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Master and Mastership - Murtada Mutahhari

Master and Mastership - Murtada Mutahhari

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Published by Political Islamism
In this book, the late Professor Mutahhari discusses the meaning of wala and wilayah in the context of politics and statecraft from a Shi'ite perspective.
In this book, the late Professor Mutahhari discusses the meaning of wala and wilayah in the context of politics and statecraft from a Shi'ite perspective.

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Published by: Political Islamism on Mar 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Master and Mastership
 by Martyr Ayatullah Murtada MutahhariPublished by: Islamic Seminary Publications Chapter 1
Chapter 2
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Chapter 7
Root Word
The words, Wala, Walayat, Wilayat, Waly, Mawla, Awlaand the like have been derivedfrom the same root, viz. Waly. The various forms of this root-word and its derivatives are themost oft-recurring words in the Holy Qur'an. It is said that they have been used 124 times inthe form of a noun and 112 times in the form of a verb.The original meaning of this root-word as mentioned by Raghib in his lexicon "MufradatulQur'an" is one thing taking place by the side of another in such a way that there is nodistance between them i.e. if two things are placed side by side in such a manner that there isno other thing between them the root-word 'Waly' is used. For example, if some persons aresitting side by side with one another and we wish to mention the manner and order in whichthey have taken their seats we say that Zayd is the head of the assembly and i.e. Amr issitting by Zayd without there being any distance between them and similarly Bakr is sittingby Amr without there being any distance between them.That is why this root-word is naturally used for nearness and proximity also, both physicaland figurative. And again for this very reason it has been used in the sense of friendship,love, patronage, guardianship, control etc., because all these conceptions involve some sortof contact and proximity.A number of meanings have been given for this root word and its derivatives. For example,some 27 meanings of the word Mawla have been given. It is obvious that originally it wasnot coined for all of them and could not have more than one original meaning. Othermeanings are to be obtained from contextual indications.This word has been used in the case of material and corporeal matters as well as in the caseof spiritual and abstract matters, but in the beginning it has admittedly been used inconnection with material matters and has also been used in spiritual matters by way of likening contemplative with perceptible or by way of abstraction of the meaning of perceptible from its material and palpable characteristic. This is so because whether it befrom the point of view of an individual during his lifetime or from the point of view of human society during its history the attention of man has always been directed towardsperceptible things before he has reflected rationally. After perceiving palpable meanings andconcepts man has gradually moved towards spiritual meanings and concepts. And naturallyhe has used and employed the same words which he first utilized in connection with material

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