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Latest Evaluation for Media

Latest Evaluation for Media

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Published by Hasina16

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Published by: Hasina16 on Mar 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EvaluationThe thriller genre has many components and distinctive conventions which anaudience expects to find for example, mystery, suspense and sometimes fear. Our thriller opening is based on a psychological mindset in which the audience does notknow why this school staff member targets the young girls of the school using a falseidentity, which evokes mystery and suspense. As our hybrid genre is psychologicalthriller, we had used such scenes to indicate this sub-genre for example, stroking the photo of the next victim, stabbing the face in the photo and showing the antagonistsmile vindictively as he plans to track down his next victim through the internet. Afilm which had influenced parts of our film is
 Happy Here and Now (2002)
, whichinvolves the antagonist using the internet and chat rooms to lure victims into his gamesof deception. A strong influence is the change of identity in which the antagonist inthis film undergoes using special technology, which mirrors the antagonist in our thriller who also uses a false identity to fool his victims.Our product would appeal to any gender, race and class aging from fifteen and plus. Our thriller involves scenes of questionable nature for example, the stroking of the photograph, may seem to appear to be rather strange which is why the film isaimed for a mature audience. Therefore it may be appreciated more by an older audience although; younger audiences (15+) may be of a mature standard. Gender isrepresented in a stereotypical way as the male antagonist dominates his female victimtaking advantage of her by using his own advantages for example, his height, age andstrength. This is actually shown in the third scene of our opening as the antagonistgrabs the vulnerable female and looks over her. This ‘looking over’ is shown through alow angle camera position, showing the silhouette of the man towering over a victimshowing dominance. This low angled camera shot can also affect the viewer makingthem feel vulnerable and in some form weak and defenseless, just as how the femalevictim would be feeling at this point.This product would not be produced by a major Hollywood studio as it is notintended to be budgeted largely and does not involve expensive technical equipment or  props. This independent style film would be distributed through DVD and also bereleased on the internet and TV on pay per view basis. The film intends to have no particular merchandising as it is not of that nature of a film which is seen have iconiccharacters of plot lines. Release is important and should link to our target audience of viewers over 15. It is therefore crucial that a film of our type should be release duringschool holidays, and bank holiday periods for example around Easter. In terms of marketing, posters are crucial to promote the idea of the film and to sell it. The poster for our film contains a keyboard inverted in a black dull effect with bold red blood,dripping down the edge of the keyboard (which would be the main focus as it faces theaudience). Also the keys have words and symbols for example where the normal“control button” is the words are replaced with “kill all” with a symbol of a skull togive an eerie feel. The tagline, which sums up the message of our film, “Do you knowwho you’re talking to?” refers to internet chat rooms and such which the victims of thefilm engage in. This image of a keyboard signifies communication which echoes a keymoment in our film of the antagonist and victim both typing messages to each other.From the poster itself, you could infer an antagonist; in this case it would be the person
who is talking to young girls. This would suggest the theme as being a thriller alongwith the use of blood on the keyboard.In terms of media advertising, we would advertise this on the internet by having awebsite including clips, interviews and so on. From this, it is hoped to generate publicawareness of the film and also hope for successful word of mouth through chat rooms,social networking sites etc.As the film is set in a school involving students, this would attract some of theaudience members who are fifteen to twenty, and sensitive storyline itself wouldattract older audiences. Also the use of Facebook in the film would appeal to manyaudience members as it is popular social networking site.The camera work in this film mainly has point of view shots to show the happenings ineyes of both characters giving the audience the perspective of both characters in the predicament. Therefore the audience is able to see what the victim can and cannot seefor example, we are able to see the antagonist waiting in his office, and stabbing the picture of his next victim. Scene two, three and four particularly gives the audience the point of view of the antagonist as he waits in his office looking at the clock, later watching the victim from behind a tree, and lastly searching for the Stanley knife in thedrawer. Some parts in scene three give the audience the viewpoint from the femalevictim as she, looks at her watch and later seeing the man hit her across the face. Thisis shot from a low angle where it appears that the man hits the victim; he actually ishitting the camera causing it to go black (in editing transition) indicating the victim hasfallen unconscious. By allowing the audience to view occurrences in the eyes of thecharacters, they too are able to feel what the character must feel for example, when thevictim is looking up at the man before getting struck, the audience would feel a senseof terror, fear and shock. Even when the camera is not in a point-of-view angle, theaudience is able to sense the suspense for example, when the man is close toapproaching the victim.I have learnt how to produce effective shots in terms of camera angle and shotsfor example using a low angle to show a sense of dominance, and pan to show a newaction for example, focusing on the missing person poster on a tree and then panningthe camera to show the character walking behind past the tree. The strengths of thecamera equipment include its functions for example, the auto and manual focus andenvironment settings to give optimum recording results. The main weakness of thecamera equipment was the fact that a tri-pod was unavailable and so we had tocompromise by using a flat surface with height or being extremely still whilerecording. Another weakness involving the camera itself was that we could not film acomputer screen since it appeared to flicker in the playback. We had found that therefreshing rate on the screen is different to the refreshing rate on the camera which iswhy the camera picked up the flickering on the screen. To resolve this we had to useonscreen recording software called Camtasia which captures high definition recordingsof any action a computer screen. After capturing what we needed we had convertedthese files a compatible file format in order for it to work on the Apple Maccomputers.Using Final Cut Express, I had learnt to keep certain shots even if they were not good,and put them into separate bins in case we ever needed them. Apart from bins, Ifamiliarized myself with marking in and out and leaving enough handles for cropping

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