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08 Jamis Catalog

08 Jamis Catalog

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Published by tspinner
2008 Jamis Bicycle Catalog
2008 Jamis Bicycle Catalog

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: tspinner on Mar 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 gRAViTy 41-50FREERiDE
Dakar BAM 2.0 43Dakar BAM 1.0 44
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 COmFORTBiKEs 69-76
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Dakota Comp 58Durango 1.0 66 
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Frame Geometry 85-87Speciications 88-98
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As bicycle nuts, we’re lucky to make (and ride!) a broad spectrum o bikes. Jamisbicycles span the sport, rom hyper-light road racing bikes to gravity-enhanceddownhill bombers; rom style- and comort-driven street bikes to quick, lightweighttrail bikes; rom seriously expensive grown-up toys to the best kids’bikes on theplanet. Individually, they’re as dierent as bicycles can be. Collectively, they’reuniied by the ride.It’s the magic o the ride that matters, and i you’re reading these pages you knowthat’s true. You’re one o the lucky ones who can still remember that wondrousmoment when your irst wobbly ride on two wheels suddenly stabilized and it just became…un. Whether it’s the singing hiss o pavement under your tires, thelowing rhythm o a downhill trail ride, or the simple joy o a two-block run orice cream, we believe every ride should eel right, recapturing the essence o that irst ride, that joy o discovery. This year’s crop o Jamis two-wheelers is our best one yet, and you’ll see it inevery single model line.Our lagship road bike, the Xenith, sees urther tuning and reinement o itscarbon monocoque rame, making one o the most advanced bikes on theplanet even better. It heads up a ield o perormance road machines thatinclude state o the art aluminum chassis and the timeless eel o steel, The 29’er—big 29-inch wheels—has proven to be more than a lash in the pan, andwe’re there with 29’er versions o our Dakota, Dragon and Exile cross-country bikes. I you want to experience the smoother eel and lower-rolling-resistance magic o giantwheels this is your chance, with a rame that’s been properly tweaked and massagedto make the most o the big treads. These are rom-the-wheels-up designs, not thesimply taller, longer-wheelbase versions o the 26-inch wheel bikes some o the otherguys try to get away with—so you’ll get an honest taste o what this big wheel thingis really all about.And we go back to our riding roots with our Youth lineup, which we think is thevery best there is. Whether you’re ater that ideal very irst bicycle, or your child’sirst-ever gear-changing machine with hand brakes, our kids’bikes take their everyneed into account. Proportionately sized grips, handlebars and cranks make themeasy to pedal and saer to ride, or a rewarding riding experience that lets youshare the joy o your own irst rides and relive them again.Ater 29 years o hard work, you’d think we’d be ready to sit up and coast. But notus. Getting to be on top o our game—building some o the inest, best bikes inthe world—wasn’t easy. But we’ve always had more than our share o un doingit, because that’s what bikes are all about.
Perection is a lot like itness—you can be happy with where you are, butstill not satisied because you know you can do more. And in a lot o ways,that’s how we’ve always elt about our bicycles.Jamis bikes have racked up dozens o Bike o the Year awards, winningaccolades rom cagey bicycle magazine editors and everyday bike ridersalike. And while we’re proud to be recognized as being among the very best,we’ve never been content to rest on our reputation.New manuacturing techniques, new materials and new components let usdesign ever-lighter, more capable bicycles that maximize un and perormancealike. Technology gets better by the day, which can be rustratingly wonderul.We squeeze every last gram rom the available technology and resources, but bythe time a new bike debuts our bike-loving engineers have already started napkinsketches o the next generation o Jamis bikes, with an eye toward the next levelo technology and how it can make riding easier and more un.But technology is only a small part o the picture. Our engineers are cyclingenthusiasts, irst and oremost. These guys love to ride hard, and you can bet they’dmuch rather be out on the trails or riding the roads. They spend a lot o time with“ield research,”which raises some eyebrows around here and explains their year-roundcycling tans (they didn’t get those basking in the glow o computer screens), but thisdoes mean they’re ocused on what matters—the ride.updated with the lightest, latest errous tubesets available. Whetheryour beat is the Saturday race, the Sunday group ride or the mid-week training session, there’s a Jamis road bike that’s ready or you.Our street bikes suit perormance- and comort-minded cyclistsalike, whether you’re ater a two-wheeled workout partner or a ridingcompanion or peaceul in-town errands and sightseeing. Or get the besto both worlds rom our Commuter series, which blends the high-tech,high-perormance aspect o our Street Perormance bikes with some o thecomy characteristics o our Street Comort line.On the dirt, our award-winning ull-suspension lineup continues to show just how smooth trail riding can be in the rough and tumble world. The all-conquering, all-new Dakar BAM and Dakar XAM let you ollow the all line atblistering speeds, just like Jamis pros Kathy Pruitt and Tommy “T”Tokarczyk. Oryou can go with the lexible-use Dakar—one o the longest-lived, most reinedull-suspenders ever—that comes in both sturdy all-mountain and lightweightcross-country versions. The Dragon and Dakota lineups o trail-ready hardtails showcase what wedo best—perect ride tuning, with ully dialed geometry and that impossibleblend o supple ride and eiciently sti pedal response. That same relentlesstuning carries over to our Durango and Trail series as well, proving that seriousperormance does not always require serious spending.
We’ve spent 29 years not settling for good-enough.
2008 JAMIS

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