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Houston Reality Based Martial Arts Iusse23

Houston Reality Based Martial Arts Iusse23



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Published by Mr.Traylor
Houston Reality Based Martial Arts, Combatives, Hand to Hand Combat and CQC. Training
Houston Reality Based Martial Arts, Combatives, Hand to Hand Combat and CQC. Training

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Published by: Mr.Traylor on Mar 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Reality Based E-Magazine
(Hostage rescue/hand to hand/bodyguard/vip extraction/ knife/pistol and tactics)
 Volume 1 WWW.DARKGIFTCOMBAT.COMIssue 22 March 03, 20103/03/10
Dark Gift Combat Fighting System Houston's Foremost Authority and premier RealityBased Martial Arts, Street defense Facility.
Houston Premier Reality Based Martial Arts &
Combatives, Fitness & Nutrition
When do we Lose our way
I have been in Martial Arts for well over 35+ years, I have seen things come andgo. I have now seen Instructors Lie about who they are and what they do, Seenthem copy and paste others info on to their website, Ride on the fact that they trainwith someone when all they did is attend a seminar, get certified as an Instructor just for being in the seminar basically BUYING their certifications. That is not tosay that all do this, There are those out there that make you EARN yourCertifications but those are few and FAR apart. Why cant Instructors just beHONEST about what they know and DON’T know, HUMBLE yourself, are we toafraid that we will be seen as LESS THAN GOD LIKE? I am sorry to say I havecome across so many that are not qualified to be Instructors BUT they like to say IAM an INSTRUCTOR.Mr.& Mrs. Traylor Owner &Founders of D.G.C.F. System.
Inside D.G.C.F.S 
.When do we lose are way? 1Ronald’s Fitness Corner 2Coming events 5Airsoft Products 6U.S. Army no more ground fighting 7When do we lose are way cont. 8Pre-Indicators 9most effective fighting arts 12Whattchu Looking At 13Welcome 14
Exposing fake instructors 15Self Defense and the Law 20Hock Seminar 32
When they could not TEACH their way out of a WET PAPPER bag. Their inabilityto teach and instruct is so evident But folks do not see it. They show material thatcould get you KILLED. I myself make statement like “WE are the only ones inHouston” and I see everyone say we do that when They do not or they add it afterthe fact. But I am GUILT of BOASTING and I to must STOP just say what we doand how we are different, Keep it simple and Honest.I have started to do this… My wife and I also have started to reach out to otherschools in friendship some have reached out and took my hand in friendship othershave SLAPED and MOCKED my attempt at friendship saying “YOU ARE ASINKING SHIP & THE RATS ARE ABANDONING SHIP” Yes I was told that..DO you really want to know WHAT MAKES A SCHOOL THE BEST? Thestudents.. that’s what makes a GREAT SCHOOL, Yes the Instructors are VERYIMPORTANT as they set the standard and the tone of the training. The Material isalso Very important. We “Mrs. Traylor & I” have been teaching Reality BasedMartial Arts & Combatives here in Houston,Tx for 5 years. No one claimedR.B.M.A. or anything along those lines until the last 2 years. That’s the NEXT BETHING in the Martial Arts Community I think. Some of these Schools are qualifiedto teach R.B.M.A. combatives ect.. Others well they are just renaming it to make itsound like R.B.M.A. & combatives.Mrs.Traylor & I have received phones calls and e-mails about how good are we?Why is my system better? I have never claimed that D.G.C.F.S is better or for thatmatter THAT I WAS ONE BAD ASS FIGHTER. I am only as GOOD as my worststudent. I am not perfect but I am very honest with myself and my students. TRUST& HONESTY is no longer a word that is connected in my opinion with Martial Arts,MARKETING LIES & BAD MOUTHING other Instructors or systems is the NORM.I am Humbled when I see OLD instructors BOW to me.. IT IS I that should BOW forthey have FORGED the way to what we have NOW.. They have PASS us theTORCH. We have NOT done a GOOD JOB of representing the Martial ArtsCommunity.. I am just as much at FAULT as everyone else. We should not bebickering about system or style but learn from each other.
Cont page 8
I read this article by Dr Sandra Cabot I think you will like itMany people struggle with excessive weight and sluggish metabolism all their livesfinding that, as they age, they gradually gain more weight and become resigned to alarge protruding abdomen and stubborn fat deposits. After years of dieting theybelieve that nothing can possibly lead to lasting relief. Something is obviouslywrong, something is missing.It took me more than 20 years of medical practicebefore the solution dawned on me! The liver, the supreme organ of metabolism, hadto be the missing key. It seemed so simple yet so incredible; why hadn’t someone inmedicine thought of this before? Modern medicine has become side-tracked intotreating the symptoms of disease and not the causes. Excessive weight is asymptom of liver dysfunction and not solely due to the number of calories you eat.Medicine has failed to treat the underlying cause of liver dysfunction and indeed hasvirtually ignored the hardest working organ in the body, with dire consequences. Mytheory that the liver holds the key to weight control has been vindicated in all the1540 patients I have treated since 1994 with my program to improve liver function.The success rate, as measured by the parameters of weight loss and generalwellbeing, has been 100% in all the patients I have been able to monitor. As amedical student I spent many hours with leading naturopathic doctors. I believedthat they had much to teach me, and their patient waiting lists were always very longwith cases that other doctors had not been able to help. I first learned of thetremendous importance of the liver. In all their patients, naturopathic doctorsexamined the state of the liver through iridology, acupuncture, pulse techniques andfrom the patient’s history. In the vast majority of cases a liver problem would befound, and correction of this was always a vital step in their healing program. Theywould treat the liver with dietary changes and specific liver herbs and, in more toxiccases, with fasting programs. I came to understand that to restore good health onemust
consider the state of the liver. However, my career led me into otherareas of medicine, and the importance of considering the liver gradually slipped intomy subconscious mind. Thankfully, one day I would remember to take a leaf out ofthe book of this old naturopathic wisdom.I see many difficult cases where peoplehave been chronically ill or obese for years, and they are all fascinated to learn howthe liver holds the key to weight loss and balanced metabolism. The liver is themajor fat-burning organ in the body. If you follow the Liver-Cleaning Diet your metabolism will improve in leaps andbounds and you will start to burn fat. Conversely, if you eat the wrong foods, your liver will make more fat so that you keepon storing fat. To a large degree, it’s not how much you eat, it’s
you eat that is far more important. On the Liver-Cleansing Diet your liver will give a big sigh of relief and merrily get on with its job of regulating metabolism and burningfat. Then the process of weight loss begins naturally and without excessive effort on your part. You do not have to countcalories or pedantically weigh every morsel of food, and even better, you never have to go hungry.Mr. Honore isNASM –CPT, CES ,
PES,Certified Personal Trainer &Apprentice Instructor in Hand toHand Combat at D.G.C.F.S.
Inside D.G.C.F.S 
.When do we lose are way? 1Ronald’s Fitness Corner 2Coming events 5Airsoft Products 6U.S. Army no more ground fighting 7When do we lose are way cont. 8Pre-Indicators 9most effective fighting arts 12Whattchu Looking At 13Welcome 14
Exposing fake instructors 15Self Defense and the Law 20Hock Seminar 32
The Symptoms of an Unhappy Liver
 Symptoms of mild liver dysfunction may occur even though all blood tests of liver function are `normal’. The tests thatdoctors use routinely to check the liver are not very sensitive – they check for liver damage rather than function.
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