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Fourth Periodical Test Science v Direction: Read

Fourth Periodical Test Science v Direction: Read

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Published by xiansx

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Published by: xiansx on Mar 03, 2010
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Direction: Read each item carefully. Select the best/correct answer. Write the letterof your answer sheet.1.Which system enables human belongs and animals to produce offspring?a.Digestive b. circulatory c. reproductived. skeletal2.In what part of the female reproductive organ does an embryo or unborn fetusdevelop?a.Ovary b. fallopian tube c. uterus d. cervix3.Read statements I – IV. Which of these practices show proper care and hygienefor the reproductive organs?I.Use clean underwear.II.Wash genitals with soap and water regularlyIII. Change underwear daily.IV.Swim in an untreated swimming pool.a.I, II, III b. I and II only c. III and IV only d. I, II, IV4.The following are physical changes that young girls experience during puberty.Which is not?a.Adams apple becomes noticeable c. hips become widerb. Increase in height d. having menstruation5.Which is the correct path of air after it enters the nasal cavity?a.Pharynx – trachea – lungs – bronchib.Pharynx – trachea – bronchi – lungsc.Lungs – bronchi - trachea – pharynxd.Trachea – pharynx – bronchi – lungs6. The function of the respiratory system is directly related to the circulatorysystem. Why? Because ___.a.Eating food is an important as breathing.b.Both systems have almost similar function.c.Respiration includes taking oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide.d.Respiration includes the process of taking oxygen needed by the cells inthe body.7.Which of these is are good health habits for the respiratory system?a.Eat a balanced dietb.Drink much water and fruit juices.c.Have sufficient rest and sleep.d.All of the above.8.What happens when your kidneys will not function?a.Undigested food cannot be defecated.b.There will be saturation of uric acid in the urine.c.Heart cannot transport food nutrients to the different parts of the body.d.Liquid wastes in the blood cannot be filtered and excreted from the body.9.What part of the urinary system stores urine temporarily in the body?a.Urethra b. kidney c. urethra d. urinary bladder10. How does the skin eliminate liquid wastes?a.Sweat glands are squeezed by the capillaries.b.Urine is distributed in the different pores of the skin.c.Excess water are eliminated from the stomach and out of the skin.d.Liquid wastes are diffused from the capillaries to the sweat glands thatexcrete sweat.11. Read statements I – IV. Which statements are good habits in caring for theurinary sytem?I.Control urinationII.Exercise regularlyIII.Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.IV.Eat salty and fat- rich food.a.I and II b. II and III c. III and IV d. I and IV
12.Fish and mollusks inhabit the oceans and lakes. Cows and carabao, and otherdomesticated animals live on land. Parasites live at the expense of their host.What does this show? Animals ___________________.a.Live in places where they can be fully protected.b.Are grouped according to the food they eat.c.Are classified into terrestrial and marined.Live in their natural habitat.13.Which group of animal are herbivores?a.Dog, snake, cow c. goat, cow, carabaob.goat, whale, fish d. duck, lion, fish14.Dogs have canine teeth and goats have strong and flat teeth. What does thisshow?a.Animals adapt to climatic conditionsb. Animals adapt to their own environment.c.Food- getting structure of animals is adapted to the food they eat.d.Fierce animals always have sharp and pointed teeth.15.Study the group of animals below. How are they classified?Group AGroup BMonkey Spider Turtle SquidBird ButterflyAnimals in Group A are classified as ___________ while in group B, they are _____________.a.Vertebrates, invertebrates c. annelids, mollusksb.Invertebrates, vertebrates d. echinoderms, nematodes16.What happens when there is a massive destruction of coral reefs?a.Small sea animals will have no shelter for protection.b.Beaches could erode because coral reefs serve as wave breakers.c.There will be lesser source of livelihood for the fisher folks.d.All of the above.17.What human activity contributes to the destruction of coral reefs?a.Night swimmingb. net