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The IWW Little Red Song Book

The IWW Little Red Song Book



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Published by Seeing Red Radio
To Fan the Flames of Discontent
To Fan the Flames of Discontent

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Published by: Seeing Red Radio on Mar 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Text taken from an older edition of the little red songbook. If you enjoy these you can visit
 to make a donation, join, or buy a paper copy.
A.F. of L. Sympathy39Banner of Labor, The6Blanketstiff, The 31Bonehead Workinman, The!"#asey $ones%%The &nion S'ab31#hristians at War(3#ome $oin the )ne Bi&nion, *o!6*on+t Take y -apa Aay From e("*ream, A1(*/mp the Bosses )ff 0o/r Ba'k32erybody+s $oinin 4t3"5one Are the *ays!!ark, the Battle #ry is 7inin3arest War Son"old the Fort19ope of the Aes, The("4nternationale, The84t 4s the &nion3($oe ill 3$oe ill+s Last Will8($ohn 5olden and the Laren'e Strike!Labor+s *i:ie!(Liberty Foreer!"arseillaise, The Workers+6r. Blo'k(1;inety and ;ine, The(;oember ;ineteenth81)ne Bi4nd/strial &nion8
)ptimisti' Laborites, The3)eralls and Sn/ff(6-aint +2r 7ed!!-arasites, The36-rea'her and the Slae, The187ebel 5irl, The3!7ed Fla, The!7oad to 2man'ipation, The(Sabotae !8S'issor Bill11Sho/ld 4 2er Be a Soldier"Solidarity Foreer(8Stand &p, 0e Workers((St/n7iht(9Ta%ra%ra%boom%de%ay1There is -oer in a &nion1They Are All Fihters16Tramp, The13&nion S'abs !"&nite, Workers of the World!3&p From 0o/r <nees36Wae Workers, #ome $oin the &nion38Walkin on the 5rass!We #ome1!We Will Sin )ne Son33We+re 7eady3!What We Want9White Slae, The(6Where the Fraser 7ier Flos!9Workers+ arseillaise, The Workers of the World Are ;o Aakenin, The !3Workers of the World, Aaken3Workers of the World(!Workers of the World, &nite !1Workers+ Battle #ry for Freedom!8Workinman, &nite1
$)2 4LL
/rdered by the A/thorities of the State of &tah,;oember the 19th, 1918
 High head and back unbending-fearless and true, Into the night unending, why was it you? Heart that was quick with song, torn with their lead; Life that was young and strong, shattered and dead. Singer of manly songs, laughter and tears; Singer of Labors wrongs, !oys, ho"es and fears. #hough you were one of us, what could we do?$oe, there were none of us needed like you. %e ga&e, howe&er small, what Life could gi&e;%e would ha&e gi&en all that you might li&e. 'our death you held as naught, slander and shame;%e from the &ery thought shrank as from flame. (ach of us held his breath, tense with des"air, 'ou, who were close to )eath, seemed not to care. %hite-handed loathsome "ower, knowing no "ause,Sinking in labors flower, murderous claws; *oastful, with leering eyes, blood-dri""ing !aws . . .+ccurst be the cowardice hidden in laws tah has drained your blood; white hands are wet; %e of the surging flood /(0(1 2314(# 3ur songster ha&e your laws now had their fill? 5now, ye, his songs and cause ye cannot kill? High head and back unbending--rebel true blue, Into the night unending; why was it you?1al"h 6ha"lin.
W)7<27S )F T2 W)7L*, AWA<2;=
*y $oe Hill %orkers of the world, awaken*reak your chains, demand your rights.+ll the wealth you make is taken*y e7"loiting "arasites.Shall you kneel in dee" submission2rom your cradles to your gra&es?Is the height of your ambition#o be good and willing sla&es?6H31S8+rise, ye "risoners of star&ation2ight for your own emanci"ation;+rise, ye sla&es of e&ery nation.In 3ne nion grand.

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