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Sanitation in an Emergency

Sanitation in an Emergency

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Published by Valerie
When disaster strikes be ready to keep your home, body and food clean.
When disaster strikes be ready to keep your home, body and food clean.

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Published by: Valerie on Mar 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What will you do if your sewer line is broken?
How are you going to keep disease from spreading?Mostly what’s needed are regular household cleaning supplies – just be sure to have lots on hand!
Home toilets may be unusable & going in the bushes quickly promotes diseases. A simple solution is a 5 or 6 gal. plasticbucket lined with a plastic bag with a snap on toilet seat. Then transport the waste to a central dumping hole or station.
For One Toilet you Need:
There are many styles of
“Porta Pottys” 
thatcan be purchased at emergency & camping stores and inlarge stores with a camping section (
Luggable Loo 
bucket& seat lid -$15), or you can purchase the Lid only!
Plastic Bags
– 30 to 50 heavy duty bags,
(10-15 gal.)
– can remove center cardboard & wrap in plasticto keep dry & pack more in bucket4.
Hand Sanitizer
or wet wipes – for clean up
Kitty litter
1 bottle, sprinkle small amount to help withsmell, or
fill with 3” of sawdust after eachuse to reduce orders, absorb and help withdecomposition
Rubber Gloves
– 2 pair, use as you dispose ofthe bag & clean off the lid with disinfectant!7.
Privacy curtain
- shower curtain or tarp & a
– for cleaning off the toilet seat lid!
All the items can be Stored in the Bucket!!
A key to disease control is to
keep the lid on tight
when not in use!!
Using rubber gloves, carefully remove the bag,minimize the air content, and tie it securely for disposal. Thebag can be stored in a covered & lined Trash Can until disposalservice is resumed. An alternative way to dispose of the bag isto bury it in a remotely located hole, 50 ft. from water source,3 feet deep. The same hole can be used for several bags. Coverhole when not in use and burry 12” from top with earth.
After each use pour in a disinfectant & closetightly!
Store Plenty Of:
Lysol, Pinesol, Mr. Clean, 409 etc. – use what you like
Soap – Liquid hand cleaner
(bars spread disease),
dish, Laundry
Rubber Gloves - for those nasty jobs, at least 4 pair
Spray Bottles – use for disinfectants
Rags – old t-shirts, sponges, rags, old towels or sheets
Variety of Cleaning Supplies:
What supplies do you clean with
This is what you should store - you know how to use them! Stock up!!
Bucket – to carry around supplies
take a month & count how many you use (keep amarker by the box and mark each time) store 3 mon. supply
Feminine Pads
– take a month & count how many you usestore a 3month supply (at least)
Disposable Diapers & Wipes
(for your babies)
Baby Wipes
– make a great “
shower in a box 
Paper plates & utensils & cups
(saves lots of water)
Plastic Grocery Bags & Garbage Bags
Plastic Buckets or 
to store
all yoursanitation supplies - Store Feminine Hygiene in one bucket,diapers in another bucket – etc. Now stack in the garage
Buckets Clearly!
free buckets 
from your grocer bakery or largerCostco/Sam’s club, they give frosting & sour cream buckets
Use a
Garage ceiling hanger/shelf 
to store all your sanitation buckets on!
mergency TEmergency TEmergency TEmergency Toiletoiletoiletoilet
SaniSaniSaniSanitation Supplies to have on Hand  tation Supplies to have on Hand  tation Supplies to have on Hand  tation Supplies to have on Hand Don’t Forget!Don’t Forget!Don’t Forget!Don’t Forget!
There are many.
, use ¼cup bleach to 1 quart water. Other commercial disinfectantsinclude HTH, or calcium hypochlorite, which is available atswimming pool supply stores, also portable toilet chemicals areavailable through recreational vehicle supply stores.
: will help to control odor; it stops mold, fungus or mildewand is a natural whitener.
3% Hydrogen Peroxide
(put in spraybottle, no water added) is an antiseptic and a cleaning agent forminor cuts and abrasions. To disinfect toilet seat, just spray iton and wipe off.
White Distilled Vinegar:
(put in a small spraybottle, no water added) it kills bacteria, mold and germs. Todisinfect toilet seat, just spray it on and wipe it off.
Get Organized!Get Organized!Get Organized!Get Organized!

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