fishing c. dynamite fishingd. cleaning water ways18.During the process of photosynthesis, plants use______ and give off __________.a.Carbon dioxide, oxygen c. carbon dioxide, nitrogenb.Water, carbon dioxide d. oxygen, carbon dioxide19.Mario wants to find out what cause plants to wilt and die. He covered leaf # 1with a clear plastic bag and leaf # 2 with a black plastic bag then he put theplant under the sun, after two weeks the two leaves wilted. What are missing inleaves 1 and 2 that caused them to wilt?a.Sunlight in 1 and air in 2 c. air in 1 and air in 2b.Sunlight and air in 1 and 2 d. air in 1, sunlight and air in 2.20.How does sunlight help in photosynthesis?a.It makes plants strongc. it gives energy for plants to make foodb.It gives color to plants d. it makes plants stand upright21.Which shows the importance of plants to men and animals?a.Food chain that will disrupted when there will be more plants than animals.b.Men and animals depend on plants for food, medicine and clothing.c.Man and animals will use plant for leisure purposes.d.Plants help prevent rapid population growth.22.How are the pine trees structurally adapted in cold places like Baguio City?a.They bear hard cones c. They have needle-like leavesb.They have triangular shapes d. They have tall, narrowtrunks23.Which of the following plants are angiosperm?a.Mushroom and molds c. Daises, gumamelas, andbougainvilleab.Sea weeds, magnolia and roses d. sunflower, dama de noche andlichens24.Which of the following shows chemical change in a material?a.Sliced meat b. meting ice c. melting butter d. burning wood
25.Jasper pulverized a piece of chalk and showed it to his classmates. He said, “Thisis an example of physical change”. Is Japer right? why?a.Yes, because there was a change in the composition of the chalk.b.No, because only the shape/form of the chalk was changed.c.Yes, because there was no change in composition, only change in form.d.No, because the chalk did not undergo any change at all.26.Which statement showsthat technology affects the balance of life in the forestecosystem?a.High speed sewing machines cause high completion in garment business.b.The invention of chainsaw cause the massive destruction of forest.c.Information technology connects people around the world.d.Modern fishing method destroys the coral reefs.27.How is static electricity produced? When _______________.a.Protons become electronsb. Electricity is stored in one object.c.Two positively –charged objects repel.d. There is a transfer of electrons from one object to the other.28.Does the illustration below show complete circuit? Why?a.Yes, because there is complete flow of electricity.b. No, there is break in the electricity.c.Yes, the switch is off hence the electricity flowed.d. No, there is no complete flow of electricity.29.Which statement is true about circuits connected in series?a.The total voltage is equal to the sum of the voltage of all batteries.b.The more bulbs are used, the light will be dimmer.c.There are as many series circuits as there are bulbs connected.d.In a series connection, bulbs have their own complete series.30.Which of the following produces electrical energy?a.Rubbing two objects c. electrochemical propagationb.Magnets d. all of the above31.Wilson switches on the television beaches he wants to watch a news program.Into what energy is electricity transformed in the television?a.Heat and chemicalc. mechanical and soundb.Light and electrical d. light and sound32.Why is not safe to switch on or plug appliances when hands are wet? Because _______________.a.Wet hands can cause magnet in live wireb.Water will seep to the circuit that will cause electrocutec.Wet hands when touched to dead electric wire may electrocuted.Switches and appliances when touched with wet hands might be damaged.33.Which statement proves that “simple machines make work easier”. Simplemachines _______.a.Increase resistance and decrease force needed.b.Decrease resistance and increase force needed.c.Multiply force, speed and transforms energy.d.Transform energy from one from to another.34.Mang Juan finds fetching water in a deep well difficult. What simple machineshould he use to make work easier?a.Wheel and axle b. wedge c. inclined plane d.pulley35.How are marbles formed? When __________________.a.Molten lava solidifies and is subjected to pressure.

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