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Love Has No Boundries

Love Has No Boundries



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Published by Anna
Edward is a nerd who has no friends and a mean brother that wants everything and thinks hes the boss. when bella comes what happens when Edwards brother wants bella
Edward is a nerd who has no friends and a mean brother that wants everything and thinks hes the boss. when bella comes what happens when Edwards brother wants bella

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Published by: Anna on Mar 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I’m Isabella swan. I moved down to forks a few days ago.My mom went to Florida with her new husband Phil. I am nowstaying with my father Charlie. He is the best father Ever. Heis sort of child like at times. But he loves his job he can alsobe that bossy dad but he remains chill. He is extremely richhe works as a layer and he works as a doctor it really funny .Iwill be currently going to forks high school.I got out of bed and took a quick shower. I dried my hairthen put on my favorite outfit. My low cut v neck with my darkblue mini skirt and some heels. I walked down stairs to findCharlie glaring at a pancake box. I giggled and he looked atme.“hey Bells mind helping me?” he asked I nodded. I madehim breakfast and headed off to the garage. He just boughtme a Black and orange
Lamborghini Gallardo spyder 
. I lovedfast cars. I drove to school. Everyone was looking at me whenI pulled in. I parked next to a silver Volvo.I was a dirty blond haired boy. He was smiling at me. Hehad a large group around him a lot of girls he is probably theschools
.“so what’s your name beautiful.” He asked. I smirked upat him and saw a boy leaning against his Volvo with a book inhis hand. He also had glasses. He was really…attractive. With
his bronze hair and bright green eyes. He was just staring athis book not paying attention to the people around him.“I’m Bella Swan, so what’s your name.” I asked trying tosound like I didn’t care. Well I did but not for him.“jasper, Jasper Cullen” he said. He had a little smile onhis face that I wanted to roll my eyes at.“Well jasper I’ll see you later I have to get my Schedule.”I said. I walked off leaving the drooling boys behindme.*sigh*. I walked into the office to see the secretarylooking franticly at the computer.“Hello, I’m Isabella Swan, I’m new.” I said. She looked upat me and smiled.“o yes Bella we have heard many things about you,” sheclarified, “Here this is your schedule and this is your timestable see you after school.” She said waving at me. I walkedout to see jasper leaning against a wall waiting for me. This kidis never going to give up.“Hey, thought I might just Show you around what do youthink.” He asked. I looked and him with a blank expression.“sure why not” I said lamely. He smiled and started to tellme about himself. I really didn’t care I just shook my head.This was going to be a long day.
When I got to lunch he was already there waiting for me.Then I heard the whispers.
“can’t believe jasper claimed her already why is it when a hot  girl comes we have to step aside because he calls dibs.” 
A boysaid. I can’t Believe him I’m not a piece of meat to be claimed.This boy is in for a rude awakening.“Ready for lunch.” He asked. I nodded and we got ourlunch and sat down. I saw the boy from early this morningsitting alone reading his book. Couldn’t keep my eyes off him.“What are you staring at Bella” Emmet asked. One of jaspers friends. Emmet was dating Rosalie who is one hugebitch.“who’s that guy over there sitting alone.” I asked him.“That’s Edward my twin brother he is a total dork. I thinkall the good looks passed onto me sucks for him he is such anerd all he does is read and his homework never has a lifesometimes I think he is gay he never talks to girls.” Jaspersaid. I looked at him shocked how could he say that about hisbrother. This kid just keeps pissing me off.“yeah, I’m shocked that he’s my brother I get used to itthough.” He shrugged it off. I was about to strangle this boy.

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