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Forceful Personalities

Forceful Personalities

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Published by grantneodude

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Published by: grantneodude on Mar 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Idols. Squids. Grifters. Charmers.
Idols. Squids. Grifters. Charmers.
 Forceful Personalities 
Shawn Henley and Jack Summanen
© 2005 EON
 Words from the Developers
It's finally happened.
Aberrant: Forceful Personalities
hasnow become a finished product, and is now available to be readand hopefully enjoyed. We've changed the format a bit fromwhat you'll find in other
sourcebooks, namelyexcluding the fluff and interior artwork, for two reasons. First,we wanted this fanbook to be produced as soon as was possible.EON's fanbook projects tend to be slow-going, usually due tothe interference of real life, and
Forceful Personalities
was noexception. Second, we hoped to avoid the argument over whatMega-Attractive novas should look like. Good art takes time,even without the endless debates we would've had over whetheror not a finished work was accurate. Hopefully, all of the extramaterial we've piled into this fanbook will make up for the lackof ornamentation. We folks on the Development Team havedone our best on this project, and you can't really ask for morethan that.What you're either holding in your hands or viewing on your computer monitor right now may have started with a fewof my ideas, but it took the ideas and hard work of a whole slewof EON's posters to turn EON's Mega-Social fanbook from adream into concrete reality. My heartfelt thanks to all of thosewonderful folks at EON who made this book possible. I'd also liketo thank all those other people on the Web who are helping tokeep
and the other Aeon Continuum games alive.
Shawn "Sprocket" Henley 
 I share a passion for this game with Sprocket and the restof the Development Team. I first experienced the Aeonversethrough the eyes of
, and what a world it was. It wasnot until 2000 that I even looked at
, soforgive me for being biased,
has been my friend muchlonger. Because of my relationship with the world of Aberrant Ispend a great deal of my time in the Aeonverse immersed in the
era.The World of
has inspired me as well as so manyother people, by taking stories of human conflict and humanachievement and elevating them to superhuman levels, bringingdramas out of mythology to the tabletop.With
Forceful Personalities
I initially wanted to exploreevery aspect of the game (social, mental and physical), but Iknew this would not be possible (nor fair to the subject matter); just as when White Wolf signaled the line's end l felt a panic setin, knowing that the story was incomplete. When I learned ofend of the Aeonverse l rushed out and bought every bookavailable in the line for all three core books, so hungry was I formore. So I see this book as a small treat for similarly desperatefans, carefully focused on the purely social gems of
game play.From my passion to play I discovered a need to share.When l read the Mega-Mental book
online I fell inlove with the "mega-nova" again, and I practically wept withfrustration when none of the other themed books wereforthcoming. Eventually I realized that maybe I was the onedelaying, waiting for myself to join the effort.Thank you for letting us share,
 Jack "Gideon" Summanen 
Special Thanks:
To Rob Hatch and the fine folks at White Wolf, forlighting the Aeon Continuum's flame in the first place.
To archer21 and Wish, for keeping EON afloat when itwas in danger of going down for the third time.
I'd like to thank everyone involved in this project.Everyone gave so freely of their own time and effort to makethis e-book a wonderful reality. Their commitment andteamwork is what makes EONOnline such a fantastic resourcefor players around the world.So again, a huge thanks from me to all of you; You did good,guys. Real good. I can't wait to see what's next!Your EON Admin,
Stephen “Archer” Quick 

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