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Bold Books Jakubowksy

Bold Books Jakubowksy

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Published by Mitchell Davis

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Mitchell Davis on Mar 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Books by Frank Jakubowsky. He discoveredthe ten-part writing pattern. He is listed in theMarquis
Who’s Who in America
.Phone and fax: 510-763-4324E-mail: boldbooks@sbcglobal.net
is about an accident that happened inOakland, California, in the Caldecott Tunnel. Seven people died in the explosion. Mr. Jakubowsky had a psychic experience and saw it psychically as it washappening. He mentally communicated with thosetrapped in it to back up. He had the same birthday asthe main person involved in the accident. The astrolog-ical chart for the time of the accident matches Mr.Jakubowsky chart to a remarkable degree.“An Aquarian flavor that catches the attention of hardcore astrological readers like myself . . . finallyand much deserved, it will get front-page specializedattention.” -- Jewell-Cook Fahey, Mercury Hour “I found the book most interesting.” -- Kosmos
1985. 78p. ISBN 0-932588-09-3 $15.00
is a 2,000-line scientific poem about theorigin of our galaxy, sun, solar system, earth, life andman. It is based on the new revelations given in
TheUrantia Book 
.“The book is interesting. It contains a great deal of information.” --
The Small Pond Magazine
“You have written in poetry what most of the sci-entists can only write in prose, and most of the timestheir books are barren. Your book can be placed side byside with Hesiod’s
, of course, taking into theconsideration the time between you and the Greek  poet. In my modest opinion, you are doing a greatwork. If you need encouraging, I can only say: Go on,it’s excellent!” --
 Jorge Resines, Buenos Aires
1978. 106p. ISBN 0-932588-00-X $10.00
The Creative Theory of the Universe
explains the book 
. Each of the 45 chapters is based on aquote from the book which it clarifies and expandsupon. It gives a new theory of the evolution of a quasar.It gives a new theory that may replace the Big BangTheory. Astronomers will be interested in the ten chap-ters about the formation of planets. It explains aboutthe origin of life and man. It explains what makes manunique and different from animals.
1983. 201p. ISBN 0-932588-04-2 $18.00
Father Figure Frank’s Stories
are true events abouthis relationship with children. It is an ideal book for  parents to read to children. The main theme is howchildren relate to father figure Frank and how he relatesto children. A child gets a sense of being loved.
1996. 60p. ISBN 0-932588-18-2 $10.00
Frank on a Farm
is a children’s book that tellsabout his boyish life on a farm in North Dakota. Theaccented syllables are highlighted so that a child canlearn how to pronounce words. It is written in rhythmso that it is easier to read. Also, a group of children canread it together easier. The sentences are numbered oneto ten so that it can be read like a play.
1980. 60p. ISBN 0-932588-11-5 $10.00
God Looked Down and Saw a Baby
tells the lifestory of Jesus Christ. It is a parent read-to-children book. It is written in an easy-to-read style with extraspacing between some words to help in reading it witha rhythm and emphasis.
1984. 69p. ISBN 0-932588-07-7 $8.00
Jesus Was a Leo
takes the birth time given in
TheUrantia Book 
and shows that it fits his life. The power of the chart is indicated by the fact that most planets arein the sign of their rulership. For example, Moon inCancer, Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra,Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter in Pisces. It presents a newastrological method of relating a person’s writing pat-tern to the sequence of the planets.“The position of the planets at his birth creates a pattern identical to the pattern of his parables. Itanswers scientific and religious objections to astrology by offering a new scientific theory on how astrologyworks on a biological and chemical level.”--
 Astrology Books in Print 
“The positive points are that both books are beau-tifully bound and printed. The art work is attractive asis the typography.” --
1979. 151p. ISBN 0-932588-01-8 $15.00
Lake Merritt
is a children story about the lake inOakland. The accented syllables are highlighted so thata child learns how to pronounce words. It is written inrhythm so that it is easier to read. Also, a group of chil-dren can read it together to make it into a play.
1988. 60p. ISBN 0-932588-10-7 $10.00
Bold BooksBold Books
1565 Madison Street, Suite 308, Oakland, Calif. 94612-4511

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