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Possible Research Topics: 1. How Does Dog

Possible Research Topics: 1. How Does Dog

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Published by leslieterrell

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Published by: leslieterrell on Mar 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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POSSIBLE RESEARCH TOPICS:1. How does dog breeding work? In otherwords, how did we get all of thesedifferent breeds from one commonancestor?
Are aliens, psychics, ghost, bigfoot,chupacabra, loch ness monsters, etc real?3.Are there other planets with life?4.What came first, the chicken or the egg?5.What really happened to Tupac?6.How were the Mayan temples built?7.What really happened to JFK?8.What is true, evolution or creationism?9.What makes the sun work?10.Who should be allowed to vote?11.What goes on in the mind of a paranoidschizophrenic?12.Why did Michael Jackson’s skin turn white?13.What is the origin and function of money?14.Why do people cry?15.Where did the English language comefrom?16.Why do we dream?17.How do we see colors?18.How will the world end?19.What causes the mysteries of theBermuda Triangle?20.How did the Maya make their calendar?21.What is the status of human trafficking inthe world?22.Why do some countries think that fat isbeautiful?23.What is the status of the Parkinson’s cure?24.How do other countries compare toAmerica in regard to quality of life?25.What makes for a good education?26.What is the Lolita effect and how does ithurt girls?27.How does eating out affect obesity?28.What happened to the 13 disciples after Jesus died?29.What are the leads on a cure for cancer?30.At the rate our world is growing, how longuntil we run out of food?31.When will we run out of gasoline and whatcan be done about it?32.Was there a conspiracy behind 9/11?33.Is global warming real?34.Did we really land on the moon?35.How is technology helping/hurting people?36.Is the Bible real?37.Was Tecumseh’s curse real?38.What are the similarities between theassassinations of JFK and Lincoln?39.What were the circumstances of Lennon’sassassination?40.Should abortion be illegalized?41.What are the possible benefits of stem cellresearch?42.Should we care about steroids?43.How are cell phones and their radiationaffecting us?44.What is the meaning of life?45.What happened at Roanoke?46.Why do we have faith?47.Why are people lazy? How does the brainstimulate motivation and drive?48.Why do the US, Russia, and Brazil havethe highest crime rates in the world? Isthere a common thread?49.How do we defeat terrorism?
50.Should marijuana be legalized? Howwould this affect crime and nationalhealth?51.How do we solve the immigration crisis?52.Is Iran developing WMDs?53.What causes divorce and why is itincreasing?54.What is the history of marriage?55.What are the benefits of extracurricularactivities for kids?56.What happens after we die?57.Does church attendance help withbehavior?58.Is there a connection between Monroe’sdeath and the Kennedy’s?59.How does childhood stardom affect themas adults?60.Is there a correlation between intelligenceand social awkwardness?61.What effects are there to being raised bynudists?62.What is the best way to train a dog?63.How did the world begin?64.How do animal shelters choose whichanimals to terminate?65.What is the fastest way to get in shape?66.What is going on with the price of college?67.How did dinosaurs become extinct?68.Why did Latin die?69.Is our school prepared for the largeupcoming freshman class?70.The science behind waves.71.How does memory work?72.What goes in to running a zoo? Animalshelter? Soup kitchen?73.How do rollercoasters work?74.How did they build the pyramids?75. How does the stock market work?76.What is a recession?77.Is time travel possible?78.What makes our personalities?79.What is the best of the world religions?80.What is the American Dream?81.How do words make it into the dictionary?How has language evolved in the last tenyears?82.How does déjà vu work?83. Why is there suffering?84.What is the future of cloning?85.Should gays be allowed to marry?86.What are the origins of rock and roll?87.Does listening to music whileworking/studying benefit or hurt you?88.Could retroviruses be the answer tocancer?89.Does religion have a negative impact onthe world?90.What are the effects of the worldeconomic problems on foreign relations?91.What really happened to NatalieHolloway?92.What are the pros and cons of homeschooling?93.When should euthanasia be justified, if ever?94.Is there such a thing as reincarnation?95.How does birth rank affect personality?96.Is criminal activity a nature or nurtureissue?97.Are alien abductions real?98.Is it possible for America to overcomeracial stereotypes?99.What is the state of nuclear activity in theworld and the prediction?100.Is a cheater always a cheater ordoes he/she change?101.What was Frank Sinatra really like?102.How do magicians do their tricksand illusions?103.How does growing up without oneparent affect kids?104.How do black holes work?105.Is there antigravity?106.What is dark matter and how doesit work?107.Should religion be allowed inschools?108.Who should be considered thegreatest basketball player ever?109.Does the type of music you listento affect your emotions?110.What was going on in the masssuicide at Jamestown?

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