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CIM-Plus English for Nesting

CIM-Plus English for Nesting

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Published by amr kourany

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: amr kourany on Mar 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Real Shape Parts Auto-Nesting & integrated CAM Programfor flame cutting machines
I-Steel Co., Ltd.
Product Oriented SI company
H.Q : 4
Floor, 604-15, Bupyung Gu, Inchon, Korea Tel : ++82-32-507-5607Research C.: Engineering Div. A-Dong 7126, Cheju Univ., Cheju, Korea Tel : ++82-64-702-2290http://www.autonesting.com e-mail : isteel@autonesting.com
CIM-Plus Overview
: Automatic Nesting Program with unique technologies.
: Automatic Part and NC Programming Interactive Nesting The above two programs can be run individually or integrated together.
is differentiated by its unique algorithms and technologies for flame cuttingmachines.-Pixel Based representation and adapted SAA (Simulated Annealing Algorithms)-Pairing automatically and continuously for single parts as well as the paired duringnesting-Vector based nesting algorithms
supports various flame cutting users’ specific requirements. It reads multipleDXF part geometry files as well as multiple parts geometry and information on a DXF fileaccording to CAD layer set-up at once.- Inputs Multiple single DXF Part geometries as well as multiple parts on a DXF file.- Controls and sorts automatically by quality and thickness for a project-creates and edits Part Programming automatically or interactively-generates Tool path and supports machining functions-Simulates Tool Path graphically with controlling the feed control-Generates Summary sheet output and NC files There are two CIM-Plus optional programs as below, 
Batch Nesting Option
: useful to generate the multiple nests automatically whendeterminesthe total amount and proper size of each sheet for a project 
CIM-Plus Manager
: Real time based software for inventory management of automated ormanual storage and retrieval systems
CIM-Plus contains;CIM-Plus Unique Features
Inputting multiple single DXF part files as well as multiple parts on a DXF fileRecognizing the real shape of parts by pixel representationAutomatically nesting the several ten parts on multiple plates simultaneously.Generating the different nest results every iteration as likely as human does.fewer nesting options because it is real automatic nesting program by itself.Switching automatic and interactive mode during nest in pixel nesting mode.Interactive nest by semi-automatic nesting functions.Displaying all parts, plates and nests information on one screen.
Real Shape Parts Auto-nestingAlgorithm
Recognizes the real shape of sheet and partgeometry by Pixel representation.SAA(Simulated Annealing Algorithm) isadapted for Pixel Based Auto-Nesting.
Pixel Based AutoNesting
is useful to optimizes many quantity of similarparts. It pairs the similar part and grouped thepaired automatically and continuously.
Vector Based AutonestingAuto-Nesting on Multiple sheetssimultaneously
Nests automatically to locate a part on the othersheet and exchange parts to find the better nestautomatically as likely as human can do. Duringnest, it’s simulated the nesting so that user caninspire the better nest.
Combination of Pixel and Vector basedAuto-Nesting
is useful to save the material with pairing andgrouping automatically in the Vector basedAuto-nesting mode, and then searches theempty space and puts the smaller parts in it.User can combine two nesting modes.
Real Shape parts Auto-Nesting system simultaneously on Multiple Plates

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