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Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Economic Abundance

Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Economic Abundance

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Published by miltonwcraft
Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Economic Abundance

By Valleri Crabtree
Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Economic Abundance

By Valleri Crabtree

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Published by: miltonwcraft on Mar 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Infinite Field Magazine page 73 
By Valleri Crabtree
Constructive thinking opens the doors to the Portals; constructive thinking  gives form to our goals; constructive thinking invites the Universe's responses.Whatever Portal it is, THINK begins the co-creative process of our financial  prosperity.
~ Valleri CrabtreeI am very excited as I sit here holding the second book in the UniverseResponding Series,
Universe Responding: A Spiritual Model for Economic Abundance
written by Valleri Crabtree. What a timely message as much of theworld is being impacted by an economic storm with casualties in both the banking and housing sectors. Valleri's book is transformational and principled based. Her message is guided by practical wisdom and universal principles,which, if applied, can manifest our greatest hopes and our deepest desires.Principle Six is the area in which I have multiple stickies and underlines inkedin green. This is the area in which I find myself, like many of you, impatientlywaiting.
 Principle Six tells us to be patient. Keep holding your constructivethoughts in mind for as long as it takes to realize the benefit. The Universe'stimetable is not known by us.
Fortunately, Valleri provides portals or doorways which open the floodgates of prosperity and inspiration to move usinto manifestation. Reading this book will not only set you on the right path, but provide you with the road map to get wherever it is you are trying to go inyour journey to economic abundance.
 After writing the first book “Universe Responding A Spiritual Model For Life,” why did you decide to follow it up with a book about economic abundance?
 Valleri: While I was writing my first book,
Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model 
For Life
I felt guided to writea series of books that would apply the Universe Responding formula to many life categories: finances, relationships,health, even politics. I began writing the second book while I was still writing the first book. Based on the receptionthat
 Responding, A Spiritual Model For Economic Abundance
has received, I know that I am on the right path as I demonstrate through these new books, through classes, workshops, and presentations, through the radio programs, and through magazine articles about how to use the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life inevery part of life.
March 2010 Issue 
The Infinite Field Magazine page 74 
What are the most important things that  you’d like for people to walk away knowing after reading this book?
Valleri: If I were to summarize the most importantideas that a student of 
Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Economic Abundance
shouldlearn it would be:a. Keep all the Portals of EconomicAbundance in balance and realize that whatever affectsone Portal would affect another. For example, you canhave a vibrant Obtaining Portal, but if you spendeverything you make and allocate nothing for Givingor for Saving, you will soon be in a financial mess. Inaddition, when you don’t properly manage our GivingPortal, you will soon find that our prosperityconsciousness becomes feeble and ineffective. b. Everything that we do financially should bespiritually managed. I would suggest that the UniverseResponding Spiritual Model for Life- THINK,BELIEVE, LISTEN, ACT and ACKNOWLEDGE.It provides what is needed for this spiritualmanagement of our money.c. Develop Abundance Budgets! This is a wayto THINK constructively and effectively about whatour financial life will look like in terms of dollars andcents when we achieve our goals. The AbundanceBudget, when developed in tandem with life goals, provides the financial framework for manifesting whatwe want in our lives. Do you want a promotion atwork? Will that promotion allow us to buy a larger home? Then, develop an Abundance Budget thatshows what your income and expenses will look likeafter we’ve attained that promotion. Synolve: 
Tell me a little about the formula presented inthe book and how to apply it to the five portals. Howcan I apply these to my life?
Valleri: There are five interconnected Portals of Economic Abundance: Obtaining, Spending, Saving,Transforming, and Giving. Each of these Portalsshould be managed by the Universe RespondingSpiritual Model For Life- THINK, BELIEVE,LISTEN, ACT, ACKNOWLEDGE. Do I want a newrefrigerator? Well, I'd need to Obtain or Save andTransform. I would need to plan how I would generatethe funds to pay for the refrigerator, whether it bethrough current or saved income. I co-create a specificconstructive thought about the refrigerator that notonly defines the type, style, and size of refrigerator thatI want, but it also includes that tandem constructivethought of how I will pay for it. Regardless of thePortal from which the money arises, I will then takethat income and transform it into a refrigerator.Through this entire process, I LISTEN for messagesthat guide me to the manifestation of the income andthe transformation of that income into a refrigerator.For example, perhaps I’ve received an offer (amessage) to work part time and OBTAIN exactly whatI need to purchase the refrigerator. Maybe later I seethe exact refrigerator that I want on sale at Lowe’s(another message that helps me to transform theincome into a refrigerator). Of course, I must ACT onthese messages if I am to actually manifest the newrefrigerator. In this everyday example, we can see howthe Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Economic Abundance is used as we work with our Higher Power to co-create a refrigerator in our lives,and, in fact, everything else that we need and want!Synolve:What lead/brought you on this path and journey to co-creation and spirituality?Valleri: I’ve been involved with Unity for the last 20years. An understanding of New Thought principlesgave me the background to appreciate the path that myHigher Power was guiding me to follow. Our movefrom Columbus, Ohio to Celebration, Florida in 2002was filled with astonishing “coincidences,” which Iunderstood to be messages of guidance sent to us inresponse to our constructive thoughts. As I studiedthese wonderful occurrences, I began to consider whatI could do to change my role from a passive recipientof all this good, to an active co-creator of it.
March 2010 Issue 

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