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Animal Communications

Animal Communications

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Published by Alice Soder
An Animal Communicator tells her story.
An Animal Communicator tells her story.

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Published by: Alice Soder on Mar 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Talking to the Animals
There are some fascinating people on this earth. If wenever venture out, we never meet them. My spiritual explorationhas put me in touch with many unique and talented people. One ofthem is Cathy Easterbrook, who is now a good friend. When I metCathy over 10 years ago, I felt an instant connection with her.As we became better acquainted, I learned that Cathy is a clearclairvoyant, who specializes in talking to animalstelepathically. She also is a talented architectural designerand maintains a full-time design business. She generally doesanimal communication sessions for private clients from all overthe United States by telephone in the evening.Cathy has taught many animal communication workshops, oneof which I attended. She says that we all can learn totelepathically communicate with animals. During a two-dayworkshop, I was able to do so as were all of the other 10students in the class. Since animal communication is not myprimary interest, I send my friends to Cathy or one of herstudents who is now a professional animal communicator. While Ican communicate with my pets, if I want specific information, Icall a professional. Here, in her own words, is Cathy’s storyabout how she came to be an animal communicator:
 Why I talk with the Animals, by Cathy Easterbrook
As a small child growing up in Connecticut, I was alwaysattracted to animals. I never hesitated to pick up a bird that justflew into our picture window. Looking back now, I think my clearbelief and love may have been a key factor in healing most of thoseinjured birds. There were always cat and dog members of our family.Being shy I was more comfortable talking with them than with people.I struggled with my clairvoyant and telepathic abilities. Itseemed other people didn’t do these things. I felt out of place. Bythe time I was eight years old I learned to keep this to myself. As Igrew into my teens and 20’s I was angry that I was different. I “saw”so much and knew so much by “hearing,” but kept it to myself. Ifocused on my skills as an architectural designer. I married and keptbusy raising my children. Yet even with these “normal” activities, Istill didn’t feel I fit in.While my son was in his late teens and still living at home, ourcat, Kitty, started her “work.” One day while I was in my office,Kitty sat in the middle of the kitchen floor in front of my son at thefar opposite end of the house. He yelled out to me, as kids like todo, “Mom, Kitty wants something.” Immediately I heard that she wantedto go outside even though she was not at the door. My learningsessions continued with similar situations. Another time she sat inthe middle of the kitchen and wanted food though her bowls were keptin another room.Then I was tested, although I don’t think Kitty planned it thatway. My little cat did not come in at dusk as she always did. At the
moment I realized that she was not inside yet, Kitty communicated tome the direction to walk in and the feeling she needed my help. Shewas calling to me telepathically. I went out the side door of thehouse and into the back yard and then into the woods at an angle fromthe house. Though the leaves were all down from the trees and therewas twilight in the sky, it was dark in the thick forest. I called toher as I walked on that pre-set direction. There was no answer. Thelights of the house were far behind me when I heard a small meow. Ikept walking until it got louder and I heard that it was coming fromhigh above. Some 25 feet up in a tree I could see a silhouette of myKitty. By paying attention to what I received telepathically, Iwalked straight to the tree she was in.Communicating telepathically with animals became a part of mylife. It began with my own Kitty and expanded to many wondrousanimals both domestic and wild. After moving to North Carolina myclairvoyant and telepathic abilities became more public. I was “out.”When it became known that I could communicate telepathically withanimals, people began to call me for help. Then I took the big stepof offering a weekend workshop in animal communications so otherscould learn.The majority of my private animal sessions involve helping ownerschange an animal’s habit, checking on a pet’s health or becominginvolved with the animal’s death. I always documented theconversations so that I could discuss them with the owner. So I havethe notes from this story I’d like to share: Mrs. H. called me on thesuggestion of her veterinarian. She shared nothing about herself, but

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