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Fun Ways to Get Started………..…………...1

Fun Ways to Get Started………..…………...1

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Published by lindawaldo

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Published by: lindawaldo on Mar 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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News & Notes forLeaders
Sermon Series:“Seek”
We must remind people that life is not a gamenor is spiritual growth something to be takenlightly.Bill Hybels
Fun Ways to GetStarted
Whether this is your first time leading agroup or you are a veteran groupleader, “using group openers is a basic,yet essential skill. Icebreaker ideasand share questions are designed tofacilitate discussion about member’spersonal lives and help them open upmore freely.” (Leading Life-changingsmall groups, Donahue p. 110-113)
What is your favorite movie andwhy?
You have three wishes. Whatwould you wish for?
What day of your life would youlike to most relive and why?
As a time-traveler, I would mostlike to visit ______ because ______?
I am most like my mom in that I ______.
I am most like my dad in that I ______?
If I could invent a gadget to makemy life easier, I’d invent some-thing that would ______ because ______.
What was the best gift you everreceived as a child?
What was your first job? What doyou remember most about it?
Who was the best boss you everhad? What made him or her sogood?
Describe a grade school teacherthat made a big impression onyou (for good or ill).
When you were a child, what didyou want to be when you grewup? What did your parents wantyou to be?Use these or others to encouragegroup members to share.
A natural result of praying transformational prayers in our own lives and in the lives of thoseclose to us, is that we will begin to see beyond ourselves and our own needs to the needs of others—not just those we know, but even those we don’t know—those in our community andaround the world. As we pray for God’s transformation in our own hearts—that we would behumble, gentle, patient, forbearing in love, keeping peace...(Eph. 4:2), our hearts becomemore sensitive to the needs of others. As God transforms your heart and you see other people differently, pray for that same power that has transformed your heart to do a new workin your family, your community, your workplace and around the world. How is God openingyour eyes to people and places where He wants to see His work accomplished. Ask toinclude you in what He’s up to. Is there anything your group can do to be an answer to thoseprayers?
Fun Ways to GetStarted

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