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13261626 Fourth Periodical Test Grade v[1]

13261626 Fourth Periodical Test Grade v[1]



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Published by xiansx
periodical exam
periodical exam

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Published by: xiansx on Mar 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 NAME: __________________________________________ SCORE:__________ Direction: Read each sentence/question carefully then write the letter of the correct answer. ____1.The ____ are having a meeting. a. woman b. women ____2. The _____ make noise when someone gets near them a. goose b. geese ____3. _______ cap was given to him by his uncle.a. Carlosb. Carloss ____4. The department store sells ______ dresses.a. children b. children’s c. childrens ____5. The man __ came here is my cousin a. that b. who c. which ____6.Nilo ____ made the beautiful star a. myself b. herself c. himsel ____7.Did you visit them last month? a. No, I did. b. Yes, I didn’t c. No, I didn’t ____8.He wrote you, didnt he? a. Yes he didnt b. No, he didn’tc. No, he did. ____9.The sun _ in the east a. rise b. rises c. rose ____10.I _____ read in my room when I was in grade two.a.used to b. uses to c. using to ____11. The pupils _____ in the yard when they were small.a.use to play b. used to plays c. used to play ____12. The girls ___ a folk dance tomorrow.a.is going to perform b. are going to perform c. are going to performs ____13. I ___ some plants for my garden next Saturday.a.is going to buy b. are going to buys c. am going to buy ____14._____ the lights when they are not in use.a.Put on b. Put up c. Put of ____15. Mt. Apo is ___ Mt. Mayon.a. tallb. taller c. tallest ____16.Mt. Everest is the _________ in the world. a. tall b. taller than c. tallest ____17. “The boy needs help,” said Nita. This sentence is transformed as ______.a.Nita said the boy needs help. b.The boy said Nita needs help.c.The boy helps Nita. ____18. “Mother cooks good food for us always”. This sentence when changed into a question becomesa.Does mother cooks good food for us always? b.Does good food mother cooks for us always?c.Does cook good foods mother for us always?Select the meaning of the name/underlines word from the choices below. Write only the letter of thecorrect answer. ____19.The pre- test is given to pupils during enrollment. When is the test given?a.Beginning of the school year b. middle of the school year c. end of the year  ____20.The clay hardens when dried.a.Melts b. become soft c. becomes hard ____21.Ants store food during the dry season.a.A place where one buys some things b.To keep for future usec.Things or amount saved for use in the future. ____22. Mother runs a sari- sari store.a.Manages b. a quick movement c. tear in a stocking ____23. Their journey to Manila was long yet very exciting.a.Trip b. sleep c. ride ____24.Swim in the shallow stream. Don’t go top the ____ river.a.Tall b. high c. deepRead the selections carefully and answer the questions after them. ____25.Father is a farmer. He has a carabao. He goes to the field.Which is the best heading for the set of sentences above?a.A Farmer b. A Carabao c. The Fields ____26.They’re writing a letter. They’re reading a book. They’re solving problems in Math.The best heading for these sentences is __________.a.School Work b. House Chores c. Children at Work 
 ____27.Which sentence is the topic sentence?a.Sentence 1 b. Sentence 2 c. Sentence 4 ____28.There are two sentences thatdon’t go with the topic. Which are these two?a.Sentence 1 b. sentence 2 c. sentence 3 ____29. a. Sentences 4 b. sentence 5c. sentence 6 ____30.The correct sequence of the sentences is _____________.a.1 2 3 4 b. 1 4 3 2 c. 1 3 4 2 ____31. .What’s a good ending for the story?a. The crabs reached Noli’s home safely. b.Mother was very angry with Nolic.Mother cooked a delicious crab dish. ____32.What kind of a boy is Noli?a.Foolish b. bright c. wise ____33.What is the mood expressed in the following selections?a.Happy b. sad c. angry ____34.a.Sorry b. excited c. frightened ____35.What conclusions can you give about the following?
1. Dogs are man’s nest friends. 2 They help him in a variety of ways. 3. The pull sleds and carts forhim. 4. They protect him and his possessions. 5. They can be trained to so some tricks.1.My mother will celebrate her birthday onMonday.2.My sister and I will buy a present for her.3.My sister will see the movie in town.4.We will give her a book.5.There is visitor in the sala.6.We hope she will like it.1.Noli want to market with mother.2.Noliewanted to pick some guavas.3.On the way Noli and mother passed a big tree.4.He wanted to buy crabs for dinner.Mother bought three big crabs. She told Noli to take them home. Noli left thecrabs walk alone down the roadThe father looked closely at the wounds of his dog. It was badly beaten by theirneighbor. He closed his right fist tightly as he held his dog with his left hand.Two girls heard a loud crashing sound from behind them. They turned to look.Tow passenger jeeps bumped each other. Many passengers were wounded. The girlsbecame weak. They were ______.Several books were lost. None of the children got them. Cely is one of thechildren and she is only a child.
a. Cely is innocent b. Cely is careless c. Cely is not trustworthy ____36.a.The de Jesus family is rich b.The de Jesus family is intelligent.c.The de Jesus family needs the car for emergency purposes and faster mobility ____37.One must know the rules when playing a game. This is a ___________.a.Fact b, opinion c. fantasy ____38. Men are the stronger sex.a.Fact b. opinion c. fantasy ____39. You want to know who won in the PBA tournament. Which part of the newspaper will youread?a.Classified ads b. feature page c. sports section ____40. Where can you get information about the countrys agricultural products?a. Atlas b. Encyclopedia c. DictionaryArrange the jumbled letters in each group to form the correct word. ____41. e y r e g o n t m n ______________________________  ____42. h a r l b y i d ______________________________ Read the sentences and arranged them in correct order. Write 1 for the first sentence, 2 for the next andso on. ____43.He reads almost anything. ____44.He takes something to read wherever he goes. ____45.Earl reads a lot. ____46.He reads magazines, encyclopedias, maps and any material he sees.47 – 50. You are going to have a birthday party. Writer an invitation letter to your friend. Observecorrect formant, punctuation and capitalization.
All the families in our community own cars. The de Jesus family owns a car.There are no buses passing by their places.

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