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Fostering Teacher Autonomy Reflection

Fostering Teacher Autonomy Reflection

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Published by janewhiston

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Published by: janewhiston on Mar 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Last week, we talked about the role of the teacher in speaking class. Ilearned that the teacher should be prompter; T gives some discrete suggestionwhen Ss can not think of what to say. She should be participant. Ts’ participantin in role plays or speaking activities may help the activity go along. However, T should not be dominant or do the whole activity. Moreover, she should befeedback provider. . It doesn’t mean correcting all the mistakes. Ts should givedelayed feedback or immediate feedback depending on the task type. T mayencourage self or peer correction.Today, Gülşen hoca presented some speaking activities. There was anactivity I did not like. In that acitivity, T chooses a student to come to theboard an describe a picture. The rest of the Ss try to draw it. I did not like itbecause Ss did not participate in activity equally. Only the S who describedpicture spoke, but the others did not. Moreover, maybe some Ss may not likedrawing. During the activity, T just sat and she did not check what was going on.She did not observce what was happening and she did not giving feedback. Shedid not use any kind of pre-actvity or any warming-up activity. Her instructionwas not clear. So it was not o good speaking activity.On the other hand, Gülşen hoca showed us another acitivity. In that one,she started by showing some pictures. Then she asked questions about thepictures. The pictures were related to creatures such as dinsaurs, monsters :D.Then she talked about questions for descriptions such as; ‘ what does it looklike’, “ What shape ……..?” , “ What color ……..” etc. And she also talked aboutword/ phrases for descriptions such as; gren colored, big headed, five leggedetc. After that she passed to the speaking activity. Firstly, she asked who likesdrawing. Six students raised their arms. Then she divided class into groups of 4or 5. there were six groups. She distrubuted those 6 students who wanted todraw to the each group. After that, she gave some role cards to each S ingroups. The S who likes drawing was a journalist. The rest of them local peoplewho claimed to saw the Van lake monster. The journalist went to Van tointerview with those people. Journalist asked questions about monster by usingthe questions for descriptions that they talked before. The local ones who sawthe monster described the part of monster body (tail.leg, head, arm etc.) byusing word/ phrases for descriptions. The journalist tried to draw the monster

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