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Published by kimchee88

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Published by: kimchee88 on Mar 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New features in Version 25.8 of prime95.exe-------------------------------------------1) Bug fixed in smart affinity on hyperthreaded CPUs.2) Bug fixed in setting a thread priority other than 1.3) Off-by-one-bit bug fixed in the benchmarking of trial factoring.4) In rare case an infinite loop could occur when the computer IDin the spool file did not match the current computer ID.5) The "days between checkin" value now has a range of 1 to 7 days.In version 24, the range was 1 to 60 days with a default of 28 days.6) Fixed bug where switching users on a Windows machine caused computerGUIDs to be erroneously regenerated. You may need to suffer throughone more regenerated GUID before the fix takes effect.7) A bug where some low memory situations on a multi-core machine resultedin one or more worker threads sat idle has been fixed.8) A crash bug doing 61 and 62 bit trial factoring on Pentium CPUs thatdo not support the CMOV instruction was fixed. On these same CPUsa bug was fixed when factors smaller than 2^60 was found.New features in Version 25.7 of prime95.exe-------------------------------------------1) Time= in ini files no longer supported. A during/else syntax can beunsed instead for some ini file options.2) PauseWhileRunning enhanced to pause any number of workers.3) LowMemWhileRunning added.4) Ability to stop and start individual workers added.5) DayMemory and NightMemory in local.txt replaced with a single Memorysetting.6) Memory can be set for each worker thread.7) Scheme to distribute available memory among workers needing a lot ofmemory has been completely revamped.8) MaxHighMemWorkers replaces delayStage2Workers option.9) The executable now defaults to talking to the PrimeNet v5 server. Touse the executable with the old v4 server, add "UseV4=1" to the topof prime.txt.New features in Version 25.5 of prime95.exe-------------------------------------------1) Multiple LL tests can be run within a single prime95 instance. There isno longer a need to run multiple instances of prime95 on multi-cpumachines.2) Uses a new version of the Primenet server. Features include user IDs thatare different than team IDs. New work types. Ability to set some clientoptions using web-based forms.3) Communication with the server runs in a separate thread.4) The CURL library is used for communication with the server. Hopefullythis will support a wider variety of client networking configurations.5) Supports using multiple logical or physical CPUs on a single LL test.Except for some hyperthreaded CPUs and only on some FFT sizes, this isnot recommended as you will get more throughput by giving each CPUits own number to test.6) ECM and P-1 now support B1 and B2 values above 4.29 billion. ECM nowpays attention to the memory settings in the Options/CPU dialog box.7) Several files have been renamed so that they are not changed by Windowssave/restore. Prime.ini is now prime.txt. Local.ini is now local.txt.Worktodo.ini is now worktodo.txt. The primenet.ini file has beendeleted - it is now a section within the prime.txt file.8) It is now legal to put comment lines in the prime.txt, local.txt, and
worktodo.txt files.9) In older versions, editing the worktodo.ini file while prime95 was runningsometimes had the desired effect. That is no longer the case. You cancreate a worktodo.add file to add work to a running prime95.10) WARNINGS: Previous versions of prime95 will not be able to read save filesgenerated by this version. This version will not be able to continue fromP-1 save files generated by the previous version in the middle of stage 2.This version cannot read a prime.spl file generated by a previous version.11) Program can now do PRP tests of (k*b^n+c)/f. Add a line worktodo.txt thatlooks like this:PRP=k,b,n,c[,how_far_factored,tests_saved][,known_factors]The optional how_far_factored (in bits) and tests_saved values are usedto determine if P-1 factoring prior to the PRP test would be beneficial.The optional known_factors list is a quoted comma separated list ofknown factors of k*b^n+c.12) The program no longer does a one-hour self-test before testing an exponentwith a new FFT length.13) You can now copy the contents of a window to the clipboard.14) New icon colors. Green means "go". Red