct the router to load the IOS from the filenamed “ios11.2.img” saved on flash? boot system flash ios11.2.img12.What which of the following is an invalid host address using anetmask of designing a network you can typically use the80/20 rule14.Identify the true statements about the following portion of an accesslist (2):Access-list Ip 101 deny ip any eq 23
This access list filters telnet access
This access list prevents any telnet traffic from
this is how it appears on the exam, however we should point out that youcannot filter IP packets based on port number. The correct version of thefilter would read:ip 101 deny tcp any eq 2315.A ISDN BRI circuit can be described as a
16.On an ISDN circuit the D channel speed is16kbps17.On Cisco catalyst 5000 how would you set the second port on thecontroller in the first slot to full duplex?Set port duplex ½ full18.Identify the true statements (2)Store and forward switching creates variable latency through the switchCut through switching works at wire speed19.Choose the best answers: Which of the following is the session layer concerned with? (2)Managing exchanges of data between presentation layer entitiesEstablishing, managing and and terminating sessions20.Which ISDN specification series deals with the concepts andterminology surrounding ISDN? (1)
I Series21.Identify which access list valid? (1)Access-list 101 permit ip host of the following options makes sure a routing packet never leaves the same interface it was learned from?Split horizon23.Which command shows all serial interfaces with IPX configured?Show ipx interface serial24.Which command shows what static IP to name entries have beencreated?Show hosts25.What does the command “CDP Timer 150” do?Configures the rate at which CDP packets are sent26.Which command would set the encrypted secret password to CISCO?Enable secret cisco27.How can you get to user exec mode from the console?Press the enter key on the keyboard28.How do you get more flash memory in a 2500 series router? (2)Call your local cisco sales representativeDelete extra unused images from the router 29.Which of the following are valid IPX addresses? (1)4a.0000.0c00.23fe30.Which of the following protocols are connection oriented?
*This was a tricky question, IP includes UDP which is NOT connectionoriented, even though BGP is not on the objectives, you would have to selectit by process of elimination31.What is the purpose of ARP?Resolves IP addresses to mac address32.The command to turn off enhanced editing :
33.Choose the correct definations matching the Transport Level: (Choose3)*TCP - Provides Flow Control and Error Checking*UDP - Provides Connectionless datagams service

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