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Modern Kiting Risks Are Manageable as Long as One Does It Properly

Modern Kiting Risks Are Manageable as Long as One Does It Properly

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Published by penfold187
How dangerous IS kiteboarding? A little, but very manageable with some care and preparation
How dangerous IS kiteboarding? A little, but very manageable with some care and preparation

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Published by: penfold187 on Mar 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Modern kiting risks are manageable as long as one does it properly.
Personally, I would compare the risk of kiting similar to the risk of driving a car in North America (for suremuch less risk than driving in Paris or Saigon). And similar to driving, there will be more serious and fatalkitesurfing accidents (like driving, the risks are manageable but they're still there, still require attention). Ihave been driving in North America for 25 years, driving in Paris for a couple summers (and will be soondriving in Saigon). I had my fair shares of minor accidents but managed to stay out of serious accidents.So here it is: a table showing the Art of Staying Alive for both kiting and driving:- BIG DIFFERENCE: NewDrivers have higher percentage of accidents, With Kiteboarding, the number of injuries are roughly thesame for new kiters and experienced boarders – Increased capabilities = increased risk taking (overall)
The Art of Staying Alive
Don't kitesurf in severe weather (storm, thunderstorm, “gusty” conditions etc.) unless you
must do soWhen in doubt of the weather condition or equipment, stop kiting.- 3 Kiter RuleUse extreme caution when launching, landing or near hard objects.- NOT BELMONT CONCERNDon't attach yourself to the kite at times (launching, landing, near hard objects) .- NOT BELMONT CONCERNWear appropriate protection devices (
or impact vest, etc.)-Go slow and be careful in crowded place (near shore, people and hard objects, etc.)!
Don't jump in crowded place (near shore, people and hard objects, etc.)- Not beginner concernBe alert and prepare to handle unexpected risks (extreme gusts, other "crazy" kiters, submerged rocks, etc.)!
Take a Kiting LessonDon't Drink and Kite
Those the most basic rules and common sense all kiters should have. Now read on for more safetydetails.
Safety Guidelines
Use the following safety guidelines when kitesurfing:1.Do not kitesurf without a safety release system that allows you to disable the kite at any moment.
Traditional kites cannot be fully depowered while the kitesurfer is attached to the kite(chicken loop or chicken loop line). When things go wrong, the kitesurfers activate asafety release system that detaches themselves from the kite. While this system workswhen you are conscious and can react fast enough, it
when you are notconscious or don't have enough time to react to a dangerous situation (
a few kitesurfershave had serious or fatal accidents in the past due to these devices
). Use such kiteand safety release system with care and only do so when you are out in open water.Also make sure that you test your safety release system properly as described latter on inthis page.
Most modern kites can be MOSTLY depowered by simply dropping the bar – THIS IS AVERY IMPORTANT REACTION TO LEARN!!. This is safer as once the control bar isdropped, the kite become more manageable and the kiter can have more time (andchance) to activate the safety release to detach from the kite.
If you use a traditional kite which cannot be fully depowered while hooking in to the chicken loop,do not hook in before launching and landing. Depower your kite using the trim strap beforelaunching or landing. If you use a "spin
" or "swivel bar", use the modern bar that allowsyou to launch and land unhooked. – I DISSAGREE – discuss.
launch, ride
or jump upwind of people or hard objects. Give yourself 
at least
1.5 line-length distance from those obstacles.

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