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Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat 3

Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat 3

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Published by zhbh
Science fiction story.
Science fiction story.

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Published by: zhbh on Mar 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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orUnder the Ocean for Sunken Treasurepart IIIby VICTOR APPLETON
TOM SWIFT AND HIS SUBMARINE BOATorUnder the Ocean for Sunken TreasurebyVICTOR APPLETONCONTENTSI News of a Treasure WreckII Finishing the SubmarineIII Mr. Berg Is AstonishedIV Tom Is ImprisonedV Mr. Berg Is SuspiciousVI Turning the TablesVII Mr. Damon Will GoVIII Another Treasure ExpeditionIX Captain Weston's AdventX Trial of the SubmarineXI On the Ocean BedXII For a Breath of AirXIII Off for the TreasureXIV In the Diving SuitsXV At the Tropical IslandXVI "We'll Race You For It!"XVII The RaceXVIII The Electric GunXIX CapturedXX Doomed to DeathXXI The EscapeXXII At the WreckXXIII Attacked by SharksXXIV Ramming the WreckXXV Home with the Gold
TOM SWIFT AND HIS SUBMARINE BOATChapter FourteenIn the Diving SuitsThere was no doubt that the steamer was coming after the submarine.Several observations Captain Weston made confirmed this, and hereported the fact to Mr. Swift."Well, we'll change our plans, then," said the inventor. "Instead ofsailing on the surface we'll go below. But first let them get near sothey may have the benefit of seeing what we do. Tom, go below, please,and tell Mr. Sharp to get every thing in readiness for a quick descent.We'll slow up a bitnow, and let them get nearer to us."The speed of the submarine was reduced, and in a short time the strangesteamer had overhauled her, coming to within hailing distance.Mr. Swift signaled for the machinery to stop and the submarine came toa halt on the surface, bobbing about like a half-submerged bottle. Theinventor opened a bull's-eye in the tower, and called to a man on thebridge of the steamer:"What are you following us for?""Following you?" repeated the man, for the strange vessel had also cometo a stop. "We're not following you.""It looks like it," replied Mr. Swift. "You'd better give it up.""I guess the waters are free," was the quick retort. "We'll follow youif we like.""Will you? Then come on!" cried the inventor as he quickly closed theheavy glass window and pulled a lever. An instant later the submarinebegan to sink, and Mr. Swift could not help laughing as, just beforethe tower went under water, he had a glimpse of the astonished face ofthe man on the bridge. The latter had evidently not expected such amove as that.Lower and lower in the water went the craft, until it was about twohundred feet below the surface. Then Mr. Swift left the conning tower,descended to the main part of the ship, and asked Tom and CaptainWeston to take charge of the pilot house."Send her ahead, Tom," his father said. "That fellow up above isrubbing his eyes yet, wondering where we are, I suppose."Forward shot the Advance under water, the powerful electrical platespulling and pushing her on the way to secure the sunken gold.All that morning a fairly moderate rate of speed was maintained, as itwas thought best not to run the new machinery too fast.

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