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Wearing Hats and Naming in English

Wearing Hats and Naming in English

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Published by kalamahsan
Q&A in Bengali language ruling on wearing hats, naming babies in English etc.
Q&A in Bengali language ruling on wearing hats, naming babies in English etc.

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: kalamahsan on Mar 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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http://www.fashion-era.com/hats-hair http://www.albalagh.net/qa/cap_praying.shtml 
j−e Ll¦e Bj¡l L¡−R 5 q¡S¡l f¡Eä −p¢iwp B−R, p¤  ¤ al¡w Bj¡l Jfl k¡L¡a glSz HMe k¡L¡a −cJu¡l ¢WL Lu ¢ce B−N Bj¡l L¡−R B−l¡ 10 q¡S¡l f¡Eä Bp−m¡z Bj¡−L ¢L 5 q¡S¡−ll k¡L¡a ¢c−a q−h, e¡¢L 15 q¡S¡−ll k¡L¡a ¢c−a q−h? 
  Ešl:H¢V HL¢V S¢Vm fË nÀz q¡e¡g£ j¡Sq¡h pq AeÉ¡eÉ A−e−Ll ja q−m¡- HC AhÙÛ  ¡u a¡−L 15   q¡S¡l f¡E−äl k¡L¡a ¢c−a q−hz j−e l¡M−a q−h- k¢c k¡L¡a −cJu¡l B−NC f¤  l¡ae pÇf−cl  p¡−b k¢c 
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pÇfc B−l¡ −k¡N qu a¡q−m¡ pÇf¨ ZÑV¡l Jfl k¡L¡a q−h, ea¥  e  j¡m/pÇfc Bh¡l HL hRl f§ ZÑ qJu¡l fË −u¡Se −eCz L¡lZ k¢c fË −aÉL ea¥  e ea¥  e pw−S¡k−el   ea¥  e ea¥  e ¢qp¡h Ll−a qu a¡q−m a¡ p¡wO¡¢aL S¢Vm q−u k¡−hz Ch−e Bî¡p, Ch−e j¡p¤  ¤  c,  j¤  B¢hu¡ (l¡.) pq B−l¡ A−e−Ll HC ja ¢R−m¡z(−cM¤  e:
http://www.alargam.com/zakat/ragm79.htm, al-Murshid fi ahkamal-zakat by ahmad Abdul Aziz al-Muzani, 1986, p 127, al-Fiqh al-Islami wa Adillatuhu 3/1949).
k¡L¡a ¢L ljS¡e j¡−pC ¢c−a qu? k¡L¡a ¢L ljS¡e j¡−pC ¢c−a qu? k¡L¡a ¢L ljS¡e j¡−pC ¢c−a qu? k¡L¡a ¢L ljS¡e j¡−pC ¢c−a qu? 
 Ešl: e¡, k¡L¡a Bp−m ¢c−a qu kM¢e a¡ glS quz a−h, p¡d¡lZa A−e−L ljS¡−el p¡−b ¢j¢m−u  −cez a−h, HV¡ −ke k¡L¡a Bc¡−ul j§  m pj¤ −b−L −cl£ e¡ q−u k¡uz B¢j Hh¡l ¢h−no HLV¡  L¡l−Z c¤ j¡p B−N k¡L¡a Bc¡u L−l¢R, a−h, Hl L¡l−Z Bj¡l k¡L¡−al j§  m pju f¢lhaÑe  q−h e¡z

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