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What Zaid Hamid Did After Running Away From Islamic University

What Zaid Hamid Did After Running Away From Islamic University

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Published by paglot
What Zaid Hamid Did After Running Away From Islamic University?
What Zaid Hamid Did After Running Away From Islamic University?

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Published by: paglot on Mar 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Posted byAbu Muhammadon March 3, 2010
(The following account is based upon our reportsfrom Zaid Hamids Camp)
Facing an unexpected encounter,Zaid HamidleftIslamic University shaken and terrified. He hadalways thought that the youth unconditionallysupported him; but the events atIslamic University  proved something else. Seeing their Hero flee, hisdie hard supports, who we call ‘challas’ were leftvery demoralized.The first thing Zaid did was to summon all his teammembers for a meeting. This meeting lasted all nightand then went on for another whole day. InitiallyZaid tried to raise the moral of his followers. Hetried to justify his cowardice act of running away. Iam reminded of a speech of Mulana Azim Tariq inwhich he faced firing for 4 hours but refused to stop.And here Zaid ran away when a student asked himabout Yousf Kazzab.
He also discussed Wake up Peshawar. Originally itwas decided that it will be held on 4th of March butlatter this date was delayed to 6th of March.Takmeel e Pakistan Islamabad which was to take place on 7th of March in Paradise complex (the place where shifa conference took place) was also postponed.Zaid Hamidnow wanted to bring Dr Israr and a few Deobandi ulema to Takmeel. We believe that it is a way to show that respectable people are with him. Unconfirmed reports also tellus thatZaid Hamidspeople met with Dr Israr however wither Dr israr will come to Takmeel is notconfirmed.In order to raise his moral he told his challas thatJaish e Muhammad and lashkar e Taiyyaba is withhim. We know that one of his main challas is an exmember of Jasih, and also that jamat ud dawa publicly called him a fitna. However we do not put past these thugs and dacoits to support a munkir of khatm e nabuwat. We also know that some stupidmembers of PSF and MSF visited him and assuredhim of their support against ‘fassadis’. I aminformed that a local pindi ‘badmash’ has alsoassured Zaid of his support.
It has always been my stance that given the chanceZaid Hamidwill use violence for his purposes.Utilizing this event very cunningly for this intention,he told his hooligan challas how his life is in danger and he fears a physical attack by these ‘fassadis’ anyday. Those fools immediately told him that they willthat they will bring armed guards and other hooligans to his functions in Islamabad.Even though our campaign has opened the eyes of many his followers, it has endeared him to the antiIslamic forces in the country. He is now planning toorganize his following on militant lines.
Many of our comrades received threats of havinghorrible things done to them and their families.Yesterday a few challa hooligans from Islamicuniversity visited the Khatme Nabuwats officeand gave threats and insults to the ulema there.
What I feel is that his strategy is very similar toAltaf Hussain. He is bringing thugs and criminals inhis ranks. The establishment supports him, and hehas a broad base of support in burger bachas. On topof that he is trying to win the support of statesponsored Para militaries i.e. the Jaish e muhhamed

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