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Brother's Always Know

Brother's Always Know



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Published by Anna
Bella is the best snowboarder in the world her brother Emmet comes down with his friend, Edward starts to fall for her, what will EEmmet do about it can Bella ever trust a guy after her bad past with men
Bella is the best snowboarder in the world her brother Emmet comes down with his friend, Edward starts to fall for her, what will EEmmet do about it can Bella ever trust a guy after her bad past with men

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Published by: Anna on Mar 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I was talking to my little sister. Bella McCarthy. She wasthe best little sister a guy could ask for. She was al sportyand loved to play them most snowboarding but she liked otherthings to she sometimes could be really girly like wanting to goshopping or reading a book.We were both very rich our parents died when I was 18and she was 17. It was really hard on both of us but we stillhad each other. Our parents left us over 10 million dollarswhen they died. We lived on our own. Mostly Because I was 18and legally an adult.“Bella, don’t worry we will be there. I wouldn’t miss seeing you kick those guys asses for the world and get off the phoneI see you on the TV and your still on the phone hurry up byelove you.” I said. She hung up. She looked at the camera thatwas recording her and winked. Same old little sister. She wasa professional snowboarder in the Olympics. He was going forthe gold on her first year. She was only 18. I knew she coulddo it she had the best angels watching over her.I was sitting on the couch with my girl friend rose, mybest friend jasper and his girl friend Alice and her brotherEdward who is also my best friend. None of them really metmy sister only Rose. They got along really good they were likesisters.
“So Bella what are you going to do
you win the gold.”The reporter asked. They were always trying to give her ahard time just because she was so young. But man was mysister tough.
I win, I’m going with my Brother Emmet to myBeach house in California.” She said. Smirking at the reporter.Yeah, she was really cocky and stubborn. I laughed that wasmy little sister.“Dude Emmet your little sister is funny. Come on peoplewe have to leave I plane leaves in forty minutes.” Jasper said.We all got up and got our bags that’s when I saw Edward stillwatching the screen. Awe Eddie must have a little crush onBella. I smirked they would do good together. I wonder.“Edward dude come on we’re going to miss our flight” I yelled. He got up and walked to get his bags. I wonder if Icould help little Eddie get with Bella I would need Everyone’shelp.“I can’t wait to see Bella again I missed her so much wecould go shopping again.” Rose said. I smiled I’m so glad theyget along. If they didn’t that would be a huge mess becauserose could get really mean.“me either rose you know how much I love my Bellaboo”she laughed. Me and Bella had spieciel names for each other it
was really cool. We all got into our cars me, rose, Alice and jasper in one and Edward in the other. This was the time tosay my plan.“did you guys see the way Edward was looking at Bella onthe TV” I asked. They all nodded. Then I took a deep breath.“I never seen Edward look at someone like that and I knowthat he likes Bella already mostly Because that’s the way jazzlooks at Alice and I look at Rosalie, so can you help me getthem together.” I asked. They all looked at me in awe. I knewme helping my best friend get with my sister was weird butshe needed someone and I knew that Rose helped me a lotthen I was hurt. She needed this.“Emmet that’s so sweet but where is this all comingfrom.” Rosalie asked. I smiled down at her.“Rose I was so hurt when my parents died but when youcame along you helped me a lot after that I always knew youwere the one.” I told her. She looked like she had a tear in hereye.“ok Emmet, we are all in for your plan. So why will it behard getting them together.” Jazz asked. I looked at him andsmirked.“My little sis doesn’t like men that much well she likesthem but she has a bad history of them. And no she isn’t a

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