means "stopped".15) The torture test dialog box lets you choose how many CPUs or cores youwant to torture test.16) The benchmark times both single-threaded and multi-threaded FFTs.17) The Advanced menu no longer needs a password.New features in Version 24.15 of prime95.exe--------------------------------------------1) To limit prime95's impact on computer responsiveness on a hyperthreadedmachine the program now pauses for 30 seconds if two successive iterationstake 40% longer than a typical iteration. You can adjust this featureusing the HyperthreadingBackoff setting described in undoc.txt.New features in Version 24.14 of prime95.exe--------------------------------------------1) A bug that caused the torture test to hang on 256K FFTs on SSE2 machineswith 128K of L2 cache was fixed.New features in Version 24.13 of prime95.exe--------------------------------------------1) Celeron D (256K L2 cache) and Willamette (also 256K L2 cache) now havedifferent implementations for several FFT sizes. This results in animprovement of several percent for the Celeron D.2) A bug that caused some machines to generate "Error 2252" when communicatingwith the server was fixed.3) SSE2 trial factoring code had a bug when factoring very large exponents.New features in Version 24.12 of prime95.exe--------------------------------------------1) For SSE2 machines the larger FFTs have been changed to more effectivelyuse a wide variety of L2 cache sizes. The previous version was optimizedfor a 256KB L2 cache only. Depending on your CPU and FFT size, you couldsee an improvement of several percent.2) As a side "benefit" even larger FFT sizes are now supported. This allowstesting of exponents up to 596 million. Not recommended.3) The factoring breakeven points have been recalculated using my 2 GHz P4.This version of prime95 will do less trial factoring.
4) Since server database crashes cause spurious error 3 messages, prime95will now ignore error 3 messages from the server for 72 hours. This shouldworkaround the problem whereby a result is reported but no CPU credit isgiven and the reservation is not cleared.5) Fixed crash bug trial factoring exponents above 286 million.New features in Version 24.11 of prime95.exe--------------------------------------------1) Faster FFTs for AMD64 using prefetchw in both 32-bit and 64-bit mode.You can expect about a 15% speed improvement.2) Prime95 now detects support for 3DNow! instructions. See undoc.txtfor overriding this detection with CpuSupports3DNow=n in local.ini.3) Factoring entries in worktodo.ini now accept exponents up to 2 billion.4) Improved checking for memory allocation errors during a torture test.Better guessing of amount of memory to use in a blend test.5) Added timeouts to PrimeNet communications in hopes of avoiding rare hangswhen contacting the PrimeNet server.6) Fixed rare bug where P-1's GCD could miss a factor.7) Added trial factoring to the benchmark.8) Fixed bug in ECM when using zero-padded FFTs.9) SSE2 macros optimized for an additional 1-3% improvement on P4 and AMD64CPUs.New features in Version 24.10 of prime95.exe--------------------------------------------1) 64-bit version of prime95 available for 64-bit Windows.New features in Version 24.9 of prime95.exe-------------------------------------------1) Fixed crash when running on machines with "no-execute" protection.2) Fixed mis-detection of some P3 and Celeron CPUs.New features in Version 24.6 of prime95.exe-------------------------------------------1) Athlon users should see a 20% to 30% speed increase.2) Pentium, Pentium II, Pentium III users should see dramatically WORSEperformance. Run version 23 instead.3) P-1 and ECM now support numbers of the form k*b^n+c. This cannot be donefrom the menus. Add these entries to worktodo.ini:Pminus1=k,b,n,c,B1,B2ECM2=k,b,n,c,B1,B2,curves_to_do[,specific_sigma]New features in Version 23.9 of prime95.exe-------------------------------------------1) The blend torture test now uses less memory by default to preventthrashing. The in-place torture test is now the default more casesto reduce complaints dealing with memory allocation issues (no pagefile,thrashing, etc.)2) A bug in continuing after finding a factor when using AdvancedFactor wasfixed.New features in Version 23.8 of prime95.exe-------------------------------------------1) A communication bug, Primenet Error 1, was fixed in the case where

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