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Report Paper - Premarital Sex

Report Paper - Premarital Sex

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Published by seph091592

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Published by: seph091592 on Mar 06, 2010
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PREMARITAL SEX: EXPOSEDA ReportSubmitted to:Prof. IRMA R. TANSubmitted by:MARC JOSEPH T. LOYOLAComm 2 – B 1January 11, 2010The Philippines remains flooded with various developmental issues which, at present arestill unresolved. One of which is poverty, that was reported by the National StatisticalCoordination Board to exist or to be true for 26.9% all families in the year 2006. This figure,then, rapidly increased to a significant number of 42% in 2008. Such developmental issuesinclude and are deeply associated with corruption, poor quality of education, unemployment,health issues, crimes, and environmental degradation (Stiftung, 2009). However, these are theonly apparent incidents that are present in the country and there is another problem existing behind every person’s knowledge that needs to be paid attention to – premarital sex.
According to Mong Palatino (2007), the incidence of premarital intercourse iscontinuously growing in an alarming rate. In a study conducted by the University of thePhilippines Population Institute (UPPI), it was found and stressed out that for every fouFilipinos at least fifteen years old and at most twenty-four years old, one admittedly wasengaging in premarital intercourse. Though there is the absence of comparable data from earlier  periods, recent studies prove the hike in the rate of occurrence of premarital sex in the country.Data obtained from a research done in 1994 showed 18% of the respondents both male andfemale engage in the said act (Laguna, 2001). Moreover, the 1998 National Demographic andHealth Survey reported that 3.6 million teenagers got pregnant and this is only a small fraction of those who had premarital sex and were unfortunate enough to get pregnant. Additionally, it wasalso shown in the 2002 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study of the UPPI and DemographicResearch and Development Foundation that nearly one-fourth of the population aging fifteen totwenty-five already had sex experience. And in 2008 another research showed that this alarmingcase rose to almost 30% of the population of the same age group (Singson, 2008). This goes toshow that indeed everyone needs to be aware of what is happening nowadays, not only of the big political scandals and other obvious societal issues but more importantly on social issues whichmay be the breeding ground for other problems of the community.To better put into perspective what is in the content of this paper, it is fairly important tofully comprehend what premarital sex is all about. Sex in a broad sense, as defined by themodern society, includes or refers to the insertion of the male reproductive organ into an anal,oral, or vaginal opening. Also, it may or may not involve penetration or genital contact andintercourse between members of the same sex (Grolier, 2002). It is now the modern era and it isundeniably true that liberalism has the zeitgeist of this time. Hence sex can be of any formespecially in the urban areas (Frias, 2001). However, in the strictest manner, sexual intercourse isan act of penetration of the female reproductive organ by the male reproductive organ.Furthermore, it is an intimate act between two individuals of different sex for whatever their  purpose may be (Baumer & South, 2001). The word “premarital” as defined in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary means relating to marriage or before marriage. With this knowledge, premarital sex, therefore, is the intimate act of sexual intercourse engaged in, with their free will, by two persons who are, at the time the act was or will be done, unmarried. Moreover, the term isgenerally used to refer to young adults, particularly the adolescents or more precisely theteenagers who are not yet considered to be of marriageable age. Nevertheless, it does not mean
that adults are excluded from it. It includes those who are presumably yet to be married (Baumer and South, 2001). Different religions and cultures have various views on the morality of sexualintercourse between unmarried persons: some strongly disapproves while some regards marriageis completely optional.This is an issue that the country should be concerned about. There has been a rise in thenumber of researches that deal with this issue and indeed, this has proven a lot of things. Thiscannot just be disregarded because the persons involved are not merely adults. Studies presentthat occurrence of premarital sex is more frequent in younger age groups. In fact in the data presented by Mong Palatino (2007) shows that 20% of premarital sex surprisingly occurs amonghigh school students. And among all occurrences of this act, most were not planned or wantedand are not protected. Certainly, these do not just happen without a cause. All of these happen for various reasons and presented here are some of the major factors.Dr. Raymundo noted that those persons who more frequently drink alcohol and use drugsare more likely to commit premarital sex (Palatino, 2007). Drugs and alcohol play a big part inthe change of sexual behavior of those who use them. In connection with this, a survey showsthat those who drink and use drugs are prone have more than one sexual partners and haveunsafe sex (Buddy T., 2008). In addition, alcohol, gives a ‘disinhibiting’ effect, which gives theindividual a more confident feeling. Though it may cause impotency after long continued use,alcohol was also found to increase the sexual drive of individuals, more often the men, whodrink. Furthermore, it makes the individual, preferably the male, more comfortable in engagingor initiating sex (Silverberg, 2007).Family is the refuge of everyone who is looking for love; however it can also be a major factor in pushing the youth to have sex. Singson (2008) cited, for instance, parents at home whofeels inadequate or, in some way, uncomfortable in having a dialogue with their youngstersregarding the topic sex. This leaves the youngsters to find answers or clarifications for themselves, which would soon lead to curiosity and eventually experimentation. What is evenworse is living away from parents, wherein maternal control is lost. Elma P. Laguna (2001)emphasized that young adults living away from parental supervision is exposed to greatelikelihood of engaging in premarital sex. Without proper guidance, they face a greater temptationof indulging themselves to risky behaviors such as smoking, drinking, drug use, and most of all premarital sex. She further stressed that what they see from their parents have great impact in

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